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									Press Release: Enhancement of Asian Operations
April 2009, Sensirion AG, 8712 Staefa, Switzerland

Sensirion opens a Chinese subsidiary
                                    Since March 2009, Sensirion AG has a new sales branch in Shenzhen. With its first Chi-
                                    nese subsidiary, the Swiss sensor technology enterprise is enhancing its local presence
                                    in the Chinese market. Together with Sensirion’s representatives in Australia and South
                                    Africa, which were added at the beginning of 2009, this new start-up is a key step in the
                                    expansion of Sensirion’s international distribution network.

                                    Sensirion sensor solutions have already been successfully marketed for several years in
                                    China. In the course of pursuing these sales, the Swiss sensor manufacturer opened a
                                    new sales office in Shenzhen at the beginning of March. With this new branch, Sensirion
 Jörg Fetz, General Manager         intends to increase its local presence on site and enhance its own position in the Chinese
 Sensirion China Co. Ltd            market – which is significant and rapidly growing.

Currently with 5 employees, Sensiron China Co. Ltd. is organizing the na-
tional sales and distribution of Sensirion's top-quality sensor components and
systems. Jörg Fetz, 38, is serving as General Manager; previously Sensirion’s
International Sales Manager for several years based in his native Switzerland,
he was responsible for the expansion of Sensirion’s distribution channels in
Asia. In his new function, Fetz can draw on his broad wealth of experience in
international sales and distribution.

Along with the Chinese subsidiary, two new representatives are also contrib-
uting to the expansion of Sensirion’s distribution network: thanks to Soanar in
Australia and New Zealand, and Electrocomp in South Africa, the sensor
manufacturer has been making the same intensified efforts on another two
continents as of January 2009. Aside from its Swiss headquarters, the global            Sensirion’s current distribution network
distribution network currently includes one subsidiary each in Japan, South
Korea, China, and the USA as well as 8 independent representatives.

Sensirion China Co. Ltd.                      Soanar                              Electrocomp Johannesburg
Room 2411, Main Tower                         9 Civic Square                      P.O. Box 1023
Jin Zhong Huan Business Building,             Croydon Victoria 3136               Bramley 2018
Futian District, Shenzhen, PR China           phone: +61 3 9724 0883              Cnr. Galaxy Avenue & Electron street
Postal Code 518048                            abellani@soanar.com                 Linbro Business Park
phone: +86 755 8252 1501                      http://www.soanar.com               Sandton
fax: +86 755 8252 1580                                                            phone: +11 458 9000 32
info@sensirion.com.cn                                                             cbrand@electrocomp.co.za
www.sensirion.com.cn                                                              http://www.electrocomp.co.za

About Sensirion
The Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion AG is a leading international supplier of CMOS-based sensor components and
systems. Its range of high-quality products includes humidity and temperature sensors, mass flow meters and controllers,
gas and liquid flow sensors, and differential pressure sensors. Sensirion supports its international OEM customers with tailor-
made sensor system solutions for a wide variety of applications. Among others, they include analytical instruments, con-
sumer goods, and applications in the medical technology, automotive and HVAC sectors. Sensirion products are distin-
guished by their use of patented CMOSens® technology. This enables customers to benefit from intelligent system integra-
tion, including calibration and digital interfaces. Sensirion’s competence as a reliable OEM partner is underlined by its quality
management system, which was certified in March 2008 in accordance with the ISO/TS 16949 standard.

Contact: www.sensirion.com, info@sensirion.com, Tel. +41 44 306 40 00, Fax +41 44 306 40 30

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