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					   Cooperative Maths
    NOVEMBER 2010

                        Cooperative Learning and                                                            Cooperative Learning & Pre-Algebra
                        Mathematics: High School Activities                                                 Years 6-10
                        (Revised Australian Edition)                                                        Becky Bride • 9781741707410
                        Dina Kushnir • 9781741700763                                                        Master maths teacher and celebrated author Becky
                           Including a rich array of activities for all levels of                           Bride shares her step-by-step cooperative learning
                           high school mathematics, you receive half a dozen                                activities and explorations with you. With this terrific
                           Kagan cooperative learning structures: Line-Ups, Mix                             resource, Becky takes all the prep work out of
                           Pair RallyCoach, Mix-N-Match, Inside-Outside Circle,                             teamwork. Chapters cover: whole numbers, integers,
                           RallyCoach, and RoundTable. For each structure you                               decimals, fractions, ratios, proportion, percent,
                           receive numerous activities and blackline masters for                            coordinate planes, data analysis, and probability.
Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus.        See why students overwhelmingly prefer working together than working
Activities for fractions, geometry definitions, graphs, probability, algebraic       alone. Watch your test scores soar. Book includes reproducible blacklines for
expressions, word problems, slope, angle, proofs, equations, functions,             transparencies and activities. 312 pages.
parabolas, and much, much more. Nearly 300 activities in all!                       KA7410 • $44.95                                                        NEW
KA0760 • $64.95
                                                                                                            Match Mine Mathematics
                                                                                                            Miguel Kagan • 9781741705638
                        Cooperative Maths Year 3-6
                                                                                                           There’s no better way to get your students talking
                        Ranae Stites, Amanda Pfannenstiel • 9781741705973
                                                                                                           about and using the language of mathematics than
                       Inside, you will find 7 highly interactive Kagan                                     using these communication-building Match Mine
                       Structures and nearly 50 ready-to-use activities that                               games. Partners sit on opposite sides of a barrier.
                       fit the standards. For example, your students will                                   They each receive the same game board and game
                       play Fan-N-Pick to identify mathematical properties.                                pieces copied from the book. One student organises
                       Students will mingle with classmates as they Find                                   her pieces on the game board. Then, with words alone,
                       Someone Who can solve an area problem. Pairs will                                   she must describe her arrangement to her partner
                       Quiz-Quiz-Trade each other as they name patterns.            so her partner can make a match. Students learn and use mathematics
                       Teams will play Showdown to compare whole                    vocabulary and concepts as they play. Includes 30 games spanning 7 strands
numbers, decimals, and fractions. This book will save you tons of time              of mathematics. Students will ask to play again and again.
preparing cooperative math activities.                                                                                                                     NEW
                                                                                    KA5638 • $27.95
KA5975 • $45.00                                                         NEW
                                                                                                            Discovering Decimals Through
                                                                                                            Cooperative Learning
                        Fraction Fun Through Cooperative
                                                                                                            Laura Candler • 9781741701456
                        Learning (2-12)
                                                                                                            This book has ready-to-use cooperative activities and
                        Laurie Kagan • 9781741701616
                                                                                                            reproducibles for teaching every decimal concept:
                        This book is a complete fraction curriculum. Your                                   Understanding, reading and writing, comparing
                        students will delight in “building” answers to                                      and ordering, placing, rounding, estimating, adding,
                        fraction problems with concrete manipulatives                                       subtracting, multiplying, dividing, converting decimals
                        and then “connecting” their work to the symbols                                     into fractions and percents, and solving real life
                        we call numbers. You teach for understanding,                                       decimal problems. Base 10 manipulatives are
                        introducing every fraction concept first at the              incorporated in the activities to teach for understanding.
                        concrete level, then at the connecting level, and
finally at the symbolic level. Designed to meet the standards. Loaded with           KA1457 • $37.95
reproducibles, fantastic explorations and classbuilding activities.
                                                                                                            Mix-N-Match Book: Mathematics (3-6)
KA1619 • $35.95                                                                                             Miguel Kagan • 9781741701685
                                                                                                           Students each get a Mix-N-Match card related
                        The Fraction Manipulatives                                                         to the topic. They enjoy mixing and matching so
                        This manipulative packet comes complete with                                       much, they hardly realise they are repeatedly
                        colour-coded fraction manipulatives: wholes,                                       quizzing each other and mastering the content.
                        halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, eighths, tenths,                           Book includes reproducible Mix-N-Match card sets
                        twelfths, sixteenths and easy-to-assemble concrete                                 for: Basic operations, coins, division, equivalent
                        and symbolic fraction dice and spinners.                                           fractions, fractions and percents, graphing ordered
                        KAMRFK • $39.95                                                                    pairs, measurement conversion, multiplication,
                                                                                    place value, reading time, Roman numerals, and subtraction.
                                                                                    KA1686 • $37.95
                        Mathematics Learning Cubes:                                                          Base 10 Manipulatives
                        Shapes                                                                               9781741703818
                        Each squishably soft and quiet-to-roll foam cube                                     This manipulative packet is loaded with colour-
                        measures 80 mm. Each side has a different shape:                                     coded stock cubes, flats, rods, units and base
                        Circle, square, triangle, star, rectangle, pentagon. Ideal                           10 dice at the concrete and symbolic levels. A
                        for naming shapes and identifying shape properties.                                  complete set of manipulatives for the entire class.
                        KAMLSH • $9.50                                                                       Includes a Base 10 Placemat for building addition,
                                                                                                             subtraction, multiplication and division answers as
                                                                                                             you teach the range of essential maths concepts.
                        Cooperative Learning and Algebra                             KAMRBTK • $35.95
                        Becky Bride • 9781741703030
                        In this book, master teacher, trainer and celebrated                                 Cooperative Learning and
                        maths author Becky Bride will show you step-by-step,                                 Mathematics (P-8) (Revised
                        activity-by-activity and lesson-by-lesson how she used                               Australian Edition)
                        cooperative learning structures to help her students                                 Beth Andrini • 9781741700794
                        succeed with algebra year after year. When the power
                                                                                                           This classic includes 179 do-tomorrow activities
                        of student-to-student interaction is unleashed in
                                                                                                           and 23 complete step-by-step cooperative learning
                        algebra, students enjoy learning more and the abstract
                                                                                                           lessons to teach number, measurement, geometry,
                        algebraic concepts become more concrete and
                                                                                                           patterns and functions, statistics, probability, logic
understandable. Chapters cover: working with rational numbers, expressions,
                                                                                                           and algebra. Blackline masters galore. The lessons
equations and inequalities, linear functions and vertical lines, linear systems,
                                                                                                           emphasise manipulatives, calculators, performance
polynomials, radicals and quadratic functions. Book includes activities.
                                                                                     assessment, creative thinking, problem solving and co-op structures.
KA3034 • $44.95                                                                      KA0795 • $45.95

                                                                                                             Higher-Level Thinking Questions:
                        Cooperative Learning and                                                             Mathematics (3-6)
                        Geometry: High School Activities                                                     Robyn Silbey • 9781741701647
                        Becky Bride • 9781741700770
                                                                                                             How do we foster a deep understanding of
                       In Cooperative Learning and Geometry, you’ll receive                                  mathematics concepts? With deep-thinking maths
                       something you won’t find in any textbook – HOW                                         questions, of course! You’ll find questions for sixteen
                       to teach geometry successfully. You will find over                                     mathematics topics to promote mathematical
                       200 step-by-step activities to enhance geometry                                       thinking and interaction in your class. Question
                       exploration and mastery. Topics covered: definitions,                                  topics: Problem Solving, Patterns, Place Value and
                       angles and lines, constructions, triangles, polygons                                  Numeration, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication,
                       and quadrilaterals, similarity, Pythagoras’s theorem          Division, Money, Time, Fractions and Decimals, Linear Measurement,
and special right-angled triangles, area, volume and circles.                        Capacity, Weight, Geometry, Data and Graphing, and Probability.
KA0779 • $65.95                                                                      KA1643 • $37.95

                                                                                                             Higher-Level Thinking Questions:
                        Logic Line-Ups                                                                       Secondary Mathematics (7-12)
                        Miguel Kagan • 9781741701494                                                         Robyn Silbey • 9781741701654
                       Build your students’ deductive thinking skills,                                        You’ll find questions for sixteen mathematics topics
                       spatial reasoning, spatial vocabulary and teamwork                                     to promote mathematical thinking and interaction
                       skills with these 72, ready-to-use, logic activities.                                  in your class. Question topics: Problem Solving;
                       You’ll find problems, answers and reproducible,                                         Number Patterns and Relationships; Whole Number
                       line-up cards for 12 popular themes: barnyard,                                         and Decimal Place Value; Decimal Operations;
                       bugs, dinosaurs, fantasy, holidays, nutrition,                                         Fraction Concepts; Fraction Addition and
                       occupations, outer space, pets, seasons, shapes                                        Subtraction; Fraction Multiplication and Division;
                       and under the sea. Includes full-page, reproducible           Percents; Relating Fractions, Decimals, and Percents; Ratios, Rates, and
cards for whole-class activities, and quarter-page cards for the team, pair          Proportions; Statistics, Data Analysis, and Graphing; Algebra: Integers and
and independent activities described.                                                Integer Operations; Algebra: Solving Equations and Inequalities; Geometry
KA149X • $22.95                                                                      Concepts; Geometry and Measurement and Probability.
                                                                                     KA1651 • $37.95
                        Mathematics Lessons for Little                                                       Write! Mathematics: Multiple
                        Ones: Cooperative Learning                                                           Intelligences & Cooperative
                        Lessons (P-2)                                                                        Learning Writing Activities
                        Lorna Curran • 9781741701708                                                         Virginia DeBolt • 9781741701487
                          This primary cooperative learning maths book is                                   Do you want to move beyond drill and kill, teaching
                          a bestseller! You teach mathematics with your                                     maths for understanding? Do you want to sharpen
                          students’ favourite literature. You’ll find 36 step-by-                            your students’ mathematical thinking skills? Do you
                          step cooperative lesson plans to teach: counting,                                 want your students to help each other learn about
                          patterning, geometry, classifying, graphing,                                      mathematics? Do you want to incorporate multiple
                          numerical order, addition, subtraction, fractions,                                intelligences in your maths instruction? Yes? Here’s
measurement and time. Crammed with reproducibles, and Lorna Curran’s                 your road map! Includes 36 cooperative writing activities guaranteed to get
proven management tips, this book is guaranteed to transfer a love of                students thinking and writing about mathematics. The activities are open-
literature into a love of mathematics.                                               ended, so they’ll work with every mathematical topic you teach.
KA1708 • $49.95                                                                      KA1481 • $37.95
                             Fraction Transparency Spinner                                                 Kagan Cooperative Learning
                             Each time you give these transparent                                          Dr Spencer Kagan, Miguel Kagan • 9781742392721
                             overhead spinners a spin, they create a new                               You’ll still find all the practical and proven Kagan
                             fraction problem for your students to solve.                              Structures, including Numbered Heads Together,
                             KAMSF • $11.00                                                            RoundTable and Three-Step Interview - direct
                                                                                                       from the man who invented cooperative learning
                                                                                                       structures. And there are still plenty of ready-to-do
                             Multiplication Spinners                                                   teambuilding and classbuilding activities to make
                              Your students will spin their way to                                     your class click. But in this expanded edition, you
                              multiplication mastery! The multiplication                               will find new step-by-step structures, hundreds of
                              spinners are like flashcards, only better.          helpful management tips, many more teacher-friendly activities and forms,
                              They’re fun. They’re interactive. And you won’t    and up-to-date research on proven methods.
                              ever run out of problems. Your students simply     KA2721 • $69.95
spin the arrows to create an endless array of multiplication problems.
Great for quizzing a partner. Excellent for generating problems to build with                             Cooperative Learning Structures for
manipulatives. Watch your students work their way up to multiple-digit                                    Teambuilding
problems with multiple spins.                                                                             Laurie Kagan, Dr Spencer Kagan, Miguel Kagan
KAMSM • $9.50                                                                                             • 9781741700510
                                                                                                          When students have the desire and ability to work
                                                                                                          together as a team, something magical happens
                                 Place Value Spinner                                                      – Together Everyone Achieves More! Students like
                                   Teach your students to recognise, write and                            working together, academic achievement goes up
                                   build numbers from 0 to 9,999. Start with                              and discipline problems become a thing of the past.
                                   the Ones spinner and watch your students                               Includes step-by-step instructions, hints, variations, over
                                   work their way up to the Tens, Hundreds       100 teambuilding activities and ready-to-use blackline masters for each of 14
then Thousands. Each new spin creates a new number for students to               favourite teambuilding structures like: Find-the-Fib, Team Interview and Same-
identify, write or build with manipulatives. When your students are ready for    Different. Promote a positive class and team atmosphere in your classroom.
decimals, just place a penny between spinners and suddenly you can teach         KA0515 • $54.95
decimal place value in tenths, hundredths, thousandths and ten thousandths!
Also works great to teach rounding off. Students spin a number and round it
                                                                                                           Cooperative Learning Structures for
off to the nearest 0, 10, 100 or 1,000. Multi-functional and multi-fun.
KAMSPV • $12.95                                                                                            Laurie Kagan, Dr Spencer Kagan, Miguel Kagan
                                                                                                           • 9781741700503
                                                                                                         Create a caring, cooperative class through energising
                             Addition Spinners                                                           classbuilding activities! This bestseller includes step-
                           Students generate random addition problems                                    by-step instructions, hints, variations, 100s of activities
                           with their Addition Spinners! No need for                                     and ready-to-use blackline worksheets for each of
                           textbooks or worksheets. Students just spin the                               11 favourite cooperative, classbuilding structures
                           two spinners and add up the numbers. Spin                                     like: Mix-N-Match, Stir-the-Class and Who Am I?. A
                           ‘em twice or more and create multiple-digit           must for the block schedule. Students are quickly and immediately energised
problems for more advanced addition. Ideas and activities on the back.           – ready to tackle any curriculum. If you want to promote a positive class
KAMSA • $9.50                                                                    atmosphere with fun and easy activities, this is the source!
                                                                                 KA0507 • $54.95
                       Kagan: Selector Software Site
                       644905001702                                                                       Kagan: Team Tools Software Site
                      SelectorTools offers 14 attractive selectors: Colour                                644905001849
                      Selector, Colour Spinner, Name Selector, Next Team,                               Creating the perfect teams can be a brain-racking,
                      Number Selector, Partner Picker Spinner, Role                                     time-consuming process. Now, you simply click a
                      Assigner, Role Timer, Roll the Die, Student Selector                              button. TeamTools gives you six ways to form teams,
Spinner, Student & Team Selector Spinners, Team Selector Spinner, Team                                  six ways to form pairs, and two ways to split the class
Sequencer and Who’s Up? This collection of selectors will give you the tools     into two teams. You can use TeamTools for up to 8 different classrooms.
you need to crank-up active engagement. For PC and Mac. Licence for 1            Create and manage teams like a pro with TeamTools! For PC and Mac.
computer only.
                                                                                 KAETM • $55.00 • Licence for 1 Computer
KAEST • $55.00 • Licence for 1 Computer

                                                                                                           Decision Tools Software Site
                       Kagan: Timer Tools Software Site                                                    644905001870
                       644905001597                                                                      With 13 tools, you have the perfect tool for every
                        TimerTools is your perfect solution for every                                    group question and decision. Display true/false,
                        presentation need: hourglass, analog clock, digital                              multiple choice, yes/no, agree/disagree, and survey
                        clock, alarm clock, clock, multiple customisable                                 questions for your students or staff. Enter the
                        alarms, seconds countdown timer, turn timer, interval    results, and click the Go button. DecisionTools calculates the totals and
timer digital stopwatch, analog stopwatch and split timer. Each attractive,      percents and displays bar and pie graphs in vibrant colors. You get the
scalable, customisable timer tool is super easy to use. Ideal for computer       power of class responders without the big price tag. DecisionTools gives
presentations or to turn your whole computer into a suite of powerful timing     you an eye-pleasing interface that leads you through all these questioning
tools. For PC and MAC.                                                           and decision-making processes. For PC and Mac.
KAETT • $55.00 • Licence for 1 Computer                                          KAETD • $55.00 • Licence for 1 Computer
                          Kagan Structures Poster Combo                                                                       Kagan SmartCard: Cooperative
                          (set of 30)                                                                                         Learning (Revised Australian Ed)
                          9781741702279                                                                                       9781741700619
                        Each poster set includes six, extra large, 450 mm x                                                   Kagan Cooperative Learning makes cooperative
                        .320 mm, colourful posters that illustrate Kagan’s most                                               learning Fun, Easy and Successful! This full colour,
                        popular structures. Kagan-approved steps for each                                                     A3 sized SmartCard describes Kagan’s four
                        structure are prominently displayed—a great visual                                                    PIES principles, six Key Concepts to successful
                        reminder for you and your students. Decorate your                                                     implementation, Fundamental Formula and lists
                        classroom, create a structures display board, or hang                                                 Kagan Structures for Effective Instruction, Multiple
                        them on a poster rack to pull up the structure you’re                                                 Intelligences and Domains of Usefulness.
 using. Teaching Kagan Structures to your students has never been easier!                    KA0612 • $6.95
 KA2275 • $99.00
                                                                                                                              Kagan SmartCard: Think-Pair-Share
                                                                                                                              (Revised Australian Edition)
                         Kagan SmartCard: Cooperative                                                                         9781741700855
                         Learning Structures (Revised
                         Australian Edition)                                                                                  This is your user’s guide to one of the most simple,
                                                                                                                              yet most powerful cooperative learning structures
                                                                                                                              out there. With this full colour, A3 sized SmartCard
                       Make teaching and learning more fun and                                                                in your hands, you will have a world of options to
                       successful with Kagan Structures for Success! This                                                     get your students thinking, pairing and sharing.
                       SmartCard includes 28 illustrated Kagan structures                                                     There’s so much more to thinking than just saying,
                       to make cooperative learning a success in your                                                         “Think about it’.
                       classroom. Also featured in this classroom-friendly
                       resource are responses to 8 frequently asked
                                                                                             KA085X • $6.95
 questions on cooperative learning.
                                                                                                                                          Silly Sports and Goofy Games
 KA0655 • $9.50                                                                                                                           (Revised Australian Edition)
                                                                                                                                          Dr Spencer Kagan • 9781741700756
Pricelist                                                                                                                       Boost energy. Boost achievement. Release
                                                                                                                                joy with the world’s most comprehensive
CODE      TITLE                                                             PRICE    QTY
                                                                                                                                collection of indoor & outdoor, sport and
KAMSA     Addition Spinners                                                 $9.50
                                                                                                                                game activities. Includes over 200, step-by-
KAMRBTK   Base 10 Manipulatives                                             $35.95
                                                                                             step, fun, and involving sports and games in nine categories: Terrific Tag, Happy
KA3034    Cooperative Learning and Algebra                                  $44.95
                                                                                             Helpers, Beautiful Balances, Creative Coordination, Meaningful Movements,
KA0779    Cooperative Learning and Geometry: High School Activities         $65.95
KA0795    Cooperative Learning and Mathematics (P-8)                        $45.95
                                                                                             Crazy Challenges, Ridiculous Relays, Silly Sports and Goofy Games.
          (Revised Australian Edition)                                                       KA0752 • $45.00
KA0760    Cooperative Learning and Mathematics: High School Activities      $64.95
          (Revised Australian Edition)
KA7410    Cooperative Learning and Pre-Algebra Years 6-10                   $44.95         Attention ..................................................... Order Number ..................
KA0507    Cooperative Learning Structures for Classbuilding                 $54.95
                                                                                           Name of School ....................................................................................
KA0515    Cooperative Learning Structures for Teambuilding                  $54.95
KA5975    Cooperative Maths Year 3-6                                        $45.00         Address ................................................................................................
KAETD     Decision Tools Software Site Licence for 1 Computer               $55.00         ............................................. State ....................P/Code ......................
KA1457    Discovering Decimals Through Cooperative Learning                 $37.95
KA1619    Fraction Fun Through Cooperative Learning (2-12)                  $35.95         Country ................................................................................................
KAMSF     Fraction Transparency Spinner                                     $11.00         Email: ...................................................................................................
KA1643    Higher-Level Thinking Questions: Mathematics (3-6)                $37.95
KA1651    Higher-Level Thinking Questions: Secondary Mathematics (7-12)     $37.95         Terms of Trade                                                                           10-001-01-2c
KA2721    Kagan Cooperative Learning                                        $69.95         • Prices are quoted in Australian dollars ($AUD) and include GST
                                                                                           • All prices are subject to change without notice.
KAEST     Kagan Selector Software Site Licence for 1 Computer               $55.00         • For New Zealand customers, at the time of invoice, we will convert the amount into New Zealand dollars
KA2275    Kagan Structures Poster Combo (Set of 30)                         $99.00           ($NZD) so that you can pay by cheque or credit card in New Zealand dollars ($NZD).
                                                                                           • Full money-back guarantee.
KAETM     Kagan Team Tools Software Site Licence for 1 Computer             $55.00         • We do realise it is difficult to order sight unseen. To assist you in your selection, please visit our website
KAETT     Kagan Timer Tools Software Site Licence for 1 Computer            $55.00           <>. Go to ‘Browse Books’ and most titles will give you the option to view the first few
                                                                                             pages of the book. Click ‘View Contents’ on your selected book page.
KA149X    Logic Line-ups                                                    $22.95         • We will supply our books on approval, and if they do not suit your requirements we will accept
                                                                                             undamaged returns for full credit or refund. Posters are for firm sale only and will not be sent on
KA5638    Match Mine Mathematics                                            $27.95           approval. Please be aware that delivery and return postage is the responsibility of the customer.
KAMLSH    Mathematics Learning Cubes: Shapes                                $9.50          • Freight costs are determined at Australia Post rates, with a minimum delivery charge of $9.50 within
                                                                                             Australia and $15.00 for New Zealand for each order.
KA1708    Mathematics Lessons for Little Ones: Cooperative Learning         $49.95         • Please provide your street address for delivery purposes.
          Lessons (P-2)
KA1686    Mix-n-Match Book: Mathematics                                     $37.95              Kagan Australia has trainers available to come to your school.
KAMSM     Multiplication Spinners                                           $9.50                     Contact Hawker Brownlow Educaton for details.
KAMSPV    Place Value Spinner                                               $12.95
KA0752    Silly Sports and Goofy Games (Revised Australian Edition)         $45.00                       Online ‘On Account’ ordering now available!
KA0612    Smartcard: Cooperative Learning                                   $6.95             If you have a pre-existing account with Hawker Brownlow Education,
          (Revised Australian Edition)                                                                you can now order online and pay using that account.
KA0655    Smartcard: Cooperative Learning Structures                        $9.50
          (Revised Australian Edition)
KA085X    Smartcard: Think-Pair-Share (Revised Australian Edition)          $6.95                                                                                    To Contact our Sales Rep
                                                                                                                                                                      VIC contact reception on
KAMRFK    The Fraction Manipulatives                                        $39.95
                                                                                                                                                                   Toll Free Ph: 1800 334 603 or
KA1481    Write! Mathematics: Multiple Intelligences and Cooperative        $37.95                                                                          
          Learning Writing Activities                                                      P.O. Box 580, Moorabbin, Victoria 3189, Australia
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                                                                                           Phone: +61 3 8558 2444 • Fax: +61 3 8558 2400
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