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									                           Sumter Summary
                           VOLUME 13, ISSUE 5               JUNE 2009                           Board Members
                                                                                         Haydn Evans, District 1
                                                                                      Christine Norris, District 2
                           Superintendent, Richard A. Shirley                      Linda J. Winchester, District 3
                                                                                     Kenneth P. Jones, District 4

                                                Teacher of the Year
Upcoming Events           Sumter County proudly announces its 2010
June 2– Board Meeting     Teacher of the Year – Deborah Barnes of
June 4– Early Dismissal
                          Wildwood Middle School! Ms. Barnes joined
for Students and          the Sumter County School District in August of
                          2005. Since that time she has demonstrated
Last Day for Students     her ability to prepare and deliver enriching and
Report Cards              meaningful content to her students. She is
Elementary and Middle
                          described as “innovative, filled with the joy of
                          life, and always ready to help others” by her     Teacher of the Year Deborah Barnes
June 9– Last Day for
Teachers                  principal, Charles Sullivan. Her detailed         was recognized at a Board meeting
June 10– Report Cards
                          lessons show she looks at individual needs;
High Schools              ensuring students receive every opportunity to master the required curriculum
June 16– Board Meeting    and challenge others to reach a greater understanding. Ms. Barnes has
                          earned the admiration and respect from her peers at WMS. She provides a
                          loving, nurturing, highly motivated, honest and unbiased atmosphere in her
                          classroom. The most impressive quality of Ms. Barnes is the respect and
Inside this issue:        admiration she has gained from her students. She cultivates the desire to
                          learn – promoting intellectual growth and stimulating the minds of students.
 2009 FCAT        2                                                           2010 Teacher of the Year
 Results                                                                      school nominees were
                                                                              honored at a school board
                                                                              meeting. Front Row Left to
 Grants for the   3                                                           Right: Gilley Spaude-
 Classroom                                                                    SSHS, Deborah Barnes–
                                                                              WMS*, Christina Garrepy-
                                                                              WES*, Leonie Parker-WHS,
 2009 Retirees    4                                                           Patrisia Sarabia-WSS,
                                                                              Joyce Whitfield-LPES,
                                                                              Dieter Kadur-SSMS,
                                                                              Brandi Valdez-BES, Paul
 Retirement       4                                                           Mannino-WWES, Richard
                                                                              Shirley, Superintendent
                                                                                                        * Finalists
   VOLUME 13, ISSUE 5                                                               PAGE 2

                                  2009 FCAT Results
The Sumter County School District ranked 12th in the state on 2009 FCAT Math (grades 3-10)
with a 27% increase in student achievement from 2001 to 2009. In addition, the district ranked
14th in the state on 2009 FCAT Reading (grades 3-10) with a 24% increase in student achieve-
ment from 2001-2009. Both the 27% increase in math and the 24% increase in reading are the
highest percentage gain scores in Florida.

                          3rd       3rd     4th        4th       5th         5th      5th
SCHOOL                  Reading    Math   Reading     Math     Reading      Math    Science
Bushnell Elementary       80        82      83         79        78          55       44
Lake Panasoffkee
                          89        80      80         86         78         75        54
                          78        81      65         70         72         64        30
Webster Elementary        82        91      68         77         73         71        53
Villages Charter
                          93        97      88         85         88         81        64
Sumter                    85        87      78         79         79         70        51
STATE                     71        78      74         75         71         62        46

                          6th       6th     7th        7th       8th         8th      8th
                        Reading    Math   Reading     Math     Reading      Math    Science
South Sumter
                          73        52      64         63         56         69        43
                          57        41      56         51         54         59        41
Villages Charter
                          88        79      86         81         72         85        57
Sumter                    74        58      69         65         58         69        45
STATE                     66        55      67         60         54         66        41

                          9th       9th     10th      10th        11th
SCHOOL                  Reading    Math   Reading     Math      Science
Wildwood High             51        80      26         69         34
South Sumter High         44        69      33         70         37
Villages Charter
                          72        97      60         90         65
Sumter                    53        77      38         74         42
STATE                     47        68      37         69         37

 This chart shows the percent of students scoring at level 3 or
 higher on the 2009 FCAT in reading, math and science.
PAGE 3                                                                     SUMTER SUMMARY

                 Grants for the Classroom
        It’s definitely been a year of grants! Classroom teachers have earned more
 than $20,000 in grants to enhance instruction and improve student engagement and
 learning. Southwest Florida Water Management District provides opportunities for
 teachers in each of its member counties to apply for Splash! grants. Each school can
 earn up to $5000 in grants that support projects which enhance water resources
 education. In addition, the school district receives an additional $5000 in water
 resources education funding that includes support for Envirothon, a competitive high
 school event.
        Since there were so many applications this year, the district applied the
 additional $5000 directly to school grants. Teachers from elementary schools, both
 middle schools, and Wildwood High School were awarded nearly $17,000 in grants to
 fund projects. They purchased supplies, went on field trips, developed water resource
 education materials, and enhanced schoolyard habitats. In addition, South Sumter
 High School formed an Envirothon team and competed with schools throughout the
 region. The Green Team competed at Ft. Cooper State Park going from station to
 station answering environmental questions. Their trip was supported by SWFWMD
 grant funds.
          Eight teachers were awarded mini-grants of $500 from Progress Energy to
 enhance STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) instruction. Projects included
 a “Science Night” for parents, student-created video slide shows demonstrating force
 and motion, creation of student math manipulative kits for daily use, environmental
 field trips, and support for environmental projects like tree-planting and creation of a
 butterfly garden.
         The Florida Association of Water Quality Control awarded three teachers grants
 totaling almost $3000 for water-related projects. Wildwood High, Wildwood
 Elementary, and South Sumter Middle all participated. Benachoice Caruthers of
 Wildwood Elementary was selected by the Association to attend the annual conference
 at the Grand Naples Resort to share the project. She will be joined by a student and
 parent for the all-expense paid event in June.
         Workforce Central Florida also awarded three teachers grants totaling almost
 $3000 for math/science clubs and career academies. Heather Kadur wrote a grant to
 Workforce Central Florida for $2000 to enhance the Medical Career Academy (MeCA)
 at South Sumter High School. With her funds, Mrs. Kadur purchased some equipment
 for the new academy facility which will mirror a medical clinic. Desa-Rae Shirley and
 Candy Branch were awarded math club grants to support students in afterschool math
 instruction and enhance Math Field Day.
        Through the utilization of grant funds, teachers can take advantage of numerous
 funding opportunities to support the projects that engage and motivate students and
 lead to increased student learning!
 VOLUME 13, ISSUE 5                                                                                 PAGE 4

                                      2009 Retirees

        Congratulations and best wishes to our 2009 retirees as they continue their
                              adventures and journeys throughout life!
    Edna Adams               Teacher                       Mary Andes              Non-Instructional
    Peggy Aycock             Non-Instructional             Judith Bonn             Instructional
    Terry Brown              Teacher                       Annie Bullard           Non-Instructional
    Dianna Downs             Non-Instructional             James Gardner           Non-Instructional
    Florence Hamilton Non-Instructional                    William Hubbard         Teacher
    Phyllis McDaniel         Non-Instructional             Douglas Metz            Teacher
    Linda Mims               Teacher                       Charles Mims            Teacher
    Ronald Moore             Teacher                       Joanne Panzetta         Non-Instructional
    Gloria Parrott           Non-Instructional             Laura Shuyler           Teacher
    James Shuyler            Teacher                       Leroy Smith             Administrator
    Gwendolyn Stange Non-Instructional                     Susan Strickland Non-Instructional
    Annette Terry            Non-Instructional             Cathleen Tolson         Non-Instructional
    Jerry Vaughn             Non-Instructional             Daisy Williams          Non-Instructional
    Peggy Wood               Teacher
                                    *List current as of June 1, 2009
      “Each new hour holds new chances for new beginnings.”                           Maya Angelou

                             Retirement Information
Previously the Florida Retirement System (FRS) has mailed the Personal Forecast Statement to all the FRS-
covered employees. The FRS will be depending more on electronic delivery of such information. If you
are an active vested member of either the pension or the investment plan, through the FRS website, you
will be able to create your personal retirement forecast.
Please note, this service is not available to new employees still within their initial enrollment period,
DROP participants, temporary service employees or currently retired individuals.
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