Selling Through Entrepreneurial and Social Networks

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					Regis Philbin told a story of his continuing relationship over a period of years with a
New York City cop, Thomas Caruso. While on his beat, Caruso would frequently
accompany Philbin as he walked to a gym several blocks away, sharing warm
conversation. Philbin, of course, would tell countless stories of Notre Dame from his
experiences and Curoso, thoroughly enjoying them, would get caught up in the
experiences. Philbin, shocked to discover that Caruso had never been to the Indiana
campus, arranged for a trip for the two of them which they thoroughly enjoyed. In fact,
so much so that they did it again and remain friends to this day!

Philbin described seeing his friend every so often and just yesterday enjoyed lunch
together. Regis was again shocked to discover that Caruso, now retired from the force,
was president of his own security company. What a security company it is! Regis was
totally surprised to discover just how successful this cop/entrepreneur had become.
Kelly was quick to point out that it was undoubtedly his affiliation with Notre Dame
that made the difference with his success!

Caruso transferred his police career experience and relationships with other
like-minded, outstanding officers into a growing, profitable business concept. It's
always gratifying to hear of entrepreneurial success, especially among the heroes of
New York's Finest! Caruso sells safety and peace of mind to celebrities who desire

Regis and Kelly openly discussed the story of Regis' relationship with Tom Caruso for
several minutes and concluded with Regis giving a great plug for Caruso's company
on the air. That warm story and free publicity likely produced a number of new
prospects for Noble Security. Such is the power of social and business networking,
connections and personal relationships. Granted, this unique relationship provided the
opportunity to receive national exposure, but the same result can be experienced by
most of us in our networking efforts, although it may rake a little longer if we lack
that prime-time connection.

The remarkable principle of Six Degrees of Separation states that we are all related
somehow within six iterations. Since that is true, our very relationships will
eventually provide the exposure we desire. It's not so much who you know directly,
but rather who you know who knows who you need to know! Again, as in so many
endeavors worth pursuing, the key is persistence. Take action. Get your compelling
message out to as many people as possible on a continuous basis, and as they share it
with others, your goals will be met. Harvey Mackay and Mark Victor Hansen built
their empires on the back of their Rolodex. They realized that the resources and
people they needed to accomplish their goals were close by.

The lesson here is to make certain that everyone you know is aware of what you do
and what your expertise is. Taken a step further, inform your friends of your goals ask
them for their contacts that may help you. The resources you need are there, you
simply need to connect the dots.