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									                                                                  2010 Electricians updated 10/8/10
License #       LName            FName                        CompName                                      CompanyStreet     CompanyCity, State      Phone #
R03010      BARTOLOMEO    ANTHONY        A & L Electric                                       1053 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD      YONKERS, NY            914-966-4083
R03910      CALTABELLOTTA SALVATORE      A-AMP ELECTRIC                                       46 TOMAHAWK ST. RT 118        BALDWIN PLACE, NY      914-621-4482
R15010      MONFORTE      LOUIS          A PERFECT GOLDMAN ELECTRIC                           48 POTTER AVE                 NEW ROCHELLE, NY       914-636-5220
R03310      MULLEN        BRAD F         ABM ELECTRIC INC                                     5 GRISTMILL LANE              PAWLING, NY            845-855-3222
R02010      LAUFMAN       ANDREW         ACE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING CORP                      39 LOCKWOOD LANE              MAHOPAC, NY            914-774-6427
R05010      TOOHEY        KEVIN          ACT ELECTRIC                                         PO BOX 26                     MOHEGAN LAKE, NY       914-238-0312
R09210      DIEFENBACH    ARTHUR         ADCO ELECTRIC                                        P.O. BOX 263                  MONTGOMERY, NY         845-457-5744
R15710      DeBIASE       GARY           ADCO ELECTRICAL CORP.                                201 EDWARD CURRY AVENUE       STATEN ISLAND, NY      718-494-4400
R0510       DECHICO       JOHN           AFFORDABLE ELECTRICIANS OF NY                        1451 RIVERVIEW AVE            PEEKSKILL, NY          914-739-6185
M10910      PACACHA       GEORGE         A.G.V. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING                        P.O. BOX 1022                 HOPEWELL               845-321-0222
R16310      CLIFFORD      JOHN           AJ CLIFFORD ASSOC INC.                               3568 BUCKHORN STREET          SHRUB OAK, NY          914-557-5006
R05910      DE CHICO      ANTHONY J.     AJD ELECTRIC CORP.                                   14 SPRING HILL ROAD           NORTH SALEM, NY        845-621-8670
M14510      IRIZARRY JR   JOSEPH L       AJI ELECTRICAL SERVICES INC                          602 ORRS MILLS ROAD           NEW WINDSOR, NY        845-534-3362
R08610      BARTOLOMEO    FRANK          ALL STATE ELECTRIC CO. INC                           29 SECOR ROAD                 MAHOPAC, NY            845-721-9008
M13610      NOLAN         ANTHONY        ALLCOM ELECTRIC CORP                                 1141 MILE SWARE ROAD          YONKERS, NY 10704      914-803-0433
M13010      SATERIALE     ROBERT J       ALL-PHASE ELECTRIC OF NY, INC                        3663 LEE ROAD #363            JEFFERSON VALLEY,      914-526-4565
R07410      CAPONE        ANTHONY        ALLSTAR ELECTRIC CORP.                               19 BROADWAY                   HAWTHORNE, NY          914-747-5720
M02510      BREMER        STEVEN E.      ALPINE ELECTRIC                                      111 WATERMELON HILL ROAD      MAHOPAC, NY            845-628-1334
M02610      DELZIO, JR.   MICHAEL J.     ALPINE ELECTRIC                                      111 WATERMELON HILL ROAD      MAHOPAC, NY            845-628-1334
M07510      GALIZIA       ALFONSO J.     AL'S ELECTRIC GALIZIA                                7 JUNIPER CIRCLE              BREWSTER, NY           845-278-4725
R20410      HARTSON       DONALD         AMERICAN PETROLEUM                                   63 ORANGE AVENUE              WALDEN, NY             845-778-5110
M03310      ALBANESE      JEFFREY M.     AMPUL ELECTRIC, INC.                                 62 FULTON STREET              WHITE PLAINS, NY       914-683-6831
R09410      MICHELETTI    ANTHONY        AMVAC CONTROL CO. ,INC.                              405 TARRYTOWN RD              WHITE PLAINS, NY       914-248-6930
R07310      CONTE         VINCENT L.     ANCON ELECTRIC, INC.                                 29 HAVELL STREET              OSSINING, NY           914-762-1706
M06010      LIEROW        HAROLD F.      ANGEL POWER & LIGHT, LLC                             39 DORN ROAD                  LAGRANGEVILLE, NY      845-724-2292
R01010      CAMMARATA     ANTHONY        ANTHONY CAMMARATA ELECTRIC, INC.                     1673 UNION PORT ROAD          BRONX, NY              718-409-0743
R04410      FANELLI       ANTONIO        ANTONIO FANELLI                                      190 PECKSLIP ROAD             HOLMES, NY             845-878-4664
R0310       FERRAO        ANTONIO        ANTONIO FERRAO ELECTRIC                              313 HIGHRIDGE COURT           PEEKSKILL, NY          914-589-7951
M09910      BOLDUC        ARTHUR         APLUS ELECTRIC                                       993 PEEKSKILL HOLLOW ROAD     PUTNAM VALLEY, NY      845-528-6426
R19110      MURPHY        MIKE           ASSOCIATED ELECTRICAL CONT.                          27 EAST 233      STREET       BRONX, NY              718-882-9520
R19210      BACCARI       AUGUST         BACCARI ELECTRIC                                     33 CLINTON AVE                OSSINING, NY           914-762-8595
R17610      COVAIS        JOSEPH D.      BALDWIN ELECTRIC CORP.                               26 KISCONA ROAD               MT. KISCO, NY          914-666-8899
R17510      ALPERS        BARRY          BARRY ALPERS                                         230 RESSIQUE ROAD             STORMVILLE, NY         845-878-5016
R16110      DONNELLY      PATRICK A.     BELWAY ELECTRIC                                      66 S. CENTRAL AVE             ELMSFORD, NY           914-592-4744
M08810      ALBA          JOHN R.        BEZOLD & ALBA ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS                 130 OLIVER AVENUE             YONKERS, NY            914-964-6788
R23710      GEIGER        WILLIAM        BG ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING                            75A LAKE RD, SUITE 192        CONGERS, NY            845-268-6701
R11610      VACCARO       WILLIAM D.     BILL VACCARO ELECTRIC                                649 SPROUT BROOK ROAD         PUTNAM VALLEY, NY      845-736-2906
M12710      BLACK         JAMES R.       BLACK ELECTRIC, INC.                                 766 FREEDOM PLAINS ROAD       POUGHKEEPSIE, NY       845-485-8700
R04210      BLUME         MICHAEL        BLUME ELECTRIC, INC.                                 59 SUNSET DRIVE               BRIARCLIFF MANOR, NY 914-945-7050

                                                                      2010 Electricians updated 10/8/10
License #       LName            FName                            CompName                                         CompanyStreet     CompanyCity, State      Phone #
R01410      LOVETT         ROBERT           BOBCO ELECTRICAL CORP                                 22 LENT STREET                   CORTLANDT MANOR,       914-528-6057
M11510      BURKE          STEVEN           BURKE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS                          10 STAGE DOOR ROAD               FISHKILL, NY           845-897-5033
R05810      CROYLE         JOHN             BUZZ ELECTRIC INC.                                    3820 ROUTE 55                    PAWLING, NY            845-855-0207
M16310      POLITO         JOSEPH           C & C ELECTRIC                                        1002 ASHFORD CIRCLE              BREWSTER, NY           845-259-3338
M07010      RICCI          CARMINE A. JR.   C. A. RICCI ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR, INC                3315 ROUTE 9                     COLD SPRING, NY        845-265-4700
R01310      CRESCENZO      CLAUDIO          C. CRESCENZO ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS                   PO BOX 388                       MOHEGAN LAKE, NY       914-528-6662
M12410      CAMMARATA      RONALD           CAMMARATA ELECTRIC                                    22 HIVIEW ROAD                   WAPPINGERS FALLS,      845-297-1156
R18610      BERNARDO       JAMES            CANDELA SYSTEMS CORP.                                 148 ROUTE 202                    SOMERS, NY             914-248-8900
R13310      COLMAN         RON              CANDLELIGHT ELECTRIC, INC.                            22 QUAKER RIDGE ROAD             SHERMAN, CT            860-355-4979
R01710      CARLSEN        SCOTT            CARLSEN ELECTRIC LTD.                                 611 SPROUT BROOK ROAD            PUTNAM VALLEY, NY      845-734-8059
R04110      RODRIGUES      CARLOS           CARLOS ELECTRIC, INC.                                 3 HUDSON STREET                  TARRYTOWN, NY          914-631-3556
R18410      DI BENEDETTO   PAUL             CC ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE                             110 E 42        STREET           NEW YORK, NY           212-812-0011
R15610      WESTERVELT     ALLAN            CENTRAL ELECTRIC, LLC                                 77 SOUTH MAIN STREET             NEWTOWN, CT            203-426-6511
R06910      DORN           ANTHONY          CHESTNUT ELECTRIC CORP                                26 CRICKET LANE                  WILTON, CT             203-834-1130
M01410      PRENTISS       ROY              CHRIS-BAR ELECTRIC INC.                               120 NEW HAMBURG ROAD             WAPPINGERS FALLS,      845-297-4734
R14110      ORMSBY         CHRISTOPHER      COMMANDER ELECTRIC                                    47 PUTNAM ROAD                   CORTLANDT MANOR,       914-774-8366
MO6510      MAYO           EUGENE           CONNECTIONS ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING INC                69 NORTHVIEW DRIVE               MAHOPAC, NY            845-628-4102
R03710      WILLIAMS       DENNIS           CORTLANDT ELECTRICAL CONT. INC.                       127 TATE AVENUE                  BUCHANAN, NY           914-739-4138
R18910      CONTE          VICTOR M.        CONTE ELECTRIC, INC.                                  34 BROOK STREET                  CROTON ON HUDSON,      914-271-6636
R06510      BROWN          BRUCE J.         CIANBRO CORPORATION                                   40 EAST DUDLEY TOWN ROAD         BLOOMFIELD, CT         860-286-3000
M08510      CRISP, JR.     BRUCE E.         CRISP ELECTRIC, LLC                                   110 GRAHAM ROAD                  SOUTH WINDSOR, CT      203-948-3099
R04810      WILSON         JOSEPH R         D WILSON ELECTRIC INC                                 188 COTTAGE STREET               POUGHKEEPSIE, NY       845-471-9494
M02810      OWENS, JR.     DOUGLAS M.       D. OWENS ELECTRIC, INC.                               925 ROUTE 6                      MAHOPAC,NY             845-628-1208
R02110      D'AMICO        ANTHONY A.       D'AMICO ELECTRIC, CORP                                213 RAILROAD AVENUE              BEDFORD HILLS, NY      914-241-6909
R17710      PFISTER        WILLIAM          DANETTE ELECTRIC                                      185 WOOD STREET                  MAHOPAC, NY            914-557-9098
M10410      LA ROSSA       DAVE             DAVE LA ROSSA ELECTRICAL INGENUITY                    25 BANK STREET, SUITE 222F       WHITE PLAINS, NY       914-774-6344
R21610      MATTINA        DARIN C.         DCM ELECTRIC INC.                                     541 N. STATE ROAD                BRIARCLIFF, NY         914-774-3224
M13110      DEL BENE       GUY              DELCO ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING CORP.                    1454 Rt. 22 B002                 PATTERSON, NY          845-278-0642
R07810      MALISZEWSKI    MARK             DELTA ELECTRIC, INC.                                  810 YONKERS AVENUE               YONKERS, NY            914-376-5911
R13610      MOSELLO        MARK A.          DESIGN LIGHTING BY MARK                               5A NEPPERHAN AVE                 ELMSFORD, NY           914-345-5100
M15310      DI BELLA       JOSEPH           DI BELLA ELECTRIC LLC                                 17 RIDGE STREET                  BREWSTER, NY           845-278-1692
M7YR16610 KEATING          DANIEL           DK ELECTRIC                                           89 OSCAWANA HEIGHTS RD           PUTNAM VALLEY, NY
R13510      AJELLO         DAMION           DNA ELECTRIC, INC                                     1061 MAIN ST                     PEEKSKILL, NY          914-737-2860
M02810      DOHERTY        ROBERT W.        DOHERTY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING                        27 SEDGWICK ROAD                 LAKE CARMEL, NY        845-228-1384
R17110      DONADIO        ANTHONY J.       DONA ELECTRIC, INC.                                   14 LAMBORN AVE                   CONGERS, NY            845-268-7938
M03210      BUNYEA         DOUGLAS          DOUGLAS BUNYEA ELECTRIC                               P.O. BOX 343                     MAHOPAC FALLS, NY      845-528-4142
M07210      DOYLE          JOHN F.          DOYLE ELECTRIC, INC                                   170 CHURCH HILL ROAD             CARMEL, NY             845-225-9180

                                                                     2010 Electricians updated 10/8/10
License #       LName          FName                             CompName                                     CompanyStreet     CompanyCity, State      Phone #
R10310      LICHTI        CHARLES        DURO ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING CORP.                       P.O. BOX 2                   WHITE PLAINS, NY       914-741-6722
M06410      PALM          HOWARD D.      E & H ELECTRIC CO.                                      4 ERVIN DRIVE                WAPPINGERS FALLS,      845-298-4861
M01710      MAURIELLO     EUGENE L.      E.L.M. ELECTRIC, INC.                                   92 WICCOPEE ROAD             PUTNAM VALLEY, NY      845-528-4798
M08610      SZVITEK       JOHN A.        EAGLE EYE ELECTRIC, INC.                                243 WHITE POND ROAD          STORMVILLE, NY         845-878-7657
M12110      DAEIRA        CARLOS         ECHO ELECTRIC, INC.                                     152 TIBET DRIVE              CARMEL, NY             914-804-9230
R14710      TERILLI       MARC           ECNY ELECTRIC, INC.                                     1 COLIGNI AVENUE             NEW ROCHELLE, NY       914-654-9800
M06210      TIMBERLAKE    JOHN           EDGEWATER ELECTRIC                                      PO BOX 802                   HYDE PARK, NY          845-453-0722
R02610      CUFF          EDWARD         EDWARD CUFF ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR                       3178 HEMLOCK FARMS           HAWLEY, PA             570-296-6663
M13310      DARBY         EDWARD J.      EDWARD J. DARBY                                         3039 HIGH STREET             MOHEGAN LAKE, NY       914-528-8321
R13710      CARUANA SR.   RICHARD        EFA ELECTRICAL                                          144SOUTH PARLIMAN ROAD       LAGRANGEVILLE, NY      914-490-9849
R0110       GILBERT       ERNEST         EFFECTIVE ELECTRIC LLC                                  1860 JACOB STREET            CORTLANDT MANOR,       845-737-2651
R22810      ZERVAKIS      EMMANOVIL      EIZ CONTRACTORS, INC.                                   3 CHARLES LANE SUITE #2B     POMONA, NY             845-290-1977
M11610      FELDMAN       NICOLAUS       ELDOR CONTRACTING CORP                                  1703 CHURCH STREET           HOLBROOK, NY           631-218-0010
M09710      ZIMLINGHAUS   MARK           ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE INC                              PO BOX 103                   PAWLING, NY            845-855-1549
R04610      PREDHAM       JOHN W.        ELITE ELECTRICAL ENTERPRISES, INC.                      538 ROUTE 22                 PAWLING, NY            845-855-1426
M13710      KROELL        STEPHAN        ENERGY ELECTRIC                                         22 BROOKDALE ROAD            MAHOPAC, NY            845-282-2571
M7YR16710 MAENZA          CURTIS         ENERGY ELECTRIC                                         22 BROOKDALE ROAD            MAHOPAC, NY            845-282-2571
R0610       FORTINO       DENIS          ENTERPRISE ELECTRIC INC                                 869 ROUTE 22                 BREWSTER, NY           845-279-0500
R07110      BISAGNI       STEPHEN        EVERYTHING ELECTRIC                                     111 STARR RIDGE ROAD         BREWSTER, NY           845-279-9122
M02210      BUNYEA        MICHAEL        EXCEL ELECTRIC                                          P.O. BOX 129                 MAHOPAC FALLS, NY      845-628-4155
M00710      GREENBERG     ERWIN          EXCELLO ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION &                       525 BROADWAY                 NEW YORK, NY           212-475-1117
                                         MAINTENANCE CO.
M10510      MORRISON      JOHN C.        EXTREME ELECTRIC                                        517 ROUTE 52                 CARMEL, NY             845-225-8577
R02910      BRINDISI      MICHAEL        EXTREME ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, INC.                    5 TOWNSEND LANE              BREWSTER, NY           914-804-7210
R23010      SCHRADE       FREDERICK R.   F & F ELECTRIC CONTRACTING CORP                         64 TROLLEY ROAD              MONTROSE, NY           914-739-4512
M04310      TEDESCO       DAVID          FAIRWAY ELECTRIC CORP.                                  16 PINE TRAIL                CARMEL, NY             845-225-1324
M03410      CARLUCCI      PATRICK B.     FAIRWAY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, INC.                    17 FAIRWAY DRIVE             DANBURY, CT            203-748-1259
R07510      FANNING       MARK           FANNING ELECTRIC CO., INC.                              55 CENTRAL AVENUE            OSSINING, NY           914-941-8899
M14010      VAUGHAN       DANIEL P       FAUL ELECTRIC                                           51 RUTLAND DRIVE             PATTERSON, NY          845-803-2836
M06110      FERGUSON      LEE T.         FERGUSON ELECTRIC CO., INC.                             112 NORTHWEST DRIVE          PLAINVILLE, CT         860-747-4566
M05910      FERRETTI      DANIEL F.      FERRETTI ELECTRIC, INC.                                 65 SECOR ROAD                MAHOPAC, NY            845-621-0169
M01110      FIERO         GEORGE         FIERO ELECTRICAL CORP                                   308 CROTON FALLS RD          MAHOPAC, NY            845-628-1833
M15610      FERRIERI      JOSEPH         FERRIERI ELECTRIC                                       5 TROY PLACE                 PATTERSON, NY          914-906-0006
M08410      FILINGERI     MICHAEL        FILINGERI ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING CORP.                  3510 LEXINGTON AVENUE        MOHEGAN LAKE, NY       914-528-5945
M02010      FILINGERI     JOSEPH         FILINGERI ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING CORP.                  3510 LEXINGTON AVENUE        MOHEGAN LAKE, NY       914-528-5945
R19910      EISNER, JR.   RICHARD A.     FOREMOST ELECTRIC CORPORATION                           37 OLD ALBANY POST ROAD      OSSINING, NY           914-941-6100
M07410      CATANIA       FRANK          FRANK CATANIA LICENSED ELECTRICIAN                      P.O. BOX 562                 SHENOROCK, NY          914-329-1629
R01210      LA BARBERA    FRANK          FRANK’S ELECTRICAL SERVICE                              19 WEST WIND ROAD            PAWLING, NY            845-855-1929
R03210      NEVES         FRANKLIN A     FRANKLIN ELECTRIC INC                                   54 PEMBROKE ROAD             DANBURY, CT            203-746-5088

                                                                    2010 Electricians updated 10/8/10
License #         LName           FName                         CompName                                     CompanyStreet     CompanyCity, State      Phone #
M06910      LEATHER        THOMAS P.      FSE ELECTRIC CORP.                                    P.O. BOX 824                 BREWSTER, NY           914-403-8644
R16610      TSILFIDIS      GEORGE         GT ELECTRIC, LLC                                      20 BROOKFIELD ST.            NORWALK, CT            203-849-1316
R0210       GUADAGNO       GARY           GARY GUADAGNO ELECTRIC                                12 HAMILTON ROAD             HOPEWELL JCT., NY      845-629-6283
R12110      GERSTER        WAYNE          GERSTER & SONS                                        785 NO. BROADWAY             WHITE PLAINS, NY       914-948-2330
R12810      HARRIS         MICHAEL        HARRIS ELECTRIC, INC.                                 144 S. HIGHLAND AVE          OSSINING, NY           914-762-4342
M05210      HEALEY         JOSEPH E.      HEALEY ELECTRIC SERVICE, INC.                         30 SMALLEY LANE              STORMVILLE, NY         845-878-4540
R17310      SULLIVAN       OWEN           HIGH Q ELECTRIC                                       59 SPRING VALLEY RD          OSSINING, NY           914-618-0455
M16810      HOLLOWAY       CHRISTOPHER    HOLLOWAY ELECTRIC                                     63 BROOK STREET              MAHOACK, NY            845-628-7566
M09110      SERINI         MICHAEL        HUDSON VALLEY ECM INC.                                523 SOUTH ROAD               MILTON, NY             845-795-1135
M17710      ZAHARKO        RUSSELL        ICD ELECTRIC                                          374 VASSAR ROAD              POUGHKEEPSIE, NY       845-505-2941
R02710      WILLIAMS       THOMAS J.      INDEPENDENT ELECTRIC CORP.                            221 ICE POND ROAD            BREWSTER, NY           845-878-7100
M05410      VIGLUCCI       JOHN S.        J & J ELECTRICAL SERVICES                             128 BALDWIN LANE             MAHOPAC, NY            845-621-2712
R15410      KOZAKIEWICZ    RICHARD        J & J ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING CO. INC.                 47 PINE AVENUE               OSSINING, NY           914-941-8257
M15110      INCORVAIA      SALVATORE A.   J & J SASS ELECTRIC                                   30 GRAND STREET              KINGSTON, NY           845-331-8666
R02510      POULIN         JOHN P.        J. P. POULIN ELECTRICAL CORP.                         70 SOUTH WHITE ROCK ROAD     HOLMES, NY             845-878-4534
R09010      ORONZIO        JOHN T.        J. T. ORONZIO ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING, INC.            443 MAC QUESTEN PKWY         MT. VERNON, NY         914-699-0300
R18310      LEE            JOHN A         J.A. LEE ELECTRIC INC                                 513 ACORN STREET, SUITE J    DEER PARK, NY          631-243-4706
R09110      FERNANDEZ      JOAQUIN A.     JAF ELECTRIC, LLC                                     15 CRESCENT DRIVE            CORTLANDT MANOR,       914-469-0418
M09410      MARTORANA      JOSEPH A       JAM ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION CORP                      158 GOLD ROAD                POUGHQUAG, NY          845-264-5431
M13210      STONE          JAMES A        JAMES A STONE ELECTRIC INC                            522 FENIMORE ROAD            MAMARONECK, NY         914-835-0999
R04010      RANALLI        RAY            JARS ELECTRIC CORPORATION                             47 SPRUCE KNOLLS ROAD        PUTNAM VALLEY, NY      845-528-6277
R18810      METCALFE       WILLIAM        JBP ELECTRIC                                          PO BOX 135                   LINCOLNDALE, NY        914-671-2771
M03110      KOTZUR         JEFFREY        JEFFREY KOTZUR                                        25 SPRINGBROOK DRIVE         MAHOPAC, NY            845-628-8783
M06310      MORGAN         JEFFREY M.     JEM ELECTRIC, INC.                                    39 VERPLANK AVENUE           HOPEWELL JUNCTION,     845-221-9857
M10010      SHELTERS       JEFF L.        JLS ELECTRIC, INC.                                    3182 ROUTE 22                DOVER PLAINS, NY       845-877-3733
R03410      BOJSTRUP       JENS           JMB ELECTRIC INC                                      3 BALDWIN ROAD               POUGHKEEPSIE, NY       845-471-7312
M11110      GIAIMO JR.     JOHN A.        JOHN A. GIAIMO & SON, INC.                            2487 ROUTE 55                HOPEWELL JUNCTION      845-226-6595
M09310      WRIGHT         JOHN J.        JOHN J. WRIGHT                                        33 BRAYTON ROAD              CARMEL, NY             845-225-2353
M07110      KAVANA         JOHN C.        JOHN KAVANA LICENSED ELECTRICIAN                      117 BALDWIN LANE             MAHOPAC, NY            914-720-5637
M05610      D'AMBROZIO     JOHN N.        JOHN N. D’AMBROZIO                                    150 KENT SHORE DRIVE         CARMEL, NY             845-225-0388
M04210      STAGNO         JOHN           JOHN STAGNO ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS INC.               289 DENNYTOWN ROAD           PUTNAM VALLEY, NY      845-528-5131
M17010      SCANNAPIECO    JOSEPH T       JOSEPH SCANNAPIECO                                    117 LOCKWOOD ROAD            CORTLANDT MANOR,       914-490-3233
M06610      TORRE          FRANK          K T ELECTRIC                                          19 NORTHGATE ROAD            CARMEL, NY             845-225-2287
M08110      KEARNS         LEO            KEARNS ELECTRIC, INC.                                 53 LOW ROAD                  WALLKILL, NY           845-831-5200
R15910      KEATING        MICHAEL E.     KEATING ELECTRIC & TECHNOLOGIES                       115 WALL STREET              VALHALLA, NY           914-747-9294
R07710      KEELER         WILLIAM R.     KEELER ELECTRIC, INC.                                 1120 FEDERAL RD UNIT #2      BROOKFIELD, CT         203-775-1901
M04510      BAVIELLO       NICK           NICK BAVIELLO & KEN LAUER ELECTRIC                    6 LINDY DRIVE                CARMEL, NY             845-225-5716

                                                                     2010 Electricians updated 10/8/10
License #       LName            FName                           CompName                                     CompanyStreet                CompanyCity, State      Phone #
M13810S     ALETTO        JASON          KINGDOM SUPPORT SERVICES, INC                           2823 ROUTE 22                           PATTERSON, NY          845-306-3200
M08310S     COULTER       EULAH          KINGDOM SUPPORT SERVICES, INC                           2823 ROUTE 22                           PATTERSON, NY          845-306-3200
M00410S     FOLEY         WILLIAM P      KINGDOM SUPPORT SERVICES, INC                           2823 ROUTE 22                           PATTERSON, NY          845-306-3200
R23410      SILICATO      ANDREW         KISCO ELECTRIC, INC                                     467 ROUTE 292                           HOLMES, NY             914-666-8843
M01910      WILLIAMS      RONALD J.      KLEINBERG ELECTRIC                                      437 WEST 16       STREET                NEW YORK, NY           212-206-1140
R09310      KROGER        KEVIN C.       KROGER ELECTRIC CO. INC.                                701 FAIR STREET                         CARMEL, NY             845-228-9300
R14510      HOVER         GLENN R        KYMAX ELECTRIC INC                                      117 ELM CREST DRIVE                     FISHKILL, NY           845-897-3358
R23610      WEIGERT       CHRISTIAN      LAKE KATONAH ELECTRIC, INC                              23 SUNNYRIDGE                           KATONAH, NY            914-557-0832
M01310      BRENISH       GEORGE         LAKELAND ELECTRIC                                       23 TINKER HILL ROAD                     PUTNAM VALLEY, NY      845-528-3024
M11910      CASTELLANO    ROCCO P.       ROCCO CASTELLANO LICENSED ELECTRICIAN                   26 PURITAN VALLEY ROAD                  BROOKFIELD, CT         203-740-7036
M07410      CATANIA       FRANK A.       FRANK CATANIA LICENSED ELECTRICIAN                      PO BOX 562- 48 TIGHE ROAD               SHENOROCK, NY          914-248-0540
M07610      LIGHT         LAWRENCE       LIGHT ELECTRIC                                          P.O. BOX 745                            MAHOPAC, NY            845-621-2721
M15710      HOWELL        PAUL           LIN R. ROGERS ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS                    2050 MARCONI DR, STE. 200               ALPHARETTA, GA         770-772-3400
M17310      CUCCIA        NICHOLAS       LINCOLN ELECTRIC                                        11 LINCOLN DRIVE                        LAKE CARMEL, NY        845-531-2256
R16810      LEGGIERO      CHARLES        LIOR ELECTRIC                                           496 SPROUT BROOK ROAD                   GARRISON, NY           914-479-7737
M14810      MCKENNA       MICHAEL        LIPPOLIS ELECTRIC, INC                                  25 SEVENTH STREET, 2            FLORR   PELHAN, NY             914-738-3550
R23510      ALONGI        JACK           LITE-POWER ELECTRIC                                     191 LOCUST AVE                          CORTLANDT MANOR,       914-737-5366
R09910      PASQUARELLA   MICHAEL        LITEK ELECTRIC                                          2 REILLY ROAD                           LAGRANGEVILLE, NY      845-227-8703
M13410      KEARNS        DENNIS         LITEWAY ELECTRIC INC                                    395 COLUMBUS AVENUE                     TUCKAHOE, NY           914-771-5722
R09810      WASCHENKO     WILLIAM        LK EQUITIES                                             1992 COMMERCE ST                        YORKTOWN, NY           914-879-5705
R11210      TURANO        FRANK          LOBELLO ELECTRIC INSTALLATION CORP.                     3150 E. TREMONT AVENUE                  BRONX, NY              718-931-0011
R09610      DOYLE         DENIS          LO BELLO ELECTRIC INSTALLATION CORP.                    3150 E. TREMONT AVENUE                  BRONX, NY              718-931-0011
R03610      WAREING       PAUL           LORJEN ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS                               109 STAGECOACH PASS                     STORMVILLE, NY         845-227-6956
R09510      LUPO          ROD            LUPO ELECTRIC                                           115 RIVERVIEW DRIVE                     FISHKILL, NY           845-896-7554
R10910      LOSITO        MICHAEL        M. J. LOSITO ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS INC.                98 WOOSTER STREET                       BETHEL, CT             203-790-9225
M17510      ANGOT         MARC           M.J.S. ELECTRIC, INC.                                   176 DAVIS ROAD                          SALT POINT, NY         845-635-1380
M05110      RICCI         MAURIZIO D.    M. RICCI ELECTRIC                                       4 JAMES DORLAND DRIVE                   WAPPINGERS FALLS,      845-221-3519
R01610      MARTIN        MARIO          M.B. MARTIN ELECTRIC LLC                                30 MEGONY LANE                          NEW MILFORD, CT        860-210-0078
R5510       ERCOLE        MICHAEL J.     M.J. ELECTRIC                                           13 INLAND COURT                         CARMEL, NY             845-225-0404
R12710      MACKENZIE     BRUCE          MACKENZIE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, INC.                  2 HIGHLAND RIDGE LANE                   RYE, NY                914-967-1338
R1910       GRUNDMAN      JAMES F.       MAHOPAC ELECTRIC CORP.                                  PO BOX 910                              MAHOPAC, NY            845-628-2787
M06810      CARLINO       ANTONIO        TONY CARLINO ELECTRICAL                                 232 EAST HOOK ROAD                      HOPEWELL JCT, NY       845-897-4524
M15210      MAIURI        PAUL           MAIURI ELECTRIC CORP.                                   100 CUMMINGS CT, SUITE 347C             BEVERLY, MA            978-777-7786
M00810      MCMORROW      DENNIS C.      MALLARD ELECTRIC COMPANY                                27 CIMARRON ROAD                        PUTNAM VALLEY, NY      845-528-7986
R17010      RODRIGUES     JOSE M.        MANNY’S LIGHTING & ELECTRIC                             57 CROTON AVENUE                        OSSINING, NY           914-923-1954
R11110      SILVA         MARIO          MARIO SILVA ELECTRICAL, INC.                            121 GRACE CHURCH STREET                 PORT CHESTER, NY       914-935-9309
M15510      MARJI         FARID          MARJI ELECTRIC, CORP                                    2100 CENTRAL PARK AVE                   YONKERS, NY            914-346-8413
M12210      MCCORMACK     BRIAN          MCCORMACK ELECTRIC, INC.                                334 SARLES LANE                         PLEASANTVILLE, NY      914-769-3161

                                                                      2010 Electricians updated 10/8/10
License #          LName           FName                          CompName                                     CompanyStreet          CompanyCity, State      Phone #
R21010      MCGOVERN        KENNETH         MCGOVERN ELECTRIC                                     518 SPROUT BROOK ROAD             PUTNAM VALLEY, NY      914-962-2485
M14110      PERCICH         EDWARD          MCGOVERN ELECTRIC                                     PO BOX 33- 1929 COMMERCE STREET   YORKTOWN HEIGHTS,      914-962-2485
M07710      MERANDO         STEPHEN         MERANDO ELECTRIC                                      7 ADAMS AVENUE                    NELSONVILLE, NY        845-265-3348
R14310      COSCHIGANO III ANTHONY          MERCURY SOLAR SYSTEMS, INC.                           36 MIDLAND AVE                    PORT CHESTER, NY       914-637-9700
M11210      MESUDA          DON             MESUDA ELECTRIC, INC.                                 2 BOXWOOD CLOSE                   HOPEWELL JUNCTION,     845-896-7423
M05010      WEIGOLD         MICHAEL C.      MICHAEL C. WEINGOLD INC                               19 WEAVER STREET                  GREENWICH, CT          203-532-1552
R16010      DELLABATE       NICHOLAS        NICHOLAS ELECTRIC CORP                                22 CINDY LANE                     PUTNAM VALLEY, NY      917-363-0860
M01510      WOODS           MICHAEL W.      MIKRO ELECTRIC CO., INC                               47 CHERRY LANE                    STORMVILLE, NY         914-403-6746
M10810      ROSSANO         ANTHONY S.      MILLENNIUM II ELECTRIC, INC.                          20 RUSTIC ROAD                    MAHOPAC, NY            845-621-0933
M08910      WIEDE           ARNOLD M        MISTER MIKE INC                                       PO BOX 652                        CARMEL, NY             914-906-4096
R10610      KEELER          THOMAS M.       MOONLIGHT CONTRACTING, INC.                           31 IRMA DRIVE                     PUTNAM VALLEY, NY      845-528-8467
R12910      MORELLO, JR.    FREDERICK R.    MORELLO ELECTRIC                                      59 BEYER DRIVE                    POUGHQUAG, NY          914-403-7063
R15110      DICARLO         DOMINIC         MR. ELECTRIC OF THE HUDSON VALLEY                     27 HOLT DRIVE                     STONY POOINT, NY       845-786-8787
R06810      OLIVA           MICHAEL R       MRO PUMP & TANK INC                                   15 FISHER AVENUE                  NANUET, NY             845-624-8197
M7YR17210 REPICKY           MARK            MTML CONSTRUCTION CORP                                35 HONEYMOON LANE                 POUGHKEEPSIE, NY       845-452-7050
R05210      RICCI           PATSY           NETWORK ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS OF NY                  2370 MARK ROAD                    YORKTOWN HEIGHTS,      718-328-0500
R04310      FORTE           JOHN            NEW ENGLAND ELECTRIC                                  112 BEAVER BROOK ROAD #4          BROOKFIELD, CT         203-778-3602
R16010      DELLABATE       NICHOLAS        NICHOLAS ELECTRIC                                     22 CINDY LANE                     PUTNAM VALLEY, NY      845-603-6266
M09610      MOCCIO          THOMAS J.       NICHOLS ELECTRIC, INC.                                273 NICHOLS STREET                CARMEL, NY             845-228-6353
R02310      CAMILLONE       NICHOLAS        NICK'S ELECTRICAL SERVICE INC                         774 POST ROAD                     SCARSDALE, NY          914-723-1133
R14810      KALYVAS         NICK            NK ELECTRIC, LLC                                      P.O. BOX 171                      CROTON ON HUDSON,      914-271-0222
R08110      ARMBRUSTER      TODD            NORTH SALEM ELECTRIC                                  13 SUN VALLEY DRIVE               NORTH SALEM, NY        914-804-9583
R14910      OGDEN           EDWARD          OGDEN ELECTRICAL SERVICE, INC.                        10 RIDGESIDE ROAD                 DANBURY, CT 06811      203-792-2861
M04810      UNDERWOOD       ORVAL           ORVAL UNDERWOOD & SONS INC.                           PO BOX 745                        POUGHQUAG, NY          914-760-1107
R12410      LIPS            RAYMOND         OTTO A. LIPS ELECTRIC                                 P.O. BOX 343                      OSSINING, NY           914-941-1982
M08710      PIETROWSKI      EDWARD J. JR.   P & D ELECTRIC OF H.V., INC.                          53 ELIZA STREET                   BEACON, NY             845-838-1775
R02810      SIMONE, Sr.     PETER A         P & M ELECTRIC                                        1775 FRONT STREET                 YORKTOWN HTS., NY      914-962-3581
R04710      WASCHENKO       PETER           P.J. ELECTRIC, INC.                                   1335 ELLEN LANE                   YORKTOWN, NY           914-447-5848
R12610      VELTRI III      PETER M.        P.S. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING CORP.                     460 STRATTON ROAD                 NEW ROCHELLE, NY       914-804-8502
R15310      MARTINEZ        PEDRO           PRM ELECTRIC INC.                                     29 PENFIELD AVE                   CROTON ON HUDSON       914-271-3279
R04510      PALUMBO         ROBERT J.       PALUMBO ELECTRIC CORP.                                305 ROUTE 82                      HOPEWELL JUNCTION,     914-204-9146
M7YR17110 ALMEIDA           MARIO           PARAMOUNT ELECTRIC CORP.                              41 STEINER DRIVE                  MAHOPAC, NY            914-357-1635
R06310      PANZANARO III   ETTORE R.       PANZANARO ELECTRIC, INC.                              40 WATERBURY PARKWAY              CORTLANDT MANOR,       914-737-3272
MO8210      KEARNS          PATRICK         PAT KEARNS ELECTRIC, LTD                              69 GLENEIDA AVE                   CARMEL, NY             845-278-5348
R20110      DE JONG         PAUL            PAUL DEJONG ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING                    PO BOX 91                         GOLDENS BRIDGE, NY     914-232-5579
R5710       LANG            PAUL            PAUL LANG, LICENSED ELECTRICIAN                       320 WILLIS AVENUE                 HAWTHORNE, NY          845-225-6715

                                                                  2010 Electricians updated 10/8/10
License #       LName         FName                           CompName                                      CompanyStreet      CompanyCity, State      Phone #
M14910      DUNCAN        KEVIN          PE CONTROL SERVICES                                  64 MAIN STREET                 TUCKAHOE, NY           914-779-0004
R07010      PELLEGRINO    PHILIP         PELLEGRINO ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS INC                3021 LEXINGTON AVE             MOHEGAN LAKE, NY       914-424-8896
M00910      MCMURRAY      PHILLIP        PHILLIP A. MCMURRAY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR            PO BOX 136                     BREWSTER, NY           845-279-5282
M10710      GIACHINTA     PETER          PIDALA ELECTRIC INC.                                 3212 ROUTE 9                   COLD SPRING, NY        845-265-9521
R11510      PINTO         MARK A.        PINTO ELECTRIC COMPANY,                              109 MAPLE AVENUE               RYE, NY                914-921-2442
R22010      TOMASCAK      JOHN L         POLYTEC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS LLC                   31 DEER RUN ROAD               BROOKFIELD, CT         203-775-5861
R14610      FESTO         JOSEPH         POWER ELECTRIC                                       154 TOMAHAWK STREET            YORKTOWN, NY           914-248-5346
M02310      DALY          THOMAS M.      PRECISION ELECTRIC, INC.                             P.O. BOX 1112                  CARMEL, NY             845-279-9593
R04910      QUATROCCI     JAMES          PREMIUM ELECTRIC CORP                                12 MILL PLAIN ROAD, SUITE #9   DANBURY, CT            203-792-9800
R15210      STECKLE       CHRISTOPHER    PUTNAM ELECTRIC, INC.                                403 BALDWIN PLACE ROAD         MAHOPAC, NY            8456280715
R20610      GUSTAVSON JR RICHARD         R&J ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS LLC                       14 HARDSCRABBLE ROAD           SHERMAN, CT            860-355-5622
M04410      MELLON        ROBERT J.      R. J. MELLON ELECTRIC                                37 LAUREL LANE                 HIGHLAND FALLS, NY     845-446-2579
R06210      SPINNING      RAYMOND C.     RAY OF LIGHT ELECTRIC INC                            35 HILLTOP DRIVE               MAHOPAC, NY            845-628-1050
R15510      FLEISCHMAN    RALPH          RC ELECTRIC                                          31 BREWSTER DRIVE              CARMEL, NY             914-760-4875
M13510      SAMPOGNA      JASON P.       RELIABLE ELECTRIC, INC.                              124 EASTERN ROAD               PUTNAM VALLEY, NY      845-526-2846
R03810      O’CONNOR      THOMAS         RENAISSANCE BUILDERS GROUP, INC.                     35 BEVERLY ROAD                MT. KISCO, NY          914-242-0151
M11010      DI GREGORIO   RICHARD J.     RICHARD J DI GREGORIO ELECTRIC                       15 VIC PASS                    CARMEL, NY             914-224-1444
R0910       RIZZO, SR.    MICHAEL        RIZZO ELECTRIC CORP.                                 64 TRIANGLE STREET             DANBURY, CT            203-731-3131
M16110      NAPPI         JOSEPH         RNH ELECTRIC CO, INC.                                509 HIGHWAY 79                 MORGANVILLE, NJ        732-970-9333
M11910      CASTELLANO JR ROCCO          ROCCO P. CASTELLANO LICENSED ELECTRIC                26 PURITAN VALLEY ROAD         BROOKFIELD, CT         203-740-7036
M04710      LE BLANC      DANIEL J.      ROGER ELECTRIC, INC.                                 73 LAKE AVENUE EXTENSION       DANBURY, CT            203-744-2265
M07310      O'MALLEY      ROBERT         ROM ELECTRIC INC                                     104 ROUTE 292                  HOLMES, NY             914-424-1580
R21110      ROMA          GERALD         ROMA ELECTRICAL                                      107 MILLER HILL WOODS COURT    CARMEL, NY             845-225-6080
M00310      WHITMAN       WILBUR J.      RONDOUT ELECTRIC, INC.                               33 ARLINGTON AVENUE            POUGHKEEPSIE, NY       845-471-4810
M11710      DIGILIO       RICHARD        ROVITTI ELECTRIC                                     3675-5 OLD YORKTOWN ROAD       SHRUB OAK, NY          914-245-2273
M16210      KOTZIAS       STEPHEN        S.K. ELECTRIC, LLC                                   271 RT 9D                      BEACON, NY             845-742-7059
M02910      REDLON        GARY           SANLON ELECTRIC                                      118 DEACON SMITH HILL          PATTERSON, NY          914-248-8166
R20810      SARGEANT      ROBERT SCOTT   SARGEANT ELECTRIC CO, INC                            21 WOODS AVENUE                GREENWICH, CT          203-531-0057
M14410      FRANZE        THOMAS         SATURN ELECTRIC                                      160 BELL HOLLOW ROAD           PUTNAM VALLEY, NY      845-526-3352
R20710      PEPIN         THOMAS C       SHOCK ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS INC                     178 OSBORNE STREET             DANBURY, CT            203-748-5690
R08010      DELOTTO       WILLIAM        SKYLINE ELECTRIC CORP                                7 BARNARD RD                   ARMONK, NY 10504       914-273-2215
R16210      SMITH         ARTHUR         SMITTY’S LIVE WIRE                                   258 OSCAWANA LAKE ROAD         PUTNAM VALLEY, NY      845-528-4735
R03110      BORDUCCI      PETER          SOLAR ELECTRIC SYSTEMS INC                           2 TIBBITS AVENUE               WHITE PLAINS, NY       914-793-0805
M01210      PALLADINO, SR. STEVEN        SOMERS OF WESTCHESTER ELECTRIC                       80 ROUTE 22                    BREWSTER, NY           845-227-3535
M15910      DOLAN         MARK           SOMERSET ELECTRICAL                                  29 SOMERSET ROAD               MAHOPAC, NY            845-208-3413
M00510      SNYDER        EDWARD         SOUTHEAST ELECTRICIANS, INC                          12 MAIN STREET                 BREWSTER, NY           845-279-7317
M05710      SPEDACCIA     BRIAN          SPEDACCIA ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING CORP.               198 MOSEMAN ROAD               YORKTOWN HTS, NY       914-245-6098
M12910      SPIRELLI      JOSEPH         SPIRELLI ELECTRIC INC                                990 EAST MAIN STREET           SHRUB OAK, NY          914-455-2158
M07710      MERANDO       STEPHEN P.     STEPHEN P. MERANDO                                   7 ADAMS AVENUE                 NELSONVILLE, NY        845-265-3348
M7YR16510 STEWART         JOSHUA         STEWART ELECTRIC                                     12 DENTON LAKE ROAD            HOLMES, NY             845-494-4561
M16010      STOREY        WILLIAM        STOREY ELECTRIC, INC                                 37 OSWEGO ROAD                 PLEASANT VALLEY, NY 845-677-3983

                                                                     2010 Electricians updated 10/8/10
License #          LName       FName                             CompName                                     CompanyStreet         CompanyCity, State      Phone #
R18710      MUNCEY         JAMES S.       STRUCTURE WORKS, INC                                   43 MILL STREET                   DOVER PLAINS, NY       845-877-1460
M09010      SUGGS          ANTHONY        SUGGS ELECTRIC                                         602 LARSON DRIVE                 DANBURY, CT            203-791-2833
R17210      GUZDA          STEVEN         SUN ELECTRIC LLC                                       2 COLD SPRING DRIVE              NEW FAIRFIELD, CT      203-312-9402
R20910      WHELAN         JOHN           SWITCH INC.                                            25 N RIVERSIDE AVENUE            CROTON-ON-HUDSON,      914-271-8821
R14010      SANTAMORENA    ANTHONY A.     T & A ELECTRIC, INC.                                   400 EXECUTIVE BLVD               ELMSFORD, NY           914-347-3101
R18510      DES MARAIS     THOMAS         T. DESMARAIS EC                                        1 HIRAM ROAD                     COLD SPRING, NY        914-830-8004
R07910      PHILLIPS       THOMAS A.      TA PHILLIPS ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS/RED CARPET 5A DEL MAR DRIVE                          BROOKFIELD, CT         203-740-1001
R05410      TAYLOR         TEMPLE         TAYLOR ELECTRIC                                        601 ROUTE 22, BOX 145            CROTON FALLS, NY       914-277-9998
R17810      MEIKLE         TREVOR         T.C.M. ELECTRIC CORP                                   39 BEECH ST                      WHITE PLAINS, NY       914-464-2650
R08710      SINISCALCHI    GIUSEPPE       THE CURRENT ELECTRIC CO. OF WESTCHESTER INC.           10 RICK PLACE                    CORTLANDT MANOR,       914-736-7439
R01810      REBEIRO        ANTHONY        THE NY-CONN CORPORATION                                5 SHELTER ROCK ROAD              DANBURY, CT            203-744-9206
R13810      MICOLI         JOSEPH         THE RDC COMPANY OF NY INC                              15 HOME STREET                   WHITE PLAINS, NY       914-946-1900
R0910       RIZZO, SR.     MICHAEL R.     THE RIZZO ELECTRIC CORP.                               28 FEDERAL ROAD                  DANBURY, CT            203-731-3131
M03610      ACERNO         THOMAS M.      THOMAS M. ACERNO                                       51 TONETTA LAKE WAY              BREWSTER, NY           845-494-6780
R11010      GIUSTINO       THOMAS         TJN ELECTRIC INC                                       116 CORTRLANDT ROAD              MAHOPAC, NY            917-560-0981
M00610      RICOTTA        VINCENT        T-KAR SMART ENERGY SYSTEMS ELECTRIC &                  12 BIRCH STREET                  FISHKILL, NY           845-897-8619
M7YR17610 BANEVICIUS       TOMAS          TOMAS BANEVICIUS                                       7 WEST END PLACE                 HARRISON, NY           914-618-0589
R18510      DESMARAIS      THOMAS         TOM DESMARAIS ELECTRICIAN                              1 HIRAM RD                       COLD SPRING, NY        914-830-8004
M06810      CARLINO        ANTONIO        TONY CARLINO ELECTRIC                                  232 EAST HOOK ROAD               HOPEWELL JUNCTION,     845-897-4524
R21710      HECHT          ARNOLD         TRARON ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, INC.                    162 SPOOK ROCK ROAD              SUFFERN, NY            845-357-4445
M03010      TURNER         WILLIAM R.     TURNER ELECTRIC & MAINTENANCE                          3320 ROUTE 55                    PAWLING, NY            845-855-5221
M01810      TURNER III     FREDERICK L.   TURNERSONS ELECTRIC, INC.                              PO BOX 426                       PATTERSON, NY          845-855-5545
R05110      GIL            JOHN           TYREE SERVICE CORP                                     125 COMMERCE DRIVE               BROOKFIELD, CT         203-740-8200
M14710      VACCARO        GEORGE         G. VACCARO ELECTRIC INC.                               16 GREYROCK ROAD N.              PORT CHESTER           914-769-1361
M11410      VAN VLACK      BRIAN R.       VAN VLACK ELECTRIC INC                                 68 GOLD ROAD                     POUGHQUAG, NY          845-724-3621
M12610      VEITH JR.      DONALD E.      VEITH ENTERPRISES, INC.                                100 PARKER AVENUE                POUGHKEEPSIE, NY       845-485-2900
R10210      VELARDO        CLAUDIO        VELARDO ELECTRIC, INC.                                 203 BARNES STREET                OSSINING, NY           914-923-1706
R22110      MONACO JR.     GIULIO C       VERDE ELECTRIC CORP                                    89 EDISON AVE                    MT. VERNON, NY         914-664-7000
R17410      VIAL           FABRICIO       VIAL ELECTRIC AND COMPANY                              7 WEDGEWOOD DRIVE                NEW MILFORD, CT        860-210-9674
R08910      MARSICH        MARIO          V-MAC ELECTRIC LLC                                     P.O. BOX 1614                    CARMEL, NY             845-216-3981
R01510      HORAFIOS       JASON          VOLTAGE BROTHERS ELECTRIC., INC.                       PO BOX 531- 12 GRIFFIN PLACE     SHENOROCK, NY          914-248-8796
R18010      HINES, SR.     WILLIAM        W.L. HINES ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, INC.                PO BOX 384                       BEDFORD, NY            914-739-1818
M15810      WALLIN         WALTER         WC WALLIN ASSOCIATION LTD.                             66 OVERLOOK AVE                  LATHAM, NY             518-785-5091
R10510      STACI          CHRISTOPHER    WESTCHESTER ELEC. POWER INC.                           8 LAURIE LANE                    SOUTH SALEM, NY        914-977-3043
R16510      OLIVEIRA       EDWARD         WESTCO ELECTRIC, INC.                                  24 HUDSON STREET                 SLEEPY HOLLOW, NY      914-631-5330
R08210      FARINA, III    JAMES J        WEST-FAIR ELECTRIC                                     PO BOX 298, 200 BRADY AVENUE     HAWTHORNE, NY          914-769-8050
R08310      KELDERHOUSE    BRUCE          WEST-FAIR ELECTRIC                                     200 BRADY AVENUE, P.O. BOX 298   HAWTHORNE, NY          914-769-8050

                                                              2010 Electricians updated 10/8/10
License #       LName        FName                        CompName                                   CompanyStreet         CompanyCity, State      Phone #
M16910      WHALEN       WILLIAM       WHALEN ELECTRIC LLC                                26 BOULEVARD                   KINGSTON, NY           845-331-2275
R01110      WELLINGS     HAROLD J      WHITE ELECTRIC, INC.                               128 FULTON STREET              WHITE PLAINS, NY       914-946-5566
R14410      KIMMEL       WILLIAM       WILLIAM KIMMEL ENTERPRISES, INC.                   107 PLATTEKILL ROAD            MARLBORO, NY           845-629-3209
M00110      PICARELLA    WILLIAM       WILLIAM PICARELLA ELECTRIC                         213 TONETTA LAKE ROAD          BREWSTER, NY           845-279-2633
R0710       MURPHY       MICHAEL C.    WIRED UP ELECTRIC, INC                             155 MOONEY HILL ROAD           HOMOES, NY             845-878-3122
R19010      CORRAO       CHRISTOPHER   WIRING TECHNOLOGIES                                260 ALBANY AVE                 THORNWOOD, NY          914-490-1092
M10310      COYLE        EDWARD J.     WOODLAND ASSOCIATES                                36 WOODLAND DRIVE              CARMEL, NY             845-222-4541
R10410      CARLIN       FRANK         XAVIER ELECTRIC                                    617 PEEKSKILL HOLLOW ROAD      PUTNAM VALLEY, NY      845-526-2532
R3510       ORNECK       HOWARD        YORKTOWN ELECTRIC COMPANY, CORP.                   1787 FRONT ST., P.O. BOX 428   YORKTOWN HEIGHTS,      914-245-6696
M15010      YOUNG        KEVIN         YOUNG ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING CORP.                 54 MILLER ROAD, UNIT B-2       MAHOPAC, NY            845-803-8124
R13110      ZACCAGNINO   ANGELO P.     ZACCAGNINO ELECTRIC                                81 MAPLE AVENUE                RYE, NY                914-921-3244
R21210      ZUBRADT      GERALD        BRIAR ELECTRIC CONSULTING,C O.                     5 FRANK GUICHAUD COURT         CORTLANDT MANOR,       914-400-3036


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