Self Nurture by aihaozhe2


									An important part of wellness and overall feeling good is Self Nurture. What is self
nurture? In a nutshell, it's taking time for yourself. Wow, I can almost hear some of
you yelling "Time for myself! I don't have time for myself! I'm too busy!" But if you
don't take time for yourself, what quality of yourself are you offering others?

When I'm feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, my husband Jim says "Who makes
your schedule." At the time it's usually an irritating reminder, but its true, who makes
my schedule? I do. I choose what to prioritize and commit to. We all have busy lives
but it is up to us to schedule in time for ourselves. Rest and relaxation "R&R" isn't a
luxury but a necessity for physical, spiritual, and mental health.

Why is it so much easier for us to nurture others? Self sacrifice-putting your job,
spouse, kids etc. first all the time serves no one in the long run. You may become
resentful, angry and depleted on all levels (mind, body, and Spirit). On the other hand
self nurture will recharge these areas of your life. Research on self nurturing shows
many benefits including strengthing of the immune system. If research had a way to
measure it I'm sure they would find an increase in "feel good cells" too.

The basics of self nurture are eating well, getting exercise, enough rest, and time for
play and enjoyment and it doesn't need to cost anything. Examples of self nurturing
can be as simple as taking a walk, eating a good meal, taking a nap, speaking kindly
to yourself, and focusing on the 80% that IS working in your life. Self nurture is
different for everyone. Ask yourself "What is it that I need? "What can I let go of so I
can create time for myself?" "How can I nurture myself today?"

You may be wondering what a picture of the Statue of Liberty has to do with self
nurture? The picture is to represent New York. New York is where Jim and I went for
a couple of days to have fun and nurture ourselves. This trip was in the planning for
awhile. It was my Christmas present from Jim. The only thing I knew I wanted to do
was go to the cake decorating supply places. For those of you that don't know it, I
make cakes as a hobby and small business. We stayed at The Benjamin Hotel, we
have been there before and knew we were in for a treat, cozy robes, beds and pillows,
excellent customer service and friendly staff. I loved exploring the cake decorating
supply places and food markets in Chelsea. We saw a show, ate at a French restaurant
(Jim's favorite food), and enjoyed spending time together.

So after a little self nurture I felt recharged and plunged right into learning how to
create this new newsletter format (pretty cool, huh?). Wishing you all some time to
nurture yourself.

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