; Selecting the Right Stereo Receiver
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Selecting the Right Stereo Receiver


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									Buying a stereo receiver today is much more difficult because of all of the different
options in sound output and input. You can select from analog to digital and have the
opportunity to use a receiver that can run sound to all of your stereo components in
any room of the house.

The sounds you get from receivers today completely blow the receivers from the past
out of the water. Almost all receivers today are stereo and surround sound capable.
This means that the sound is more realistic and life like than the monophonic options
of yesteryear.

Multi channel outputs give us the opportunity to spread the sound out to many
speakers and at different levels than ever before. This gives us the listening pleasure
of Digital True Surround sound where we can hear sounds from the left, right, center,
and behind us as it was meant to be. Monophonic sound would simply spread the
same audio signal to all of the speakers equally.

The first thing you want to look for when buying a receiver to control your stereo
sound is to make sure that the receiver is going to be compatible with all of your
components. That means you'll want to make sure that your television, dvd, mp3, cd,
and satellite receivers will be able to plug into the stereo receiver and broadcast sound.
Using your stereo receiver as the brain of your electronics will make it easier to select
between all of the components at the touch of a remote button.

Since there are so many different kinds of receivers to buy these days it would be my
advice to buy one that does everything. Some receivers are meant to play only stereo
music to listen to while others are built strictly for theater surround sound. The best
ones offer all options and can send audio signals to multiple channels throughout the
house. Even if you were watching a movie in the living room, other members of the
family could listen to the radio in the kitchen or basement.

A stereo receiver is only as good as the speakers putting out the sound. So be sure that
you have speakers that can handle the receivers output and will correspond well with
the receiver so that you know you are going to get the best possible sound. Most 5.1
or 6.1 surround sound receivers will require you to have your normal front tower
speakers, center speaker, two surround sound speakers, and a subwoofer that pushes
the bass.

Before purchasing a new stereo receiver remember to ask the retailer about in store
warranties and manufacturers warranties as well.

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