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									What is the EAP?
 About EAP Consultants
• Providing EAP services since 1989
• Received “Administrator’s Award for
Excellence” by the U.S. Small Business
Administration for providing outstanding
EAP services
• 100% of client companies rate their
services good or excellent, and 98% of all
clients who use the EAP rate our services
good or excellent                            2
     What is the Employee
   Assistance Program (EAP)?
A service providing:

• Telephonic consultation and online
resources for work/life, legal, financial,
childcare, eldercare, adoption, pet and
academic concerns
• Confidential counseling for personal
and work problems                            3
   What is the Employee
 Assistance Program (EAP)?
• EAP is pre-paid by USAAC; there
is no cost to you or your family

• Military personnel and their
dependents are covered by the EAP

• Services are confidential
Specific Issues Addressed
       by the EAP
• Stress and Stress Management
• Marital/Family Problems
• Relationship Issues
• Alcohol & Drug Problems
• Work/Career Concerns
• Psychiatric Problems
• Emotional Issues
• Eating Disorders
• Life Transitions               5
Who Provides the EAP Services?
• Counseling services are provided by highly
experienced counselors with a Master’s or
Doctorate degree
• Specialists for specific problems such as
substance abuse, marriage and family
• Multi-lingual clinicians available
• Consultants include attorneys, financial
advisors, as well as eldercare and childcare
specialists                                    6
     Clinician Qualifications
Types of counselors include:
    • Psychologists
    • Clinical Social Workers
    • Professional Counselors
    • Marriage and Family Counselors
    • Certified Addiction Counselors
    • Certified Employee Assistance
Counselors help by:
• Identifying the problem
• Developing a plan to resolve the problem
• Providing direction and support for
making changes needed to reach goals
• Referring, if necessary, to affordable
resources for additional help
All EAP records and services are confidential in
adherence with state and Federal confidentiality
regulations. USAREC only receives numbers in
usage reports, not who uses the EAP services.
No information released without your consent,
unless there is information concerning:
    • Suspicion of child/elder abuse and/or
    • Danger to self or others
    • Court order                                  9
         Types of Referrals
• Self-referral
• Informal Referral – offered as a
resource by USAAC when military
member has a non-work related problem
• Supervisory Referral – recommended
to address job problems

Work/Life Services:
• Legal Services
• Financial Consultations
• Childcare Referrals
• Adoption Resources
• Eldercare Referrals
• Academic Referrals
• Pet Services
• Relocation information
Legal Services

Telephone and face-to-face consultation for:

• Housing-Real Estate
• Estate Planning
• Criminal Law
• Consumer/Contract Issues
• Family Law
• Automobile Issues
Legal Services
• Simple wills prepared at no cost
 • 25% discount on attorney’s hourly
rate for legal services rendered beyond
the scope of the EAP

Financial Consultations

Telephone consultation for:
• Financial Planning
• Retirement Strategies
• Money Management
• Debt & Financial Problems

       On-line Legal/Financial
• Numerous online articles on legal and
financial matters
• Legal Document Library with examples
of legal documents

To access, go to www.eapconsultants.com and
click on the Member Access button, then select
the Legal/Financial Library. Enter your unit’s
username as the password when asked to log on.
     Childcare Referrals
At least 3 resources are provided.
• Day care
• Emergency care
• In-home care agencies
• Before/After school programs
• Special needs programs
• Nurseries & preschools
• Summer camps
• Transportation services
Immediate openings verified.         16
    Eldercare Referrals
At least 3 resources are provided.
• Nursing homes
• Assisted living
• Home health
• Respite care
• Companion programs
• Caregiver support
• Medicare/Medicaid information
Immediate openings and appropriateness
verified.                                17
      Adoption Resources

• Private and public adoption agencies
• Adoption support groups
• Adoption attorneys
• State adoption agencies
• Post-adoption counselors

     Academic Resources
Our services include:
• Referrals to tutors
• Customized profiles for all types of
• College planning guidebooks

      Pet Services
• Breeders
• Walkers & sitters
• Groomers
• Kennels
• Veterinarians
• Pet publications

A confidential on-line service with information,
education, resources and self-help programs for:

 • Child, Elder & Family Care
 • School and College Education
 • Emotional Well-being
 • Health and Wellness
 • Financial and Consumer Issues
 • Pets, Travel and Recreation
This service is available 24 hours per day, on an
unlimited basis.                                    21
HELPNET allows military personnel
and their families to:
• Conduct instant searches for child care, camps,
adoption, elder care and academic resources
• Access expert information and resources on
common personal and family issues
• Use confidential self-assessment programs to
evaluate important life matters, such as career
motivation, relationship satisfaction, depression,
stress, emotional IQ and more                      22
        How to Use the EAP
   Contact EAP Consultants, Inc. at:
Request services securely at their web site:
    (Click on Member Access, then click
         on Request EAP Services.)
    Username and Password
    for Online EAP Services
Contact your Soldier & Family Assistance
 Program Manager for the username and
 password to access the online services.

 You can also contact EAP Consultants
 and ask for your unit’s username and

     How to Schedule
  Counseling Appointments
• Counseling appointments are scheduled
within 3 days; emergencies are responded
to immediately
• Counselors available by telephone 24
hours per day, 7 days per week

   Contact EAP Consultants at
          800-XXX-XXXX                     25

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