Solio Universal Charger Product Review by aihaozhe2


									Do you need to charge your phone and you are not near an outlet? Most of us do not
carry a charger around, with the exception of the car charger. The Solio universal
hybrid charger can store energy to charge a cell phone or other devices. The charger
works by drawing energy from the sun and storing the solar energy within an internal
battery. For every hour of sun time, you get an hour of usage. It is a portable device
that does not need to be plugged in. Better Energy Systems manufactures the Solio.
The Solio charger costs around $99.95. It can be used anywhere.

A fully charged Solio can recharge a cell phone at least once. It can have different
electronic devices plugged into the charger. Since it comes with an array of adaptors,
there are many items that it can charge. The Solio can be your one device for many
different products, such as; cell phone, Ipods, game players, GPS or digital cameras.
If you are in a place without an outlet, or you did not bring your charger with you,
than the Solio could be a handy device for you.

There are some drawbacks. Before charging anything, you need to charge the Solio.
This will take time, and may not be as useful if you are in a bind and can just grab a
regular plug in charger, however the Solio can be charged by being plugged in. By
doing so it counteracts the usefulness of it being solar. The Solio could be considered
pricey depending on your need. It may make a good gift for the frequent traveler. This
device will set you back around 100 dollars. On top of that price you will need to
purchase different connectors for each device that you would like to charge. If you
have a lot of devices, it will be more expensive.

The market on solar chargers is small but growing. There are some alternatives and
choices available among universal solar chargers. The following companies offer
solar universal chargers; china-solar-charger, Soldius, and Brunton.

If your travel suitcase looks like you sell chargers than look into buying the Solio.
While it may be more expensive, it could save you a lot of hassle from many different
kinds of cords. If you are interested in cutting back on electricity and use clean energy
than this product will definitely do that. If you have the money to spend, spend it.
With the ever growing green technology, prices of energy efficient items will decrease.
I am sure that the price of the Solio will reflect this as well.

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