Shredders - Which Brands To Consider

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					Shredders are a very useful tool for protecting highly confidential business
information and encouraging the use of a shredder among your staff, when disposing
of sensitive business information, is an essential activity for any company. Employers
can encourage good and consistent housekeeping procedures within their companies
by outlining a clear policy for shredding documents and providing your employees
with a high-quality shredder from the wide range available through ABT that can
cater for all shredding requirements.

Shredders are available at all specification levels and to suit all possible customer
requirements - whether a shredder is required for low-level personal use in the home
or the continuous shredding of high security documents within a large business

Shredding machine manufacturers include Dahle, EBA, Fellowes, GBC, HSM,
IDEAL, Intimus, Kobra, Martin Yale and Schleicher.

There are many different types of shredder, including desk side paper shredders, small
office paper shredders, large office paper shredders, heavy duty paper shredders,
commercial paper shredders, automatic paper shredders, high security paper shredders,
cardboard shredders, CD, DVD, and multimedia shredders, A3 paper shredders and
large paper size paper shredders.

With identity theft currently rising on a global scale, no one can afford to be without a
shredder within their home or office environment.

Personal users should consider that a potential criminal only needs to gather details of
their credit card; address or bank account just once to commit fraud in their name and
the importance of investing in a quality and reliable paper shredder at a discount price
becomes self-evident. Investing in a reasonably-priced, small-scale shredder for
personal use will enable everyone in your household to dispose of confidential
documents with ease and ensure that you and your family are well on the way to being
protected from identity theft or fraud.

So when looking for a brand of shredder, who should you consider, and what models
are available?

Well, IDEAL paper shredders are the perfect option for the office or company
requiring an industrial shredder. There are around 50 models. IDEAL paper shredders
come as either cross-cut or strip-cut, and are offered throughout the price spectrum to
suit the customer's individual requirements, on however large or small a scale. Models
available include deskside shredders that shred small quantities of paper to large,
industrial shredders capable of shredding up to 700 sheets simultaneously.

The range of Fellowes shredders available on the market is extensive and there is a
Fellowes shredder available to suit every level of requirement. Fellowes home
shredders are designed to shred an infrequent number of paper documents, such as
bank statements and other personal documentation. Fellowes home shredders are easy
to use, reliable and very reasonably priced.

Moving slightly higher up the range, Fellowes offer a range of shredders for the home
office user - for those who need to shred a moderate number of documents several
times a day. A home office shredder will enable those working from home to protect
their business and personal information.

Fellowes small office shredders are designed to service around 100 shredding sessions
a day and are ideal for the small to medium sized company or department. Fellowes
offer a number of shredders at the small office level, with the SB80 being an excellent

Fellowes large office shredders are designed to be used throughout the working day
and Fellowes offer a range of models that can shred up to 3600 documents per day.

Dahle paper shredders, are available in both strip cut and cross cut machines, from
security level 3 home office or personal use shredders to large industrial shredders
that can shred anything from a range of stationery to the entire contents of a waste

EBA shredders are designed for heavy duty and industrial use and they are known for
their hard-to-beat prices.

HSM manufacture an enormous range of shredding machines, and are the experts in
everything from deskside shredders costing less than £100 to large commercial
shredders currently available on the market for several thousand pounds.

Another well known brand to consider is Intimus. They make all types of machines
from desk side shredders available for around £100 to commercial shredders priced
at almost £20,000. Intimus offer both strip and cross cut shredders and have a
machine available to suit every possible requirement.

Although their range is smaller than some of the previous manufacturers discussed
Kobra shredders are designed for desk side use right through to commercial and high
security specifications.

Martin Yale specialise in deskside shredders which are available in both strip cut and
cross cut types.

Schleicher manufacture heavy duty and commercial shredders and all their shredders
are suitable for heavy use in an industrial environment, with a variety of specifications
available at this level. The Schleicher Pacmate is a cardboard shredder that has been
designed to be easily transported round your work environment