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									                       HEBEI INTERNATIONAL TRADING (SHANGHAI) Co. LTD., Lic. No. 315167

           Room 1014, Tomson International Trading Building,No.1 JiLong Road, Waigaoqiao, Shanghai, China
                     Tel.: +86-21-58526062, 58525392 Fax:+86-21-58523251

To:                                                              PROFORMA
                                                                  INVOICE                         Date:                           2007
                                                                           9.5           4
                                                                                                  Invoice No.

                                                       Price adjustment factor: 0.00%
                                                PAYMENT: T/T, CC or PAYPAL in advance
                          SHIPMENT: UPS or TNT, Declared value customer did not mention will declare lower
                                           ORIGIN OF GOODS: P.R.CHINA (MADE IN CHINA)

                                                                                                              (USD)      (USD)
                                  QUANTITY AND DESCRIPTIONS                                       UNIT PRICE           SUBTOTAL
      105XR2D                                                       0.069             300                     0.0690     20.70
      105XY8D                                                       0.069             300                     0.0690     20.70
      105XB7D                                                       0.075             300                     0.0750     22.50
      105XW7D                                                       0.099             300                     0.0990     29.70
      105XG2D                                                       0.115             300                     0.1150     34.50
      CR2032 batteries                                      Action sale             1500                      0.0880    132.00
                                                                      Subtotal (FCA)                                    260.10
      Shipping 9.5kg zone 4                                                          1                        136.58    136.58
      Surcharge for credit card, 2CO or Paypal payments *                            1                                   22.32
      *If You pay T/T change to zero                                   TOTAL (DDU):                                     419.00
                                  Please doublecheck all data on this PI if it corresponds with your order.
For payment method T/T (bank wire) - preferred method:
Bank: Bank of China Shanghai Waigaoqiao SUB-BRANCH, No355 Fu Te Rd
Beneficiary: Hebei International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
      Room 1014 No.1 JiLong Road, Waigaoqiao, Shanghai, China
USD A/C No.: 808009827608091014
Swift code: BKCHCNBJ300
Important: please state in the T/T remarks this PI number: , and nothing but the number. If you write there
anything else than this number we will not be able to identify the payment therefore not ship the order.
Please mark in the T/T, that charges pays Your bank - "OUR". If Your bank does not offer such option send as "SHA" and add
$35 to the payment ammount. Do not send as "BEN". Should we receive less funds than invoiced, we will cut down the order.
For Paypal please pay to account:
(max. ammount to pay via Paypal: 1500 USD)
For Credit Card via 2checkout please go here
(max. ammount to pay via 2CO:2500 USD)
Payment with US check can be also proceeded via 2Checkout or Paypal as described above

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