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					Stunning huh? Wow, what I wouldn't give to be stunning and catch the eyes of some
downright gorgeous guy! Oh yeah - that would be a dream come true! Just think - me
with a guy on my arm and having a great time out at the clubs and dances and - but
wait - I am getting way ahead of myself. Who am I kidding? My hair looks like the
cat slept in it and I can't seem to do much of anything with it.

Wow, that sounds really depressing girl! Why don't you give clip-in hair extensions a
try? I mean they're really easy and you could really make a difference in your
hairstyle in minutes. And I MEAN minutes - like would you believe 5 minutes? I am
super serious chickie! Come on let's go take a run into the city and see what we can

Nothing works better for an instant fix than clip-in hair extensions. Add them in and
take off, it's just that easy. Of course if you want to really work on it and make your
hair a "statement" then you might take a little longer. Are you into rainbow colors?
And we mean shocking pinks etc! No problem. You can make a really wild statement
by adding the whole darn rainbow to your hair. That will definitely get you some
attention. But, it you want something a little less lively, then stick with the usual
colors and usual kinds of styles. That's not to say they need to be boring or anything,
but stick to something that might not get you so much stopped traffic!

Clip-in hair extensions are usually, more the most part anyhow, made of 100 percent
real human hair. That is because they work better to handle and style than some of the
other extensions on the market - for instance 100 percent synthetic hair (be careful of
this in terms of heating it too much or you're in for a bit of a surprise) or the
combination extensions of human and synthetic hair. Each of these extensions has
their own benefits, but be sure to ask what those are before you buy them. Better to be
safe than sorry you know. Besides if you are going to be laying out bucks for them,
you're going to want something that works.

Styling clip-in hair extensions isn't hard to do either. Just treat them like you would
your own hair (which is carefully) and go about your business. The differences in the
amount of time to put these hair extensions in versus getting them bonded in makes
this a viable option for many.

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