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Self Actualization - A 9 Step Process by aihaozhe2


									Abraham Maslow was a man before his time. He was intelligent enough to study
healthy and productive people, while the trend in psychology is to study people of the
mentally unstable variety. His approach was more scientific than philosophical, and so
his work is studied extensively in Psychology classes around the world - and for good
reason. Maslow helped bridge the gap between science and spirituality. In other words,
he added respect to the study of the spirit, and added humanity to science.

In culmination of his 20 years of research, Maslow came to believe that in order for
one to become self-actualized a person had to think of themselves as an open
vessel-like the elements of nature. To be like nature, that person should have the
capacity for two things: self-exploration and taking action.

The following nine steps may help get you there:

1. Allow yourself to be fully in the moment. When you participate in an activity so
that your whole focus is on the task at hand you are in the flow. When you become
one with source energy you will have this divine energy at your disposal. For this
reason, your activity will be a zen gift from the universe.

2. Begin to be aware of what life is bringing to the table, and make choices that serve
your best interests. The choices you make will be easy because your intuition (our
inner source) is so highly tuned that it never fails to steer you wrong. A trust will be
developed so that you realize even though your choice will be more challenging (with
a risk attached) the outcome will leave you in a better place.

3. Become adept at keeping your ego at bay. Do not allow yourself to become a slave
to other people's wishes, and be at ease bringing your true self out in the physical

4. Live in humility and integrity. Forgive yourself and forgive others. When you make
a choice that did not serve you or others as you thought it would, own it. Take
responsibility for where you are and what shows up for you.

5. Be prepared to live on an island. Know some of your decisions will be unpopular,
but proceed with them anyway. Approval seeking is not the way for you. Take actions
that are creative and brave.

6. Trust your instincts while listening to your intelligence. Study in your field of
choice. Your ability to deduce will work with your gut to give you a well-balanced
appraisal of any particular situation.

7. Be specific in your desires and know that you are able to attract them. Do not
bother with trying to attain things that fall in the category of illusion. Use the
universal law of attraction with ease, yet keep your feet are firmly planted on the

8. Know who you are and what you are capable of doing. Your strength is in being,
and from there you are unstoppable. Allow your actions to be inspired. Be like the zen
fireflies and express your freedom with your internal dance. Follow that inner
guidance. Understand and respect the power that you have, and be equally respectful
of the fact that others have this power at their disposal.

9. Live with compassion, knowing that others may experience difficulty in accessing
this source. Have a strong moral compass. Live your life with the purest of intention,
and realize this is the best way to serve others.

If you can practice these steps with consistency, Abraham Maslow would picture you
as self-actualized. He was a wise man. Maslow passed in 1970, but his work lives on.
In this quote from Abraham Maslow he shows his respect for both the spiritual and
the scientific nature of the human being:

"Self Actualization is the intrinsic growth of what is already in the organism, or more
accurately, of what the organism is."

Be one with nature and with the magical fireflies that move the night air. From here
you will be in a position to move others.

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