Sofas and Loveseats- Which are Best- by aihaozhe2


									When it comes to sofas and loveseats, choosing which to go with can be a major
hassle. Don't get ahead of yourself; take it one step at a time, starting with:

Your budget. Before anything else, decide what you're willing to spend. If it's not a lot,
this could make the process far easier (or more difficult, depending on how you look
at it). If you have a wider budget, you'll have more options, which might seem

Once you've figured out your budget, figure out exactly how much space you have.
Getting new furniture is always exciting -- until you realize it won't fit where you
want it. Measure out the area you want the sofa or loveseat to go and keep the figures
handy when you're shopping. Also make sure you measure out the width of any door
and hall-ways the sofa will need to be moved through. There's an infamous moment in
the TV show Friends, in which Ross picks out a new sofa for his apartment and,
because he refuses to pay the delivery fee, enlists the gang to help him maneuver it up
several flights of (winding) stairs. Needless to say, things don't end well, and the
couch doesn't make it.

Next, think about what the primary function of the sofa or loveseat will be. Do you
plan on having a lot of guests over who will have to sleep on it? If so, try to go with
something extra comfortable, that will fold-up compactly. You might also consider a
sectional sofa if you live with a lot of people, or have people over often, so the pieces
can be arranged in various ways.

If you have pets or children, choose something with easily removable cushions that
can be cleaned on a regular basis. White furniture is a dicey move in any home
(except maybe a model one), but for a house with kids and pets, it's decorating suicide.
Try going with a darker color if you can expect spills and stains; otherwise, go with
something neutral. You can add splashes of color with throws and pillows, which are
an easy way to change the color scheme of the room if you go with neutral base hues.

Bring a couple people with you to the furniture store so you can see how many people
can sit comfortably on the sofa or loveseat. Don't be shy about stretching out on it;
you're not going to be sitting reservedly when you're at home, and it's important to see
how comfortable it will be when you want to veg out and read or watch a movie.

If you find a sofa or loveseat you think you like, don't buy right then and there. Get
the exact name and model number, then do a little research online. Look for customer
reviews, specifically, to see what other people have to say about it. It might seem
great in the store, but end up being a horrible purchase a few months down the road.

Keep these tips in mind and finding the right sofa or loveseat should be a breeze.

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