; Stop Reinventing The Internet Marketing Wheel
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Stop Reinventing The Internet Marketing Wheel


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									There are a lot of really brilliant people building businesses in the Internet marketing
niche. Many of them not only have great technical skills but they're also "doers!"

At the same time, I have watched many people who were much more brilliant than I
am accomplish only a tiny fraction of what I have. I often sat scratching my head, and
wondering what kept them from achieving major breakthroughs.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks...

The difference is that when I see something with a lot of potential, I tap into my
"Million Dollar Rolodex" and see if this is something someone is already working on.
I "sniff around" to see if someone is already "running with" my project idea.

Others see the tremendous potential in a new technology, service, or craze, and they
set about inventing their own system for capitalizing on this potential.

The problem with the second approach is that the person often takes on such a
monumental task that they frequently get bogged down in the little details, and never
get the project finished. They never get the product to market. Then, one day they
look around, and someone else has fielded THEIR idea.

The big secret of course is to stop "re-inventing the wheel" and to stop operating in a
vacuum. It's very UNLIKELY that someone else doesn't have an idea similar to yours.
Track down these people and work with them to combine your talents and get the
product fielded in a flash!

You connect with people whom you can discuss your ideas with and partner with at
seminars, and through online sites set up to facilitate such exchanges. One such site is
The Internet Marketing Inner Circle. Inside this membership site you:

- Can organize lunch and dinner meeting with "movers and shakers"

- Set up joint ventures

- Introduce yourself, your interests and your projects to others who probably have
similar interests

- Listen to interviews by the top online marketers who reveal to you how they
achieved major online success, and how you can form partnerships and joint ventures
with them

You      can      join   The     Internet       Marketing      Inner      Circle     at:
If you're looking for live events to network at, and to meet potential joint venture
partners at, the most comprehensive listing of Internet marketing seminars,
conferences,      and     bootcamps      that     you    will    find      is     at:

Here are a few quick examples of products that I've actually watched develop or even
helped to develop over the past six months that illustrate my point, and that will be six
or seven-figure projects:

Traffic Geyser is a service that allows you to upload your videos to their server, and
from there optimize the videos, and then upload them to the top 30 video hosting sites
such as YouTube and Google Video.

Video is hot! It does generate sales and traffic to a site when

done correctly. As the cost of bandwidth goes down, and as high-speed connectivity
spreads, video is fast becoming the norm. Lots of people saw this and many busily
started uploading their videos to these sites.

I did.

However, I tapped into a service that allows me to do it in 1/20th the time. That means
I can get 20 times as much work done in the same time as someone who's busily
creating their own system, and who is in the meantime doing it the old-fashioned way.

Check out Traffic Geyser, created by a few of my online friends, at:

Another example is a system, developed by my friend Louis Burleson, that allows you
to build a list of "buyers" by using private label rights. Louis has taken some
proprietary software, integrated it with a system for both building a list and actually
selling product that he has private label rights to... all in one effort. It's a really nice

There are undoubtedly thousands of people out there trying to figure out how to build
their lists, how to market those PLR products that they have, and how to automate the
whole thing.

I met Louis at a seminar, had him show me his system, and now I don't have to invent
anything. Louis incidentally was interviewed for The Internet Marketing Inner Circle
members. You can check out Louis' "knock your socks off" system at:

The common thread in the examples above is that they were developed by people who
actually did a lot of the brainstorming at seminars and conferences. Another common
thread is that they solved obvious problems.

Another product born out of solving a common problem and out of a partnership
formed at a seminar is at: http://TrafficGenerationTechniquesThatWork.com

This is the 2 1/2 hour audio recording, and PDF transcript, from a teleseminar on easy
to implement, low-cost methods of generating website traffic. The product reveals the
very best traffic generatingideas of three seasoned marketers, to include myself :-)

The product teaches how to generate web site traffic, something that every webmaster
needs to know. As you listen to the audio, you can actually feel the synergistic energy
developing as three minds cover a laundry list of proven ways to generate web site
traffic. It's also obvious that neither of the individuals could have produced a product
this in-depth by working all alone. It was by not trying to reinvent the wheel, and by
not operating in a vacuum, that a hot product was developed that is destined to be a
six-figure earner in 2007.

At this point, you should be asking yourself if you spend too much time reinventing
the wheel and operating in a vacuum. You need to consider the very real probability
that while you "hammer away" at a project, you could probably do it a lot quicker and
easier if you just partnered up with the right person. In-fact,

without partnering up with the right person, there's even the very real probability that
you'll never even finish your project. My research has shown that the majority of
projects and products started in the Internet marketing niche are never even finished.

That brings up another reason that you want to partner up with someone. When you
have a partner who is depending upon you, it helps to keep you focused and
accountable. If you don't finish your part , or get sidetracked you let someone else
down. That generally will keep us moving forward more than just the threat of letting
ourselves down. That's a BIG secret to success in Internet marketing.

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