Specialty Tools for Building Choppers

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					If you are building a chopper, you'll want to have the right tools on hand to get the job
done right. There are some specialty tools you'll find make the build a whole lot easier.
Below are some of the specialty motorcycle tools you'll want to have in your tool

Chain Breaker: The master link on a motorcycle chain is installed with the intention
of it being sturdy and not releasing at the wrong time. This means that breaking the
chain's master link loose to remove the chain or adjust the length can be quite difficult.
However, a chain breaker meant just for this purpose is not expensive and is well
worth every dime you'll invest in purchasing a good one.

Chain Press Tool: Of course, one your break the chain, you'll want to re-install that
chain or a new one onto the bike later. The chain press is a handy tool to make this
simple and easy and avoid the "banging hammer, black and blue thumb" method.

Clutch Holding Tool and Clutch Spring Compression Tool : This pair of tools are
especially handy. You will at times need to work on your bike with the clutch
compressed when there isn't anyone around to hold the clutch for you. With the clutch
holding tool, it isn't any problem to have the clutch held in a compressed position for
you. The clutch spring compression tool is a must-have for working on your clutch.
You can obtain the pair for under $100 if you shop around.

Handle Bar and Subframe Straightener: You are going to have times you need to
straighten a bend in your chopper frame or handle bars. Get the job done right with a
straightener tool which you can find at a reasonable price. Because this tool will have
to withstand a lot of pressure, be sure to buy a quality tool with a good guarantee.

Hydraulic Brake Bleeder: If you like to work alone when doing a chopper build, you
may not have someone around when you need to bleed the brake lines of any trapped
air. For under $50, you can add a hydraulic brake bleeder to your tool kit and do the
job alone quite easily.

Compression Tester: Engine rebuilds or troubleshooting will be easier when you have
a quality compression tester on hand. A good quality compression tester for your
chopper will cost $100 or more, but you'll use it for many, many years, making it a
sound investment.

Flywheel Puller: This inexpensive tool is a must-have for working on choppers. You
can pull flywheels with ease and without harming the part by using the right tool for
the job.

Crank Case Splitter: Getting into the crank case can be impossible unless you use a
crank case splitter. This won't be the least expensive tool in your collection but it will
make an engine rebuild much easier, so invest in a quality crank case splitter for your
chopper builds.

Fork Tools: To work efficiently on your custom chopper forks, you'll want several
tools. First, a fork oil gage level is a must-have so you can check the oil levels in your
forks. Fork seal drivers will make installing new fork seals much easier.

Carb Sync Gage Set: If you run a chopper with more than one carb, you'll want a sync
gage set so you can tune all the carbs to perfection.

Jet Wrench: A jet wrench for adjusting your carb jets is another great addition to your
took chest.

Valve Shim Adjustment Tool: Valve shim adjustment is a tedious task to say the least.
With the right tool, it can be done without nearly as much frustration. The cost is low
and the added efficiency is priceless.

Spoke Wrench: If you use spoked wheels, you'll want to have a spoke wrench in your
tool box to adjust the spokes.

Wheel Truing Stand: To adjust the spokes so that your wheel turns perfectly requires a
stand in which you can mount the tire and allow it to spin freely. A wheel truing stand
will run you $100 or more but it's an investment in a quality tool that you'll use for
decades to come.