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Start a Santa Letters Business


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									Why Start a Santa Letters Business

Is there a child that doesn't love getting a letter from Santa? If you're looking for a
home business that will allow you to make extra cash at holiday time -- and year
round -- playing Santa might be the perfect home business for you. It's surprisingly
easy to start a Santa letters business. If you have a computer and a printer, you're well
on your way to starting your own successful business mailing personalized letters
from Santa to children.

What's Involved in a Santa Letters Business?

It's not difficult to run a successful home business writing letters to children from
Santa. Here's how it usually works.

- Create a web site for your business. It should include a simple form that parents can
fill out to tell you about their children's ages and interests. It should also have a
shopping cart and a way to process payments.

- Place ads online and in local newspapers offering "Personalized Letters from Santa"
and direct people to your web site.

- When the orders come in, write a personalized letter from Santa. You can write your
own, or you can use one of many templates that are available online.

- Shortly before the holiday, send all of your letters in a bulk package to one of several
places in the United States that have specialty Christmas postmarks. The most popular
and best known of these is North Pole, Alaska, but there are other appropriately
named cities and towns in the United States.

The post office will take care of the rest, as long as each individual envelope is
stamped with the right postage.

The Easy Way to Start a Santa Letters Business

There are a number of companies on the Internet that offer startup kits and ebooks for
a Santa letters business. The kits include sample letters from Santa that you can use as
they are, or alter to personalize them even more. Many also include tips on advertising
your business, and printable coloring and activity sheets that you can include with
your letter to make them even more fun. A few even give you a stamped "postmark"
that you can put on each envelope before mailing them out.

Because it is so easy to start, this is an ideal business for a work-at-home mom -- and
it's easily expandable for year round income. While it might seem that this is a
seasonal business, many people who write letters from Santa shift into other gears for
other holidays. Once you've established a letter from Santa business, it's fairly easy to
shift your marketing to letters from the Easter Bunny or even a general Happy
Birthday letter.

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