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					  Academic and Career Essentials
Operations & Technology Management
• What is OTM? Why consider OTM?
• Career Opportunities in OTM
• Academic Essentials in OTM
   –   Core, Additional, and Breadth Requirements
   –   Major Requirements/Course Sequence
   –   Studying Abroad
   –   Summer Courses
   –   Double Majors
• Action Steps for Success in OTM
   – Leadership and Involvement
   – WSoB Resources
• Student Perspectives
• Q&A
What is Operations and Technology
 Operations and Technology Management is a
 discipline concerned with the ways organizations
 produce goods and services.

 All products and services - from cars to surgeries – are
 delivered by organized systems. It’s the job of operations
 managers (or similar titles) to make sure these activities
 occur when they are planned, in the right way, in the right
 quantity, and with the right quality.
What is Operations and Technology
• Operations Management is the central activity in
  organizing business processes that transform inputs -
  such as labor, equipment, facilities, materials, energy,
  and information - into goods and services for customers.

• To make this all happen, the operations function is
  responsible for critical activities such as materials
  management, resource planning, purchasing,
  scheduling and quality.
What is Operations and Technology
The importance of operations management has
increased in recent years. Global competition, shorter
product and service life cycles, better educated and
quality-conscious consumers, and new technology place
pressure on the operations function to provide a broader
array of high-quality products and services faster,
cheaper, and better.
  Why Operations and Technology
From a presentation by Direct Supply, a recruiter of OTM
students, on the evolution of business themes:

• 70’s – The decade of Sales (and inflation)

• 80’s – The decade of Marketing (and the PC)

• 90’s – The decade of IT (and the Internet)

• 00’s – The decade of Operations Management
        (only the smart survive)
  Why Operations and Technology
From Direct Supply on the importance of OTM:

• A tight economy calls for supply chain system and
  process reinvention.

• Squeeze more profit out of stagnant or falling sales by
  being faster, smarter, and cheaper.

• Operations strategy and design determines who lives,
  and who dies.
              Careers in OTM

The OTM major prepares students for a great variety of
career opportunities in
 – consulting,
 – service operations,
 – technology management,
 – manufacturing and supply chain,
 – entrepreneurial ventures.
    Jobs Opportunities in Operations
      and Technology Management
From Direct Supply (many other company examples could
be given) on the variety of their 200+ OTM-related jobs:
•   Process Design & Improvement
•   Supply Chain Management/Consulting
•   Information Technology Development/Infrastructure
•   Operations Consulting/Planning
•   Manufacturing/Virtual Distribution
•   Operations Research/Analytics
•   Data Management/Integration
•   E-Channel Strategy
•   Quality Management
•   Project Management
•   Logistics
                               Career Options in
    Operations and Technology Management

                                Production                  Service Operations
                               Management                     Management

                                Technology                     Supply Chain
                                Management                     Management

Tip: To learn more about career options in a particular industry, be sure to check
out the Vault and Wet Feet Guides available on the home page of BuckyNet!
            Production Management
Production Mgt                         Select Employers
                                       •   General Mills
is concerned with the design,          •   Harley-Davidson
   operations, and improvement of      •   Kimberly-Clark
   processes used to manufacture       •   Kraft Foods
   goods valued by end users.          •   Hormel Foods
                                       •   Goodyear
Key tasks involve planning and         •   Pfizer
  control of materials and             •   Boeing
  resources to enable these
  processes and make them error- Essential Skills
  free, fast, and low cost.      • Analytical and problem-solving skills
                                       •   Planning and organizational skills
                                       •   Communication skills
                                       •   Leadership qualities
                                       •   Decision-making skills
                                       •   Team-orientation
      Service Operations Management
Service Ops Mgt                     Select Employers
is concerned with the design,       •   Cintas Corporation
   operations, and improvement      •   Southwest Airlines
                                    •   Wolseley North America-
   of processes used to produce         Ferguson/Stock/Wolseley Canada
   and deliver services to end      •   Walgreens
   customers.                       •   Direct Supply

Key tasks involve planning and      Essential Skills
  control of resources (incl.       •   Analytical and problem-solving skills
  training of service personnel)    •   Planning and organizational skills
  to enable these processes and     •   Communication skills
  make them error-free, fast, and   •   Leadership qualities
  low cost.                         •   Decision-making skills
                                    •   Team-orientation
          Technology Management
Technology Management            Select Employers
allows an organization to        •   Sun Microsystems
   manage its technological      •   Microsoft Corporation
                                 •   Hewlett-Packard
   fundamentals to create
                                 •   Dell, Inc.
   competitive advantage.        •   Apple, Inc.
                                 •   Cisco Systems
The role of technology
  management is to understand    Essential Skills
  the value technologies can     •   Technical skills
  have for an organization and   •   Analytical and problem-solving skills
  for its customers – and to     •   Planning and organizational skills
  decide when to invest in       •   Leadership qualities
  technology development or to   •   Decision-making skills
  withdraw from using it.        •   Team-orientation
                                 •   Communication skills
        Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management             Select Employers
focuses on the movement of          •   Target Corporation/Distribution
   products and information         •   Nestle USA
   along the value chain.           •   Roundy’s Inc.
                                    •   Johnson Controls
                                    •   C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.
Key tasks are focused on            •   Target
  integrating marketing,            •   Direct Supply
  sourcing, production, and
  logistics – not only within the   Essential Skills
  firm but also with business       •   Analytical and problem-solving skills
  partners and customers.           •   Planning and organizational skills
                                    •   Leadership qualities
                                    •   Decision-making skills
                                    •   Team-orientation
                                    •   Communication skills
   Academic Essentials in OTM
NOTE: Course descriptions and pre-requisites can be found at COURSE GUIDE

  Core, Additional, and Breadth Requirements

  • Business core courses
      – Finance 300, Introduction to Finance, 3 cr.
      – Marketing 300, Marketing Management, 3 cr.
      – MHR 300, Organizational Behavior, 3 cr.
      – OTM 300, Management of Service and
        Manufacturing Operations, 3 cr.
   Additional Business Requirements
NOTE: Course descriptions and pre-requisites can be found at COURSE GUIDE

     – Acct IS 211, Principles of Managerial Accounting, 3

     – General Business 300, Professional Communication,
       3 cr.

     – General Business 301, Business Law, 3 cr.

     – General Business 303, Business Statistics, 3 cr.
     OR equivalent course
Business Breadth Requirements

For single major:
  • Two courses in separate Business School
    departments other than OTM
  • Each course must be 3 credits
  • No core courses or courses required by or cross-
    listed with the major

  For double business major or single major with
   Supply Chain Specialization, only one 3-credit
   business course in a department other than OTM
   (and other major department) is required.
 OTM Requirements: Course Sequence
NOTE: Course descriptions and pre-requisites can be found at COURSE GUIDE

   It is recommended that OTM 300, Operations
   Management, be completed as early as possible.

   Complete three OTM Core Courses
   • OTM 365 Contemporary Topics – Database
           Concepts for Operations Management
   • OTM 410 Operations Research I OR
         OTM 411 Operations Research II
   • OTM 640 Business Logistics Analysis
    NOTE: Course descriptions and pre-requisites can be found at COURSE GUIDE

          Choose THREE Elective Courses:
      TWO from the following list of OTM Core Electives plus ONE elective
      course chosen in concert with the OTM faculty advisor Tim McClurg.
      Meet with him before making any selections.
      Note: Business courses on these elective lists cannot be used to satisfy the BBA breadth

      Operations and Technology Management
•     OTM 351 Principles and Techniques of Quality Management
•     OTM 365 Contemporary Topics
•     OTM 410 Operations Research I
•     OTM 411 Operations Research II
•     OTM 451 Service Operations Management
•     OTM 578 Facilities Location Models
•     OTM 654 Production Planning and Control
•     MKTG/OTM 421 Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
•     MKTG/OTM 423 Procurement and Supply Management
•     ISyE/OTM 671 E-Business - Technologies, Strategies, and Applications
•     ISyE/OTM 672 E-Business Transformations - Design, Analysis &
NOTE: Course descriptions and pre-requisites can be found at COURSE GUIDE

  Information Systems
  •   Info Sys 365 Contemporary Topics
  •   Info Sys 371 Technology of Computer-Based Business Systems
  •   Info Sys 422 Computer-Based Data Management
  •   Info Sys 424 Analysis and Design of Computer Based Systems

  Other Courses
  •   ACCT 310 Cost Management Systems
  •   COMP SCI 302 Introduction to Programming
  •   ISyE 510 Facilities Planning
  •   ISyE/ME 512 Inspection, Quality Control and Reliability
  •   ISyE 515 Engineering Management of Continuous Process
  •   ME 549 Product Design

  Course Descriptions and Information:
NOTE: Course descriptions and pre-requisites can be found at COURSE GUIDE
          Specialization in Supply Chain Mgt
  Students interested in earning a Specialization in Supply Chain Management must
  apply for admission to the supply chain program by visiting the Grainger Center
  for Supply Chain Management located at 3450 Grainger Hall and should complete
  the requirements listed below.
  •    Admission to the Wisconsin School of Business

  •    Complete these SIX courses:
         -MKT/OTM 421, Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
         -MKT/OTM 423, Procurement and Supply Management
         -MKT/OTM 422, Logistics Management
         -MKT 425, Marketing Channels
         -OTM 654, Production Planning and Control
         -MKT 365, Enterprise Systems and Supply Chain Management

  •    Complete ONE course from the following list:
         - MKT 310, Marketing Research
         - MKT 640, Retail Management
         - OTM 410, Operations Research I

  For more information, please visit the Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management web site at (scroll down to the section titled
       "Undergraduate Specialization")
                Studying Abroad
• Plan well ahead, working with advisor
• Studying abroad during last semester is strongly
• Meet with Judy Symon Hanson, 3121 Grainger
• Begin researching programs/course offerings
• Core and breadth courses
• Prefer that OTM requirements be taken at UW-
                    Summer Courses
• WSoB prefers that you take business courses on
• For UW-system schools, including technical colleges,
  use Transfer Information System (TIS):
• For out-of-state institutions or private colleges in WI,
  use Summer Course Equivalency Service (SCES)
  through UW Admissions:
• Concurrent enrollment policy:
• For selected state community colleges in IL & MN,
  use the Transfer Equivalency Database (TED):
               Double Majors

• Business or College of Letters & Science
• No “recommended” second major
• Most often: 75-credit rule: Undergraduates may
  not take more than 75 credits of business
  courses (this includes courses cross-listed with
  other departments)
                       Double Majors with OTM

Industrial Eng and
Mechanical Eng                                                     Management and
                                                                   Human Resources
                           Production         Service Operations
                          Management            Management         Risk Management

 Information Systems
                                                                   Specialization in Supply
                                                                   Chain Management
 Computer Science
                          Technology            Supply Chain
                          Management            Management
            Action Items:
      Involvement & Leadership
• Student Organizations
    Take leadership roles in:
    • The Association for Operations Management
    • National Organization of Business and

• Accenture Leadership Center
             Action Items:
         Events and Workshops
• BCC Workshops and Mocks by Major

• Sophomore Shadow Program
    • Up close look at company or industry by shadowing
      professionals; held for one day during winter break
    • Must be admitted into School of Business
    • Apply for up to 15 job shadow opportunities on BuckyNet

• DoIt Workshops
    • Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Photoshop, InDesign
       Wisconsin School of Business
• OTM academic and career advising
   – Undergraduate Academic Services – 3150 Grainger
   – Business Career Center – 3290 Grainger

• Business Learning Center(BLC): Academic
  tutoring in key courses – Judy Cary, 2240 Grainger
   –   Acct IS 100, 211, 300
   –   Econ 101, 102
   –   Finance 300
   –   General Business 303, 304
   –   Math 210

• Grainger Library Resources
   – Operations books and journals
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