Significance of Proper Golf Club Grip

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					What is the importance of golf club grip and what is the significance of taking lessons
for this? These are FAQ's (frequently asked questions) by golf beginners and in this
article let me try to answer these two queries.

Importance: The most important aspect in a game of golf is the swing of the club to
hit the ball at different positions and at different targets. To execute this properly the
golf club has to be gripped properly to get the required power and velocity which will
result in an accurate and desired hit on the ball. So, all beginners have to per force go
through a golf club gripping lesson to find out which is the grip which is most
comfortable and effective to you. Let me also list out the advantages of a proper club

A proper golf club grip reduces slices and missed shots.

It helps to keep the club head square where the force is applied and prevents the shaft
from spinning in your hands.

A proper grip helps in maintaining the swing alignment and direction.

Significance: The significance of taking specific lessons for golf grip is because each
individual has a unique way of gripping the golf club. The type of grips adopted by
different players is also varied. There are three basic grips called the overlapping grip,
the interlocking grip and the ten finger grip and besides these there are some
permutations and combination of these basic grips. Hence it is essential that all
beginners go through a golf grip learning session. Let me give a brief explanation on
golf grips to enlighten you.

Remember that the lead hand for a right handed golf player is the left hand. So hang
your left hand from the shoulder and hold the club in a natural manner. Then using
your right hand grip the club just below the left hand. Once the grips feel natural align
your hands slightly towards your body.

Hold the club in a way that will keep the rod stretched alongside your hand obliquely
downwards precisely from your palms. The diagonal alignment should be around
6mm from the base of the little finger to the centre of your middle finger.

The grip on your club should never be tight or loose. A tight grip does not allow free
swing of the club and a loose grip results in misalignment. Ideally you should have a
light but firm grip of your club so that it swings in the direction and speed you want.

The thumb of your left hand should extend and rest lightly on the life line of your
right hand with a slight incline to the right side from the middle. This is to support the
grip on the club and to control the wrist movement.
Keep these tips in mind and remember to practice a safe and sure grip on your club to
execute accurate and consistent shots.

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