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					There are so many health products in the market. At the moment, Human Growth
Hormone (HGH) is the hottest topic in the market. Everyone in everywhere is talking
about Hgh. Hgh or Human Growth Hormone is a hormone naturally produced by the
pituitary gland which is located in the brain and it is responsible for the growth and
maintainance of healthy cells in every part of the body. Thus it is the most important
hormone of all. However, Hgh production decreases as we age especially when we hit
30 years old and above and lead to the signs of aging such as wrinkles, hair loss, loss
of bone density, poor memory, lack of sexual drive and gain weight. However, recent
medical studies prove that Hgh supplement if taken by an adult can actually reverse
the signs of aging, restore youth and restore the energy in our body. Therefore, it is
known as the 'Fountain of Youth' in the market.

Hgh is so popular at the moment that everyone wants to create a Hgh product and sell
it hoping to make big bucks overnight. There are so many types of Hgh Supplements
available in the market that can help to stimulate the production of Hgh thus
increasing the Hgh level in your body. It is a bit difficult to choose the very first Hgh
Supplement for consumption. With so many types and brands, it is really difficult to
know whether it is real or scam. However, you can get a prescription from your doctor
for pure Hgh injections which would be very expensive. Alternatively, you can get
over-the-counter products which would be more affordable to increase the Hgh level
in your body by stimulating the production of Hgh in the pituitary gland. The products
can be in tablets form, sprays or powder and the prices for each of the products are
variable depending on your budget. Just to be sure that the product you intend to buy
is real, do a research on that product before buying it.

However, it is not totally risk free when using Hgh Supplements. You must be
prepared to encounter some of the side effects. The side effects are variable to
different people who use Hgh Supplements. There are some side effects with the use
of Hgh Treatments such as Hgh Injections of Hgh Supplements. Some of the side
effects include enlarged heart or kidneys, onset of diabetes, hypoglycemia, carpal
tunnel syndrome, stiff muscles and joints, hand numbness, nightmares, fatigue, high
blood pressure and pain at the place of injection. However, not everyone will
experience the side effects perhaps only some will experience it while others can get
through without any effects at all. Therefore, you must be willing to take the risk
when taking the Hgh supplements.

A word of caution though, it is advisable to consult a doctor and possibly do a body
check up especially if you are not sure that you are fit to use Hgh Supplements or
Therapies before you start consuming any of the Hgh supplements to avoid any
unnecessary health conditions. In addition the the above symptoms, some of the Hgh
products users might experience allergic reaction to the Hgh supplements' ingredients
such as chest pain, skin rash and itchy skin. It is very important to be aware of these
signs of allergic reaction and should it happen to you, you must immediately alert
your doctor or medical personnel for medical help.