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									Ballot Measure Summary
PROP California Reading and Literacy Improvement                  PROP Preschool Education. Tax on Incomes
           and Public Library Construction and                              Over $400,000 for Individuals; $800,000

81         Renovation Bond Act of 2006.
                                                                  82        for Couples. Initiative Constitutional
                                                                            Amendment and Statute.
SUMMARY                   Put on the Ballot by the Legislature    SUMMARY             Put on the Ballot by Petition Signatures
This act provides for a bond issue in an amount not to exceed a   Establishes voluntary preschool education for all four-year
total of six hundred million dollars ($600,000,000) to provide    olds. Funded by 1.7% tax on individual income over $400,000;
funds for the construction and renovation of public library       couples’ income over $800,000. Fiscal Impact: Increased
facilities in order to expand access to reading and literacy      annual revenues of $2.1 billion in 2007–08, growing with the
programs in California’s public education system and to           economy in future years. All revenues would be spent on the
expand access to public library services for all residents        new preschool program.
of California. Fiscal Impact: State cost of about $1.2 billion
over 30 years to pay off both the principal ($600 million)
and interest ($570 million) costs of the bonds. One-time
local costs (statewide) of about $320 million for local
matching contributions.
                                                                  WHAT YOUR VOTE MEANS
                                                                  YES                             NO
YES                              NO                               A YES vote on this measure      A NO vote on this measure
A YES vote on this measure       A NO vote on this measure        means: The state would          means: The state would not:
means: The state could           means: The state could           make a free, voluntary,         (1) establish a new preschool
sell $600 million in bonds       not sell $600 million in         half-day public preschool       program available to all 4-year
to provide grants to local       bonds for these purposes.        program available to all        olds or (2) impose a new tax
agencies for the construction,                                    4-year olds. The state          on high-income taxpayers to
renovation, and/or expansion                                      would impose a new tax on       pay for such a program. (The
of local library facilities.                                      high-income taxpayers to        state and federal governments
Local agencies would                                              pay for the new program.        would continue to provide
contribute about $320                                                                             existing public preschool
million of their own funds                                                                        services, primarily to children
towards these projects.                                                                           of low-income families.)

ARGUMENTS                                                         ARGUMENTS

PRO                              CON                              PRO                             CON
Proposition 81 builds            Free spending politicians        PROP. 82 WILL PREPARE           Proposition 82 is the wrong
new community libraries          have misspent our money.         MORE CHILDREN TO                approach. Let’s fix K–12
and renovates old ones. It       We should not spend $9           READ AND LEARN, WHICH           first before creating a new
encourages school-library        billion a year on welfare        WILL STRENGTHEN K–12            education bureaucracy
partnerships and helps           for illegal aliens, and then     EDUCATION. It encourages        and spending $2.4 billion
fight illiteracy, without tax     borrow money for libraries.      parental involvement, expands   per year for only a 4–5%
increases. $600 million          A no vote forces free            teacher training, has no cost   increase in preschool
in state matching funds          spending politicians to cut      for 99.4% of taxpayers, and     enrollment. There are
combines with local funding      welfare for illegal aliens to    provides for independent        better, more cost-effective
to provide safe havens           pay for our libraries. Vote      audits and criminal penalties   ways to expand preschool.
for children after school        No on Proposition 81.            for misuse of funds. Groups     Please vote NO on 82.
and greater library access                                        representing 450,000 class-
for seniors, businesses,                                          room teachers say YES on 82.
disabled, and families.

FOR                              AGAINST                          FOR                             AGAINST
Nancy Mooney                     Thomas N. Hudson                 Yes on 82, Preschool for All    Stop the Reiner Initiative
Yes for Libraries                  Executive Director             1171 South Robertson Blvd.,      —No on 82
1215 19th St. #200               California Taxpayer               Suite 182                      3001 Douglas Blvd.,
Sacramento, CA 95814              Protection Committee            Los Angeles, CA 90035            Suite 225
916-737-9325                     9971 Base Line Road              310-786-7605                    Roseville, CA 95661                 Elverta, CA 95626-9411                 916-218-6640          916-991-9300                  
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