Six Secrets To Transform Your Dog's Behavior Through Boxer Obedience Training by aihaozhe2


									Who wouldn't love to see their dogs behave accordingly, walk properly on a leash, or
perhaps to do some tricks? For owners to be able to experience all of these whether
inside or outside their home, learn the secrets to proper Boxer obedience training and
fix their aggression problems as soon as possible.

Boxers are short-haired and short-tailed breed and make a good company to the
family. With their eagerness and taciturnity, they are able to pick up new things easily
making it worth the wait. However, your best friend might turn out to be a problem
dog due to lack of appropriate Boxer obedience training.

Here are six secrets to stop aggression problems through Boxer obedience training:

1. Set up some rules.

The first thing that you have to consider is to plan ahead of time before bringing the
puppy home. Set goals on the things that you want him to learn before initiating
Boxer obedience training. It is better for him to start with simple skills and tasks.

You may also set up the surrounding that would allow him enough space to
accomplish his job. Crate training, for instance, is more effective when done in a
room that does not warrant him to roam around freely. It is more likely that you will
experience burden in withholding his behavior while training your Boxer dog in a
very spacious setting.

2. Housetrain as early as possible.

Normally, housebreaking starts before they are no more than three weeks old. This
period of time signals their readiness to learn Boxer obedience training. They are,
then, willing to explore and discover things in their own capacity.

With its flexible attention span, it would be less cumbersome for you to tell your pup
not to bite your slippers or the rugs inside your house. Do not wait until he grows
older before you start honing his skills and attitudes.

3. Be the Alpha dog!

Dogs, by nature, are pack oriented. They depend on a male leader, whom they refer to
as the Alpha dog. In this sense, when doing Boxer obedience training, make him treat
you as his boss while he is young. Be domineering and consistent.

Take control over his activities and under no circumstances will you let him
overpower you. Otherwise, you will be having trouble in dealing with him, thus
leading to Boxer training failure.
4. Select a training method.

Boxers are brilliant and playful. Probably the most exciting part in the Boxer
obedience training is when your dog learns a trick or two. Once you have established
a leadership role, you may now begin instructing him a few basic one-word
commands such as sit, stand, fetch, and kneel.

Another effective method is the Boxer leash training. When you go out for a walk
with your dog, teach him how to sit calmly while on his leash. Make sure that he is
wearing his collar every time he is out. Alternatively, teach him how to sit and heel
before petting and entering or getting out of the car. Setting all these rules will make
him notice that you are indeed his subordinate.

Stick to one training method at a time to prevent your Boxer from being confused
which may lead to certain aggression problems as biting and chewing your clothes. As
soon as you see the progress of your canine, it will definitely bring you a sense of

5. Reward his positive attributes.

Boxers are thrilled to receive treats and credits from their owners. For every
successful job in the course of Boxer obedience training, give him praises and his
favorite foods.

You may also take him for a walk in the park or any spot that will fire off its energy.
In this way, the dog will be motivated to do better in the future.

6. Avoid punishment.

In Boxer obedience training, punishment usually has the opposite effect. Your dog
sees you as your leader and takes your reactions seriously. When he commits mistakes,
instead of striking him, just reprimand him calmly.

Boxers may bite, scratch or even become violent when provoked. This means
jeopardizing both human and canine lives.

In training Boxer dogs, there is no room for mistakes. Poor training techniques might
only lead to aggravation on your dog's undesired actions, thus endangering both your
safety and protection.

If you want to transform your dog into a well-mannered angel, the above secrets to
Boxer obedience training shall win his heart.

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