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Steel Lockers Made by Hard Working Americans


									I'm a pretty patriotic guy. I love football. American football. I love
baseball—that all-American game watched by millions every summer. I love
basketball—the sport that we invented.

But for me, my love of sports is just scratching the surface of my patriotism. I love to
look on the inside of my shoe and read the label that says "Made in America," even
though I'm not sure that any of my shoes say that anymore. I like seeing that little
red-white-and-blue-made-in-USA insignia on a product, because that tells me that
some hard working Americans poured their time and effort into making that product.

Since I'm around lockers a lot with my hobby and my occupation, I want to share with
you a dream of mine. Someday, I want to see the schools, gyms, hospitals, fire
stations, changing rooms, and classrooms in this country equipped with lockers that
tell a story.

The Story of Hard Work

People work hard all over the world, not just in America. However, America is a
country that was built on hard work—hard working pilgrims, pioneers, and
patriots. From freed slaves to farmers, the fabric of the country was formed by hard
work. Only hard work will keep our country afloat. Building steel lockers is hard
work. A company that places these honest jobs into the hands of honest Americans is a
company whose lockers tell a story that is over two hundred years old.

The Story of Quality

Too many times, I've purchased a cheap item and watched it literally disintegrate after
a few uses. Whenever possible, I buy American-made items due to the quality that I'm
confident I can get. When it comes to lockers, I'm no different. Maybe it's because I'm
picky, and know a good locker when I see one. However, I want to see more metal
lockers with "Made in America" boldly printed on them. It tells me that there is a
group of hard-working people in a warehouse or manufacturing shop who are proud
of what they do. It comes through in the product they make. It tells a story.

The Story of America

Americans can still make stuff. And we can make it pretty good. I'm not absolutely
opposed to buying something that's been brought over on a ship from somewhere else.
But it's somehow special—and right—to know that the money I spend is
going back to some hard-working American and his family. It's reassuring to realize
that the economy we're working so hard to save is getting a bit better because I just
bought "Made in America." I like to know that there are Americans who work hard
and make an honest buck, because an entrepreneur was bold enough to go follow the
American dream.
That's why I like lockers that tell a story.

That's patriotism.

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