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Sitting on Your Laurels


									Most of us spend a great deal of our time thinking about our ultimate achievement.
Maybe yours is writing a best-selling book. Maybe it is making some financial goal.
Whatever the ultimate goal, once you achieve it, where do you go from there? Do you
just say "Well, I made it, time to relax?"

If you stop once you've achieved your "ultimate goal," you are really cheating
yourself. You made that goal, what is to keep you from doing more? There should
always be something else you want to try, something else you want to do. Are you
sure that this achievement is it? Can you improve on it? Maybe you wrote that best
seller. Can you update it? Can you expand on it? Is that really all you have?

Many of us work so hard to reach that ultimate goal that we burn ourselves out a long
the way. Take a little time once you get there to reflect on the journey. But don't spend
so much time reflecting that the world passes you by. Maybe you never want to do it
again and that's fine, but are you really so secure that you really think you never need
to do anything else again?

Have you become a mushroom? Sitting in the dark,having stuff growing on your
head.Being a real fungus among us? Have you really taken a look in the mirror and
did a true and fierce moral inventory as to what you are really sitting on? Today is the
wake up call to change that once and for all.

Times change, people changes, things happen. Sitting back and basking in your own
glory can be dangerous. After all, there is always someone else out there ready to steal
your limelight. After all, if it worked for you maybe there is a way to improve or
change what you did and be even more successful. Even if what you did was great,
you probably learned something along the way that no one else knows. No one else
has your experiences and your knowledge, but, as time passes, that knowledge can
become outdated. Becoming older can also mean becoming wiser, but if you stop
learning and are content to sit on your laurels, you will almost certainly be left in the

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.Winston Churchill

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