Steam Humidifier by aihaozhe2


									The Steam humidifiers are the most economical humidifiers. The operation of this
humidifier is simple. The machine uses electricity to a boil water and release steam
into the air. Heat is easily increased or decreased depending on the room's current
humidity. The released steam is sterile and free of minerals.

To operate simply fill the base with water and plug the electrical cord into an outlet.
Because the humidifier does not dispense minerals into the air, you can use tap water
instead of distilled water. The use of tap water saves money.

The most common use of a steam humidifier is to reduce coughs and cold symptoms.
Medication may be added to the base water to soothe sore throats and tight chests.
The steam also opens up nasal passages. Steam humidifiers are recommended for
people suffering with respiratory illness or symptoms. Many parents use steam
humidifiers to raise the humidity in nurseries or calm down children with symptoms
of croup.

Not only does a steam humidifier soothe respiratory problems, but also they kill
germs in the air and release sterile water. Doctors often recommend people buy steam
humidifiers when they have a history of respiratory illness.

One important thing to remember is to keep steam humidifiers out of the reach of
children. The steam is hot at the point of release and can easily burn a child. It is
suggested these machines not be left in use unattended with children, however if they
are located on a high shelf or dresser, there should be no problem.

Although the steam humidifier costs less and saves money by using tap water, it does
consume more electricity than spray or evaporative humidifiers. A steam humidifier
that releases 350g of water can use up to 325 watts of electricity. The evaporative
would use about 10 watts.

To assure your steam humidifier lasts, perform routine maintenance on it. A few times
a year be sure to empty the base and clean out the limescale deposit. The build up,
much like that in a kettle, is not hard to clean. Simply add a small amount of limescale
removing powder to some water and let it sit for the suggested time. Empty, rinse and
it is ready to use again.

Be sure to empty all water out of the base when the humidifier is not in use. If excess
water sits it may become stagnate and full of bacteria.

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