7 Social Media Mistakes by annalaurabrown


									    7 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t
        Working and What You Can Do About It

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Reason Number 1
You do not have a clear written down social media marketing strategy. Do you have specific
and clear goals for your social media marketing? Do you know exactly what you plan to
accomplish with your social media marketing in the next 30 days, 90 days, 6 months and 1

Have you clearly defined your target market?

Are you connecting with people in that target market on your social networks?

Are you offering valuable content that speaks to your target market as a part of your social
media marketing strategy?

Do you look at and refine your strategy every 30 days?

If you cannot answer yes without hesitation to all of these questions, then your social media
plan and strategy is not complete enough.

To create a clearer and more complete social media strategy answer the following questions on

   1. Who is my target market?
   2. What niche or niches am I reaching through my social media marketing?
   3. What products and services am I offering them?
   4. What additional products and services should I offer in order to increase my
   5. Am I planning to advertise on social networks or just syndicate content and build
   6. What is working right now with my social media marketing and what is not working?
   7. What sites am I using right now and which ones should I consider using in the future?

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Reason 2
You are trying to market on too many sites at once and therefore you have yourself spread too

Do you have social media ADD?

While it may seem like a good idea to create multiple websites and market them at once, the
reality is that you will be much more effective if you focus on building an audience for one
website at a time.

When you are first beginning it is a good idea for that website to be a blog with a compelling
opt-in offer.

The main reason for this is that having a content rich blog provides you with content that you
can automatically post to facebook and twitter. Content really is king on social media and
having a blog is the best way to create that content and then to syndicate it to your social
media sites.

Once you have an audience for that one site, then you can move on to creating some capture
pages and other websites.
Reason 3
You are not using your social media marketing to list build and to generate leads that you can
market and sell to over time.

While building relationships with social media is crucial, you also need to have a way to market
to those you meet on social media sites over time and an email list is the best way to do this.
Many of your connections on social media will be interested in a compelling free offer and in
receiving information from you if you give them the opportunity.

You can watch a video about how I list build with social media by going to


The basics of social media list building include:

   1. Setting up your autoresponder and offer if you do not already have them. I recommend
      using http://autoresponder.annalaurabrown.com
   2. Putting your opt-in box on your facebook profile and fan page.
   3. Putting a link to your blog or capture page at the bottom of every note and with every
      video you post on facebook.
   4. Sharing your offer every couple of days on twitter.
   5. Auto importing your blog posts and videos to twitter.
   6. Linking to your blog or capture pages on squidoo and other similar social media sites.
   7. Answering questions and participating in groups on Linkedin and including your link.
Reason 4
You are too focused on selling right now rather than on creating long-term relationships.

It’s called social media for a reason. It’s not sales media. You can’t put links everywhere and
expect that social media will work for you. You must focus on getting to know people first and
then on seeing how you can help them and solve their problems.

The motto I follow is this- Find a need and feel it. If you do this and do it well then you will
succeed with your social media efforts.
Reason 5
You lack a clear direction with your business and you are trying to sell too many things, offer
too many services or promote too many websites.

While I touched on this a bit previously with too many websites, the other problem that many
people have is that they try to promote or sell too many things or services.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if you are falling into this trap.

   1. How many businesses are you promoting or have you promoted since you began using
      social media? This is especially relevant with network marketers and direct sales
      representatives. If you are selling products and recruiting from more than one company
      at a time, you will confuse people. Further more you will come across as being flaky and
      you will not be perceived as a leader by the people with whom you are connected.
      It is crucial for your social media followers and friends to see you as a leader and as
      someone who is consistent and committed to their business. You simply cannot be
      consistent and committed with more than one network marketing or business

   2. Are all of my websites interconnected? By this I mean if someone were to visit them all
      would they see that you are creating a unified brand and theme and that they are all
      focused towards building one main business? This does not mean that you need to lead
      with your product line on all of them. Some of them can be focused towards different
      niches but you really must not be sending the message that you are trying to do too
      many things at once.
   3. It is really clear to people exactly what you do? By this I mean when someone looks at
      your facebook profile or your blog will they gain a clear understanding of who you are
      and of what you are doing for your business?

   4. Do you have a clear plan and goals for your social media marketing? Are they specific
      and realistic? You need to be aware of the various ways that social media marketing can
      and is being used and to really understand how to use it for business as well as how not
      to use it. Do you really grasp the full scope or are you expecting to make lots of money
      overnight and to bring in lots of people to your business which may or may not be

Reason 6
You are trying too much to be like someone else and you lack your own brand and personality.

This is a big problem for some people. In order for social media to work effectively for you, you
must be you and you must show you to those with whom you choose to connect.

You need to create your “you” brand and avoid branding or promoting only a business
opportunity or a company’s products. This is especially important if you are in network
marketing or direct sales because you do not own the company you just market the products.
Things can change at any time, and you want people to be connected with and attracted to you
for who you are and not for who or what the company offers. Even if you do own your
company, this is still crucial, since people do business with people first and then they buy the
products or services.

Here are some ways to create your own brand and personality.

   1. Register yourname.com or a version of it and use it as your blog and main website.
   2. Share content that includes stories, lessons you have learned and that lets you
      personality shine through.
   3. Use video.
   4. Focus on your uniqueness and what you can offer as a person and not just on what you
      offer through your business.
   5. Provide ways for people to get to know you first and then to want to do business with
      you later.
Reason 7
You don’t have a clear sales funnel and process that you take anyone who expresses an interest
from your social media marketing through.

This is one of the biggest reasons that many people find that their social media marketing does
not work. You can do all of the other 6 things mentioned but if your sales funnel is broken then
you will continue to struggle and to find it hard to make any money.

Here are some things to think about when creating a sales funnel and also when evaluating if
your sales funnel is set up properly.

   1. What am I offering as a freebie to interested people? This must be something
       compelling, free, and valuable. Ideally it should be created by you and you should have
       2-5 different offers.
   2. Do you have a proper autoresponder set up with your offer on your blog, your website
       and on at least one capture page?
   3. Are you giving away your offer on your facebook profile with a profile HTML application
       and on your fan page with FBML? Many people don’t do this and you are missing out.
   4. What is the first product that someone would probably buy from you? This should be a
       special offer on the thank you for subscribing page or the first paid offer you
       recommend to people who opt-in to your list.
   5. What is the second product? The third? The fourth? Continue on and list all of the
       products that an ideal customer would purchase.
   6. What other products should you be offering that you are not already? You can either
       create these yourself or find affiliate offers from sites such as clickbank and commission
   7. Is it clear to everyone who subscribes exactly what all of the products and services are
       that you offer?
   8. Do you give people very opportunity to buy?
   9. Do you email your list at least 2x per month?
   10. Is the content of your emails interesting and compelling?
This is just a start but you get the idea. Your sales funnel must be complete and clear to you and
to your prospects in order for you to make money with social media.

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