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• Full Time   A challenging career in the Air Force where you will be supporting
              expeditionary air operations using your skills to install and maintain electrical
              power generation and distribution systems.

              Job Details
              Electricians are required to provide specialist electrical support to the Air Force's expeditionary
              operations. The Electrician's role involves the installation, maintenance and repair of power and lighting
              reticulation systems, and other electrical plant and equipment in industrial and domestic style
              conditions. Principal duties concentrate on deployed operations both within Australia and overseas. A
              limited number of positions in specific locations are responsible for other electrical plant and equipment
              in industrial conditions and domestic installations. These roles are performed regularly on deployments
              to temporary and permanent airfields in support of expeditionary air operations. Such activities could
              also be undertaken at any of the major RAAF Bases and at isolated temporary RAAF airfields or
              construction sites within Australia.

              Electricians receive training in general and specialist vehicle operation and are required to support other
              trades in the performance of their duties. Whilst posted to remote localities and in exercise situations,
              the Electrician may be responsible for the installation of mains size power reticulation and the
              maintenance of power generating equipment and airfield lighting installations. Electricians also
              participate regularly in ground defence exercises where they are required to provide temporary electrical
              services. Electricians are able to progress to the rank of Corporal and then apply to become Works
              Supervisors where they can then follow a career path up to Warrant Officer.

              Qualified Entry is available to applicants who have the necessary trade qualifications prior to entry. This
              is referred to as Direct Entry. Direct Entry applies to personnel who are fully qualified in the trade and
              enter the trade without formal Air Force training.

              On initial entry as a fully qualified tradesperson you are enlisted as an Aircraftman / Aircraftwoman
              Recruit (ACR/ACWR) and remain as such until graduation from 1RTU. However, in recognition of your
              trade qualifications you will be paid the salary of an Aircraftman / Aircraftwoman (AC/ACW) on Pay
              Grade 3 upon enlistment. On completion of Recruit Training you will be reclassified to Leading
              Aircraftman / Leading Aircraftwoman (LAC/LACW) on Pay Grade 3. Further promotion to corporal is
based on performance, time in rank and vacancies.

As a corporal, you may then apply in competition with your peers for remuster to Works Supervisor
(Sergeant). You can then follow a career path up to the rank of warrant officer.

Corporals are referred to as Non-Commissioned Officers, or NCOs, while sergeants and flight sergeants
are called Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCOs). Warrant officer is the most senior Airman rank. A
corporal will normally have some responsibility for the supervision of junior staff and this progressively
increases on promotion to sergeant and flight sergeant. A warrant officer normally has a substantial
personnel management role.

Note: Applicants applying for qualified entry are to provide certified true copies of their education and
trade certificates as well as a current resume to their Careers Counsellor. These documents will then be
forwarded to the Directorate of Personnel - Air Force for assessment.

Pay & Allowances
On initial entry as a fully qualified tradesperson you are enlisted as an Aircraftman / Aircraftwoman
Recruit (ACR/ACWR) and remain as such until graduation from 1RTU.

However, in recognition of your trade qualifications you will be paid the salary of an Aircraftman /
Aircraftwoman (AC/ACW) on Pay Grade 3 at the rate of $1,728 per fortnight ($45,054 per year)* upon

On completion of Recruit Training you will be reclassified to Leading Aircraftman / Leading
Aircraftwoman (LAC/LACW) on Pay Grade 3 with a salary (excluding allowances) of $1,760 per fortnight
($45,899 per year).*

Service Allowance

Defence recognises that Service life can often impose unique requirements on personnel. In order to
compensate for this, on completion of recruit training you will receive Service Allowance at the rate of
($11,662 per year in addition to your base salary. This allowance is paid in fortnightly increments ($447)
in the normal pay.

Uniform Allowance

Initial uniform issue is free of charge to all recruits. After that first issue personnel are expected to
maintain their uniform in good condition and replace where necessary. In order to assist members in
maintaining their uniform, an allowance of $419 pa is provided. This amount increases to $504 at
Sergeant level and is in addition to the base salary and is paid in fortnightly increments in the normal

Refer to the Salary Scales for further details.

* Note: These figures do not include compulsory deductions for taxation; meals, accommodation and
utilities (as applicable); or superannuation.
General Requirements

Age Requirement
Must be aged between 17 and 55 years inclusive on day of entry.

Applicants will not be allowed to enter the ADF until they achieve a minimum of 17 years of age,
however they may be able to initiate the application process from 16 years and six months of age,
depending upon the capacity of their local recruiting centre.

Citizenship Requirement
Only Australian citizens are permitted to serve in the ADF.

If you are a Permanent Resident of Australia, the ADF may consider a temporary waiver of the
citizenship requirement if the position for which you are applying cannot be filled by an applicant who
meets all the citizenship requirements, and then only in exceptional circumstances. You will be required
to obtain Australian citizenship as early as possible following enlistment or appointment.

More information on citizenship requirements and the citizenship waiver process is available from the
Recruitment Centre and your local Defence Force Recruiting Centre.

Security Requirement
The Department of Defence requires ADF entrants to attain a security clearance appropriate to their
avenue of entry.

A process of background checks, collection of relevant information and, as required, interviews enables
the Regional Security Office to make an informed assessment of an applicant's suitability for a security

Current policy requires applicants for this particular avenue of entry to have lived in Australia for the
preceding 5 years, or have a checkable background for this period.

Aptitude Requirement
The application process to join the Australian Defence Force requires you to complete a series of
aptitude tests including verbal, spatial and numerical ability and a general maths test. Some jobs may
also need additional testing at a later date.

Psychology support staff will explain what is involved with each test.

The aptitude tests provide information about your suitability for the Defence Force and for particular
jobs. Defence Force Recruiting can then help you identify jobs that match your abilities.
Further information on the aptitude testing requirements can be found here.

Education Requirements
Qualified candidates must hold:

      Certificate III in Electrotechnology Systems (Electrician); or dated equivalent - Trade Certificate in
      Electrical Mechanical (3212ECG), Certificate in Electrical Mechanical, Certificate of Completion of
      Apprenticeship Electrician; and
      a current A Grade Electrical Licence; or current equivalent, endorsed by the Electricity Supply
      Association of Australia Regulatory Authorities Licensing Committee.

Note: You must have a pass in Year 10 English in addition to holding the relevant trade qualification.

Applicants applying for qualified entry must provide proof of high school results in addition to original
trade certificates, units of competency results and a current resume to their Careers Counsellor. These
documents will then be forwarded to the Recruiting Liaison Officer (RLO-1) at Directorate of Personnel
Capability Management - Air Force for review by the Air Force job sponsor to establish eligibility for
qualified enlistment.

If you do not satisfy the education requirements for this trade or do not possess evidence of the
required educational attainment, there is an alternative pathway available to you.

You may be eligible to sit an Alternative Education Equivalency (AEE) Assessment to ascertain your
ability at the required educational level for this trade. Recruiting staff can provide further information.

Medical & Fitness Requirements
To be enlisted or appointed, you must be medically and physically fit for entry to your chosen
occupation. This is partially assessed from the completion of an extensive questionnaire covering your
medical history, followed by a physical examination.

You will also be required to successfully pass a physical fitness test before enlistment.

For further details on medical and physical fitness standards refer to Physical Fitness Standards for
Entry into the ADF and Medical Process for Entry into the ADF.

Period of Service
You will be enlisted for an Initial Minimum Period of Service (IMPS) of four years. Subsequent periods of
service may be offered subject to the requirements of the ADF and your suitability for further service.

You may request discharge at any time provided you do not have an outstanding Initial Minimum Period
of Service obligation and provide a minimum of three months notice.
Additional Requirements
It is essential to hold a current unrestricted Australian Class 1 (or equivalent) Motor Vehicle licence (a
'P2' Provisional Licence is acceptable) endorsed and proficient with manual transmission. The holder of
the licence must be free of traffic infringements that may cause future cancellation or suspension of the
licence. Where a current Provisional (P2) Licence is held, the holder must have had a minimum of 12 months (P1
& P2 combined) driving experience prior to enlistment.

Military Training
Duration: 10 weeks and four days

Location: RAAF Base Wagga (NSW)

No 1 Recruit Training Unit (1RTU) conducts initial recruit training for Airmen and Airwomen. The 10
week and four day recruit course is an intensive period of learning and adjustment to a military lifestyle.
The aims of the course are to: provide an orderly transition from civilian to Air Force life; equip the
recruit with the basic knowledge, skills and physical fitness to perform future roles in the Air Force; and
instil in the recruit the motivation to become a dedicated and productive Air Force member.

For more details on recruit training, refer to the Joining instructions. These instructions will provide
you and your family with enough information to arrange your personal affairs before enlistment in the
Air Force, and give you an idea of what you will be doing on the recruit course.

Further details on recruit training are also available on the 1RTU website.

Upon graduation, most Airmen and Airwomen undertake specialist employment training before moving
on to full employment in their chosen mustering in the Air Force.

During Military (Initial Recruit) Training and (Initial) Employment Training, members may be required to
pay a contribution towards meals, accommodation and utilities.

Employment Training
Airfield Engineer Initial Employment Course

Location: RAAF School of Fire and Security, Amberley (RAAFSFS), QLD

Duration: 7 weeks

On graduation from Recruit Training at RAAF Base Wagga NSW, you will attend training at the RAAF
School of Fire and Security RAAF Base Amberley near Brisbane in QLD, to complete the 7 week Airfield
Engineering Basic Course. Here, you will undertake Basic Airfield Engineering Construction courses, and
driver training such as Landrover 110, Unimog, Medium Rigid vehicles plus trailers, Skid Steer Loader,
and Backhoe Loader. This course also covers site induction training (Green NSW and Blue QLD cards).
                     Further Training
                     Electricians displaying the required aptitude for further specialist training may undertake training in the
                     operation of high voltage power generation and switching equipment, operation of medium voltage
                     generators, and the maintenance and repair of airfield lighting systems. Electricians may also undergo
                     further training in both Core and Specialist Airfield Engineering Courses, covering subjects including core
                     construction elements (examples: scaffolding / dogging / rigging / shoring and trenching), and
                     additional specialist courses that develop professional skills in the Building Construction Services
                     industry. This is required for progression to the rank of Corporal.

                     As a Corporal, you can then apply in competition with your peers for remuster to Works Supervisor
                     (Sergeant). You can then follow a career path up to Warrant Officer.

                     Employment Location
                     Electricians may be employed at various units and bases within Australia, such as:

                           Number 1 Airfield Operational Support Squadron (RAAF Base Townsville and RAAF Base
                           Richmond, NSW);
                           Number 322 Combat Support Unit (RAAF Base Tindal, NT);
                           RAAF Security and Fire School (RAAF Base Amberley, QLD);
                           Remote Air Bases (RAAF Base Scherger, QLD, RAAF Base Learmonth, WA, RAAF Base Curtin, WA);
                           Electricians may also be attached to Army Engineering Units for specific taskings.

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