Brewer Command Summary - Jan 31, 2006 AP Monitor Voltages Printout by skatzz


									Brewer Command Summary - Jan 31, 2006

AP          Monitor Voltages Printout              REP     Report
AS          Azimuth Tracker to the Sun             RS      Slit Mask Run/Stop Test
AU          Automatic Operation                    SA      Solar Angle Printout
AZ          Azimuth Tracker Zeroing                SC      Direct Sun Scan
B0          Turn off Lamps                         SE      Schedule Edit
B1          Mercury Lamp ON                        SH      SlitMask (shutter) Motor Timing Test
B2          Standard Lamp ON                       SI      Solar Sighting
CF          Instrument Constants File Update       SIM     Lunar Sighting
CI          Lamp Scan on Slit #1                   SK      Scheduled Operation
CM          Write comment into cmdddyy.### file    SKC     Continuous (scheduled) Operation
            regarding brewer operation             SL      Standard Lamp
CO          Comments                               SLSUM   Standard Lamp Summary
CR          Cosine Response Lamp Scanning          SR      Azim Tracker Steps Per Revolution
            Routine                                SS      Direct Sun UV Scan
CS          Command Sequence                       ST      Status and Control
CY          Slit mask Cycles                       SUM     Summary Data File
CZ          Custom Scan                            TE      Temperature Printout
DA          Date Set                               TI      Time Set
DB          Outputs a summary list of direct sun   TT      TeleType Communications
            observations for the current day.      TU      Test UV Port Alignment
DD          Print Data Directory                   UM      Umkehr Observations
DDP         Print Data Directory                   UV      Related Commands
DDS         Print Data Directory to the screen     UA      Timed UX scan
DI          Disk Recording                         UB      UV Summary for Schedules
DS          Direct Sun Observation                 UF      Fast UVB scan
DSP         Dispersion Test                        UL      UV Lamp Scan
DSSUM       Direct Sun Data Summary                UV      UV(B) Observation
DT          Dead Time Measurement                  UVSUM   UV Data Summary
ED          End of Day                             UX      Extended UV Wavelength Scan
ED-PD       End of Day, print to disk              W0-W4   Time delays
ED-PN       End of Day, print to printer           WD      Used to write a schedule file
END_DAY     End of Day (a past day)                WE      Setup cmd sequence for end of day
FF          Form Feed                              WQ      Used to write a schedule file
FM          Focused Moon Observation               WR      Used to write a schedule file
FMSUM       Focus Moon Data Summary                WS      Calculates the solar noon time (SNT)
FR          Micrometers Reset                              and its zenith angle(ZAMIN)
FW          Resets filterwheel #3 only             WT      Used for solar noon schedule
FZ          Focused Sun Observation                WX      Force the brewer system to quit works
FZSUM       Focused Sun Data Summary                       within SKC
HG          Mercury Wavelength Calibration         WZ      Let Brewer wait so that the next
HGSUM       Mercury Lamp Summary                           command will start at a specified time.
HV          High Voltage Test                      XL      Extended External Lamp Scan
HVSET       High Voltage Set-up                    ZB      Zenith Sky Obsrvtns (Blue Sky)
IC          Instrument Config File Update          ZC      Zenith Sky Obsrvtns (Cloudy Sky)
LF          Location File Update                   ZS      Zenith Sky Obsrvtns (Unknown Sky)
LL          Location Update                        ZE      Zero Zenith Prism
N2          Change to NO2 Mode                     ZSSUM   NO2 Zenith Sky Summary
NO          Change Instrument
NOSUM       NO2 Summary
NR          No Recording
O3          Change to Ozone Mode
OZSUM       Ozone Summary
PB          Data Playback
PD          Print to Disk
PF          Printer Off
PN          Printer ON
PO          Printout Instrument Constants
PZ          Point to Zenith
QS          Quick Scan
RE          Reset

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