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                       ISSUE 73                            Parish news from north of Petersfield to the Isle of Wight                   NOVEMBER 2008

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THESE are the people
who aim to launch a
new era at St Luke’s
    Educational charity ARK
Schools hopes to sponsor our dio-
cese’s only church secondary
school so it can become one of the
government’s new academies.
    Schools minister Ed Balls has
approved ARK’s expression of
interest in creating an academy,
and confirmed that up to £1m will
be made available to St Luke’s via
the National Challenge pro-
gramme. The school’s governors
and our diocese had already
approved the academy bid.
    Academies are state funded
but governed independently of the
local authority. Although ARK
Schools has no religious affilia-
tion, the continuing link with the
Church of England would ensure          Lucy Heller, managing director, and Sir Michael Wilshaw, education director of ARK Schools, and pupils from their academies
that the Christian ethos at St           ARK (Absolute Return for given to their mothers and care-            Its target is for 80 per cent of would be diocesan and local
Luke’s would remain. Pupils from     Kids) was set up in 2002 by a givers, 20,000 children would oth- pupils to achieve five A*-C grades authority representation on the
all faiths and of none would still   group of successful business peo- erwise have been orphaned over at GCSE, including English and governing body.”
be admitted.                         ple who want to transform the the past three years.                   maths.                                  There will now be consultation
    The switch to academy status     lives of children. It runs pro-          ARK also supports work in       Lucy Heller, managing direc- with parents, pupils, staff, feeder
is planned for 2010 although it      grammes to treat and prevent Bulgaria and Romania to find tor of ARK Schools, said: “We’re schools and community groups
may happen sooner if all the part-   HIV/Aids in southern Africa, family homes for orphans who a children’s charity, and it’s our about the academy bid. A brochure
ners agree. The philanthropic co-    helps orphans in Bulgaria and would otherwise live in over- ambition to release the potential of will be released and a series of
operative already runs six schools   Romania, and runs academies in crowded institutions. In four all the children we teach. We public meetings held.
in London, including one C of E      the UK, often in areas of social years, they have found new homes could see that there was scope for          Tony Blackshaw, our diocesan
school, and hopes to have 12 run-    deprivation.                         for 1,700 Romanian children.     improvement in the educational director of education, said: “We
ning by 2012.                            The success of its programmes        In 2004, ARK Schools was achievement at St Luke’s and that have been impressed with ARK’s
    Bishop Kenneth said: “The        in Africa and Eastern Europe has created to help children in the UK is why we were keen to work with track record, its desire to improve
committed team at St Luke’s have     been the catalyst to unlock gov- break the cycle of underachieve- the diocese.                            standards, and its willingness to
been doing a tremendous amount       ernment support and the spur for ment. Its vision is to provide every    “Although we have no reli- work alongside both the diocese
of good work. But the switch to      policy changes in these vital areas. pupil with the support needed to gious affiliations our schools have and the local education authority.
academy status could give them           It is the largest non-govern- achieve high academic standards, a strong moral culture. The ethos          “Our Board of Education
the resources they need to make      mental provider of programmes to so each pupil leaves school with of the Church of England comple- wants to move forward with this.
even more of a difference in the     treat HIV/Aids in South Africa. the option of higher education or a ments our expectations about And, as far as we’re concerned,
lives of those children.”            Without the life-saving drugs career of their choice.                 behaviour and aspirations. There the sooner the better.”

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