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Hexapong Table Sizes

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					                      Hexapong Table Sizes

                                              Shown here are the three hexagonal shape
                                              tables with measurements compared to a
                                              traditional table.
                                              Because not everyone plays with the same
                                              seriousness as others, people can pick a
                                              table that would best suit their needs.

The Hummingbird Table is great for players to learn control and a soft touch. This table
appeals to adults and Kids that do not have a short attention span. This table can also
double as a six sided card table.

The Firebird Table is better suited for players that what some activity to occupy their
time. For these players they get a better feel for movement and agility. This table can
offer hours of play and enjoyment.

The Phoenix Table is the largest of the hexagonal tables that will challenge the best of
players. Because of the shape and area that players have to cover, the games played
on this table can give the best of players a workout you will never get on a traditional
Hexapong Table Overlay
                     Product Information
With the choice of several manufactures and prices that can range from less then
$100.00 to greater then $1700.00 for a new table there are some things to
consider when looking for a table. For the individuals that do not what to spend a
lot of money for a table, just remember “You get what you pay for”. For the
consumer that is willing to spend a little more for a new table they should
consider the table top to be made of a minimum ¾” thickness material for the
best possible ball bounce. The legs are also an important factor to think about.

Since the lags are the foundation of the table it is important to get a table that is
well constructed. This is where Hexapong tables will excel in out lasting most, if
not all tables made today where abusive use is involved. With locations that may
frequently relocate their table(s) or make frequent trips across unlevel surfaces,
this may cause the lags of the name brand tables to buckle under the stress or
break away from the table. This situation is common to a majority of traditional
tables in a large range of cheap tables to expensive tables. The manufacture will
attach the leg support brackets directly to the particle board or fiber board. This
industry practice can render a product useless depending on the damage the
attaching screw has done to the panel it is attached to.

Typically table tennis tables made and distributed to the
general public the leg are attached directly to the table
with ½” screws. All Hexapong tables place solid wood
that is glued and screwed to the underside of the table
to provide larger distribution of stress were the legs are
attached and also provides locations to use 1 ¼”
screws to fasten the legs. (See photo right)

On traditional tables that reinforced the edge the
is to use angle alloy. This practice is a sound method
for reinforcing the edge and giving the appearance of
having a thicker panel. With Hexapong the
construction method for
edges is to use ¾” solid wood that is glued and screwed to give it an edge
thickness of 1 ½” x 1 ½” .

For leg construction on the Phoenix and Firebird tables, the less expensive legs
are made with ¾” round piping and the more expensive legs are made with
square steel.
Other features included as a standard method of construction on the Phoenix
and Firebird tables are the leg levelers and 4” wheels that can be bought at a
local hardware store. With the exception of welded parts, if there is anything on
the leg construction that is needed you will be able to find hardware at the local
hardware store.

Hexapong tables and nets are made on an “As needed basis” and are made in
Phoenix, Arizona. Parties interested in purchasing a table will have a 2 to 4
week wait on orders.

The reseach and development of Hexapong owes a get deal to the locations
where unsupervised youths had access to a Hexapong Table. It is with their
mischievous energy that lead to a product that although is not indestructible, It
will take a considerable amount of abuse.

It is important that interested parties are aware that at this time Hexapong has no
warehouse where a surplus of tables are stored. Tables are made on an “As
needed basis” and depending on circumstances will take 2 to 4 weeks for a table
to be built and ready for delivery. Handling and shipping is not included in table
             Hexapong Crossover Table

Still in the development stage, the Crossover Table will give players the feel of
the traditional table while learning to stroke the ball as if on the Hexapong
Phoenix Table.

Once you learn how to control your shots on the Crossover Table you will not
have to worry about hitting balls long and off the traditional table.

Also included on the Crossover Table is the unique line work used on the
Hexapong Tables. These lines are provided to help aid in the development of
controlling where you want to hit on the table and also provides for different
methods of play.

The numbers shown on this diagram will not appear on the table, they are only
placed on diagram to suggest different point areas as described in the Complete
Rules of play and listed in the Recreational Method of Play.

Photo will replace diagram shown below when this table is complete and
available for purchase. For the Do It Yourself people, plans for this table will be
made available with dimensions and list of materials needed. Interested parties
will need to contact us at for details of when plans will be
distributed and for USHA Member and Non-member prices.
       Hexapong 1A-B Crossover Table

From Recreational Players to serious Table Tennis Players, everyone with a ping
pong table knows that you either play only 2 or 4 players on the traditional table.
So were does Hexapong fit into the equation?

This is a question that is still waiting to be answered. One thing is for sure, The
Recreational player out number the Table Tennis Player by a large margin. For
this reason I am introducing the 1A-B Crossover Table. To create the 1A-B
Crossover Table, traditional table owner will be required to apply the unique line
work to spice up an otherwise traditional method of play.

With the 1A-B Crossover all levels of players can use the unique line work to
improve their skills and still have fun playing or practicing using the line work as
areas to hit into.

For any players, recreational or serious it is certain that if you play to keep the
ball within the limits of the line work for the 1A-B Crossover you will not have any
problem keeping the ball in play when you play the traditional game of Ping Pong
or Table Tennis.

Photo will replace diagram shown below when this table is complete and
available for purchase. For the Do It Yourself people, plans for this table will be
made available with dimensions needed. Interested parties will need to contact
us at for details of when plans will be distributed and for
USHA Member and Non-member prices.
        Traditional Tables by Hexapong
With so many tables on the market why would Hexapong be wanting to get into
the business of making traditional tables? The answer is easy, build a table that
you don't have to pamper.

For years the traditional table manufactures have made a good profit selling
items that look good. The problem is that consumers have become a throw away
society. How many times have you heard “They don’t make things to last

Hexapong plans to make tables that the consumers can feel confident in their
purchased of a product that will take more abuse than the tables offered in the
market today. The engineering integrity of tables by Hexapong is curtain to make
the consumer think about spending their money on a name brand table for the
status or spending for overall worth of a well constructed table that will take

Hexapong can not guarantee that the table surface will last for as long as the
table has legs under it, but as an assurance to what a consumer can expect from
tables by Hexapong is in this one fact. The placement of solid wood placed on
the underside of the table where 1 ¼” screw attach the legs will out last any table
on the market.

As the shape of Hexapong has broken from the traditional table, the Traditional
Table by Hexapong is going to break the mold on how a table will be made.

The plan for the Traditional Table by Hexapong is to have a three piece table
surface. The introduction of a one foot wide strip of table surface in the middle of
table is going to break away from the traditional table. The one foot wide strip will
be split to have six inches to each side of the net and serve a dual purpose. The
first is to provide the means of attaching the net to one solid piece of material that
is level and straight on both sides where the net is attached. The second is to be
able to provide a plan in which anyone can go to their local hardware store or
lumber yard and buy material so that they can build their own table.

Plans for this table will be available when visitor see a photo posted.