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					It's not unusual for teenagers to want their own car, one that makes them look good to
their peers. When considering the price of student car insurance rates, it is important
to follow certain guidelines concerning the type of car that they drive.

You as the parent will probably be most concerned about letting them drive a car that
is safe and practical, while they will be more interested in driving a car that helps
them to "fit in" with their friends. It is all about image with kids and that is no secret.

It can be difficult enough to give your student driver the freedom that they so badly
desire when it comes to driving their own car. But the challenge of helping them to
see the importance of driving the right car can be even more difficult.

Here are a few tips that can help you save the most money when insuring your student
driver while at the same time helping them to see why certain cars can be better than
others when it comes to saving money in the long run.

Start out by talking to your insurance agent about the best cars for young drivers that
can insure that you get the lowest student car insurance rates. Hopefully by doing a
little homework you can save some money and reach some common ground with your
kid. 1. Teach your student driver about deductibles.

You may be surprised at how logical your teenager can be if you explain things to
them the right way. When considering a car that is best for them for example, let them
know that a lower priced, older car in good condition can allow them to have a higher
deductible on their policy which translates into a lower premium.

It is not as easy to have a high deductible for a car that is more expensive (newer) to
repair in the event of an accident. Older cars cost less to repair and can support a
higher deductible because you and the insurance company don't have as much
financial risk with this type of car.

2. Stress the importance of the car's safety features.

When considering a safe car, the obvious features to look for are airbags, ABS brakes,
tire pressure monitoring systems and so on. But it is also important to consider cars
that insurance companies have determined on average, are less likely to be involved in

The insurance companies compile data nationwide that shows which cars are involved
in more accidents and which ones are involved in fewer accidents. Ask your insurance
agent which ones are less risky and lean toward these cars.

3. Add your student driver to your own policy.
Most car insurance providers allow a rider to an existing policy that allows you to add
your child to your existing policy. Normally you will get a substantially lower
premium for your student car insurance rates.

Make sure however that you understand that if they are added to your policy, you are
also liable for their driving mishaps. And make sure they are willing to accept the
responsibility of knowing that if they drive recklessly that they are not only putting
their own financial situation at risk but yours also.