Shine by aihaozhe2


									'Men and women who have lived wisely and well will shine brilliantly, like the
cloudless, star-strewn night skies. And those who put others on the right path to life
will glow like stars forever." Daniel 12:3 The Message

It's Monday! Time to rise and shine! I love this verse from Daniel. Seems perfect for a
"coaching motto." Take a moment and meditate on this passage. We as Christians and
as Coaches could pray this passage over our coaching practices (which are our
ministries), and live into its principals. Let us shine light into many areas of those we
coach. We have a privileged position to be brought into the depths of the lives of our
clients where most are not invited. We are able to listen with level three ears, (what I
like to call "our Holy Spirit ears") to what our clients are aspiring to.

Many times as we are coaching a client we find ourselves in awe of some of the
things that that they are up to. We discover areas that they have strengths in which
they are not fully aware of and then begin to shine the light on this new discovery for
them. They may have a song they want to write and record, a new business to open, a
team to lead, a book that is dying to be birthed, a dance just wiggling to come out, a
painting with such beauty you hear and see the colors radiating through their vocal
cords, jewelry designs being strung while watching TV, mission trips to aid the needy.
Many times these dreams are just as frightening as they are exhilarating and in many
instances they are afraid to share their dreams with anybody for a number of reasons,
one because they are extremely personal, secondly, it causes them to step out of their
comfort zone, and thirdly, because they are absolutely terrified to attempt it! Yet they
hire us coaches because ultimately they are more terrified of not attempting their
God-given dreams!

O what a holy thing to be a part of their individual and unique journeys! We as
coaches have such wonderful opportunities this week with our remarkable clients!

Each of us as coaches we too have dreams within us, shine the light on what it is that
the Lord God is calling you to this week. Close your eyes, look deep within, agree to
live within the stars in your eyes this week. Write down your own dreams, give
yourself the opportunity to do an "intake session on yourself", much like the one you
do with your clients. Are you called to forgive, to rejoice, to lead, to support, to write,
to dance, to paint, to sing, to coach a new and different niche? Whatever-- Shine It,
Write it, Sing it, Dance it, Shape it, Draw it, Record it, String it, Weave it, Dream it...
just do it! Do it all for the glory of God!

It's Monday people! Praise Him for the day; praise Him for your opportunity to be
used in the life of your clients.

Make a date with the stars this week, lie under the night sky, experience the brilliance
of the stars and of our Lord. When was the last time you actually went outside and
laid down and looked heavenward? Probably too long... Sparkling and Shining.

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