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					Many people choose to grow their own herb garden, especially when they only have
limited space. They can be very easy to grow yet extremely rewarding for any
budding gardeners. Here are a few quick tips for getting yours started.

You will need to start by deciding where to plant your herb garden. This can either be
hung out of your window, or in a garden if you have space. You can grow as many
herbs as you have space for and as many as you want to use.

Many herbs are used in cooking, as well as for their scents. This makes growing a
herb garden practical as well as enjoyable. They will simply make your room look
more attractive even if you do not wish to use them for food. If you do, though, it is
probably a good idea to do some research and decide which ones you want to grow.

When you have decided on the herbs to grow it is important to realize that they will
all require different methods of care, and can grow at different times depending on the
individual herbs you choose. Check whether they grow perennially or biennially, and
check how much sun they will need as this will surely be a factor in your choice of
whether to grow them or not.

If you choose to grow herbs that are used in cooking it may be best to start them
indoors before moving them outside. You should use a pot that has space for them to
grow, and using fertilized soil will really help your herbs to grow healthily. If you
grow them from seeds then be sure to follow the specific instructions carefully.

Many herbs will require a humid environment to grow healthily. You can recreate
them by spraying water in the area around the seeds, but be careful to only use a spray
bottle around the area rather than spraying the seeds directly as they are extremely
fragile at that stage.

Once your seeds start to grow you will need to start trimming their leaves when they
get close to your other herbs. So long as the plants have a little space in between then
they will be able to get all the nutrients that they need to grow.

Once your plants are ready to move outdoors then you can prepare them first to
ensure they stay healthy. They will need to adjust to the temperature so you can help
this by taking them outside a few times a day for the first few days, before leaving
them outside permanently.

Whilst this may sound like a lot of instructions, your herb garden will actually be
relatively easy to take care of. There are usually no insect problems, and they are great
for amateur as well as more experienced gardeners. All it takes is a little patience, and
your herbs will soon start to grow into healthy plants. Once you use the herbs you
have grown you will really start to feel the benefits.

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