Sports by aihaozhe2


									In the world of sports, the competition is fierce, the desire is strong and winning is the
goals. Whether you are just playing for fun with your friends or playing on a
professional team everyone wants to win.

It can be hard when we are young and start out playing a sport. When you are in
elementary school and the teacher sends you out in the schoolyard to play, the kids
play things like kick ball and catch. Unfortunately if you do not play well than you
can end up being chosen last for a team.

For some children, this may not be a bad thing. They may decide to work a little
harder so that they are good enough to get chosen in the first round. This can actually
lead to bigger and better things for them in the future.

When playing in professional sports, it can be one of the toughest jobs that you can
have. You end up being a role model so you have to watch your behavior. The whole
world is watching how you act, where you go and even watching your family. One
little slip up and the news is all over you.

You need to take special care of yourself when playing sports as well. Your eating
habits have to change. One cannot expect to consume tons of junk food and drink a lot
of alcohol and be able to function properly. The proper diet and exercise is a crucial
part of playing.

The training is also very important. Getting to practice on time everyday and showing
up like you want to be their means that you are putting great effort not only into
yourself but the team as well. It is your job to get there on time and act accordingly.

Playing sports can keep you fit and in shape. Some of us just play for fun in order to
have a little activity in our routine. We get together for Sunday football games with
our old friends from college. This is not only a way for us to stay in shape but also so
that we don't forget where we came from. It also helps us to stay in touch with our
friends and family.

Getting involved in sports has become a part of society. There are many colleges that
frown upon you if you have not taken a sport while you were in school. They want to
see that credit in your courses. You can take track, play on the football team or even
play baseball while in school.

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