Surfing the Internet Anonymously by aihaozhe2


									In this age of speed, people are almost addicted to surfing the Internet to get
information about all kinds of things, to pass time when idle, to entertain themselves
and to communicate with one another.

Along with its widespread use, the Internet has also brought along with it a very
frightening development. You may be under the scrutiny of someone monitoring your
online activities. Government agencies, advertising networks and search engines
monitor online activities of whomever they want to keep tabs on.

While this is purported to be for security reasons, it can prove to be very inconvenient
as this is invasion of one's privacy. You should however, become aware that what you
do on the Internet should remain private and it should remain confidential, even if you
do any thing illegal. It is your right to expect respect for your privacy.

The technology available to monitor you is so effective that everything about you can
be pinpointed to the greatest detail including your geographical location. Web Masters,
Government Agencies and Search Engines can watch your every move and also
record your IP address.

They can examine all the websites visited by you and record all your past searches
made through any particular search engine. With your IP address, your exact physical
location anywhere in the world can be found out with ease.

Why do people track you? For advertisers and businesses, they do this to improve
their marketing effort and to pre-empt competitors from gaining an edge with you, be
it for product or company loyalty. Government Agencies track you down in order to
profile your surfing behavior. Such tracking enables them to exercise some level of,
online censorship.

If you want to stop such tracking, there is one thing that you can do that is sure to fox
them. It is to surf the Internet anonymously. There are software programs available
today that can conceal your real IP address by randomizing it so that trackers are
unable to build online profiles of your surfing.

Using such proxy servers, anonymous surfing of the Internet is possible. No one will
be able to track you on the Internet and you can protect your privacy. By randomizing
your IP address, the proxy server simply enables you to surf anonymously. Since your
IP address is unique, it can be used to identify you. When it is randomized using
proxy servers, you are sure to keep your web surfing activities totally private.

There are a number of software programs available that can set up your proxy server
and enable you to surf the Internet anonymously. You can thus ensure your privacy by
installing one such software in your computer. You need never worry about others
trying to track what you do and to use devious methods to influence you.

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