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					                                                                               E X H I B I T O R I N F O R M AT I O N

                   The leading trade fair for the electronics industry in India and South Asia.

                                                    ENTER THE CENTER
                                                    OF ELECTRONICS IN INDIA

S E P T E MBE R 7 – 1 0 , 2 0 1 0                   Bengaluru (Bangalore), India
                                                    Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC)

           electronica India                                                     productronica India
1 1 T H I N T E R N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N A N D                       1 1 T H I N T E R N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N
A S S E M B L I E S A N D M AT E R I A L S                                       PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES
electronica India
     and productronica India

                                                     “He who stops being better
                                                     stops being good“, is an apt
                                                     quotation. The successful
                                                     launch of the new electro-
                                                     nica India and productronica
                                                     India brands in 2009 clearly
shows that Messe München continually develops and optimizes its events. Electronic
components and systems and electronics production are now each presented in one
separate hall.

It was only two years ago that Messe München and its newly established subsidiary
MMI India organized electronica India as the sole operator and brought the trade fair
back to Bangalore. Due to the great demand, the world’s leading trade fair brands
from Munich were introduced here in India one year later. electronica India and pro-
ductronica India are now holding their ground as the only international trade fair of
its kind in India. This great success was not spoilt even in a difficult economic period.

However, we have no intention of resting on our laurels. The Indian market is still
growing and is one of the most important future markets for the electronics industry
due to its innovation strength and growth potential. In order to tap this potential even
further, electronica India and productronica India 2010 will also feature for the first
time a focus area on photovoltaics and solar technology. These two sectors are now
an integral part of the electronics industry and have become indispensable from the
aspect of sustainability.

Together with our subsidiary MMI India, we will also continue to do everything in our
power to make electronica India and productronica India a success.

Sincerely yours,

Klaus Dittrich                                                Norbert H. Bargmann
Chairman & CEO                                                        Deputy CEO
Messe München International                            Messe München International

                                                               India is only at the beginning of a major development
                                                               process. Above-average growth is predicted for the
                                                               Indian economy in the coming years as compared
                                                               to Europe and the USA. Thus it is a must for any
                                                               company to confront the Indian market.


                                                               If one looks for the impulses behind this growth, the electronics industry quickly
                                                               looms into view. This branch sets the standards and makes visions real. It’s
                                                               fascinating how no one wants to stand on the sidelines.

                                                               Bangalore is India’s “Silicon Valley” – the IT hub of the country. A high volume
                                                               of electronics production, high numbers of EMS companies, research and
                                                               educational institutes as well as many international companies that are located
                                                               here make this area the hub of the electronics industry.

                                                               electronica India and productronica India are squarely in the middle – as both
                                                               participants and as actors.
                                                               Alive, active, exciting, stimulating. Electronics trade fairs like no others.


• Electronic hardware manufacturing in India to reach US$155 billion by 2015. The global market for
  electronic hardware will increase by 30% to US$ 320 billion by 2015.

• Total sales estimation of semiconductors in India to reach US$ 7.59 billion in 2010.

• The revenues from the Indian semiconductor Total Market (TM) are expected to rise from US$ 5.9 billion
  in 2008 to US$ 7.59 billion in 2010 at a CAGR of 13.4%. The Total Available Market (TAM) is projected
  to grow from US$ 2.53 billion in 2008 to $ 3.24 billion in 2010 at a CAGR of 13.1%.

• The contract manufacturing/electronic manufacturing services (EMS) sector in India has gotten a lot of
  stimulus in the last few years, boosted particularly by government initiatives to attract investments.

• A number of multinational companies now have a presence in India’s EMS segment. These include
  Celestica, Elcoteq, Foxconn, Flextronics, Jabil, Solectron, who have set up operations in the last couple
  of years.

• SMT pick & place market to grow by 20-25% with India becoming a strong hub for electronics
  manufacturing, the demand for surface mount technology (SMT) equipment is also witnessing robust growth.

91% of the visitors and 73% of the exhibitors
asses the present economic situation of the electronics industry to be excellent-good.
84% of the visitors and 79% of the exhibitors
think that it will improve in the future.

                                                                                                               SUCCESS IN FACTS AND FIGURES
An additional outstanding feature:
global attraction. The electronics world
comes because it must be seen here.
Participating countries:
                                                                                              In 2009 the electronica and productronica brands successfully debuted into

                                                                                              India on the occasion of the show’s 10th anniversary. Over 825 exhibitors
     • Australia
                                                                                              and represented companies from 25 countries presented their products and
     • Belgium
                                                                                              applications in two halls. 10,350 visitors from the industry and over 4,950
     • China
                                                                                              exhibitor attendees visited the trade show. electronica India and productronica
     • Czech Republic
     • France                                                                                 India has established its positon as the leading platform for the Indian and

     • Finland                                                                                South-Asian electronics industry.
     • Germany
     • Hong Kong
     • India
     • Ireland
                                                H I G H LY S AT I S F I E D E X H I B I T O R S A N D V I S I T O R S
     • Israel
     • Italy                                    Visitors’ and exhibitors’ show assessment of
     • Japan
     • Korea                                    electronica India and productronica India 2009:
     • Malaysia
                                                visitors/exhibitors who assess the trade fair overall as good to excellent
     • Russia                                                                                                                            85 %      94%
     • Singapore
                                                visitors/exhibitors who would recommend visiting to business partners and business friends
     • South Africa                                                                                                                    92 % 96 %
     • Spain
                                                visitors/exhibitors who see advantages compared to other trade fairs
     • Sweden
                                                                                                                                  77 %              93 %
     • Switzerland
     • Taiwan                                   visitors/exhibitors who say they will attend/exhibit the show again in 2010
                                                                                                                                                  92 %      97 %
     • Thailand
     • UK
     • USA


 Advance Tech • Agate & Agate • Akshar Metals • Amar Radio • Amara Raja • AqTronics • Aristos • ASB • Ascent Circuits • Assembléon • Autotronik - SMT • Avdel • Avon Data

 • Bergen Systems • Bergen Associates • Brady India • CDIL • Chetan Cabletronics • Circuit Systems • Cirkit Electro-Components • CM Enviro. • Cir-Q.-Tech • Componix • Control

 Signals • DiagnoSYS • Digital Circuits • Diotec • Dixon • East India Tech • Eka Engineering • Electrosolve • EMST • EPS Worldwide • Erni Asia • Essemtec • Evolute • Epitome

 Compo. • Fibre Abrasives • Geissel GmbH • Gould Electronics • Harting • Hical • HK Resistors • Hybrid Metals • Hynetic • iNETest Resources • Inde Enteprises • IMC • Infantron •

 Intercode Tech. • Ito Precision • ITOCHU • Jagruti Ele. • Kaynes • KOMAX • Kyoritsu • LE Champ • Leaptech Corp. • LEO Circuit • Lineage Power • MEL Systems • MicroCraft •

 Micropack • Millennium Semiconductors • MRK Engineers • Miracle Elec. • MURATA • Navion • NCN Tech. • NICA Tech. • Nuline Tech. • NMTRONICS • NXP Semiconductors •

 Omniscient • Omega Products • PCB Power • Persang Alloy • Pro Innovative • Prosem Tech. • Prismatic • Protectron • Qmax Test • RABYTE • Rajamane • Rangsons • Ramakrishna

 • RITTAL • Royalohm • SCB Interconnection • Schlenk • Seong Han Tech • Siricom • SLN Technologies • SM Electronics • S.M. Semi • Soanar • Sony • Source Technologi • SRV

 Technologies • Static Systems • Statclean Tech. • Sumitron • Super Mount Pack • Syratron • Tandon Group • Teeming • Titan Times • Toyata Tsusho • Trans-Tec • Triphase • Truly

 • Unified Electronics • Unisert Machines • Vital Electronics • Vinyas • Wipro • Würth


Manufacturing & Processing                  51 %

Research & Development                      19 %

Agents and Distributors                     12 %

Import & Export                              7%

Trade Association                            1%

Others                                      10 %


Electrical Engineering & Electronics        32 %

Information Technology                      16 %

Communication Technology                    12 %

Machinery & Plant Construction              10 %

Automotive Industry                          8%

Aviation & Space Technology                  7%

Consumer Technology                          5%

Medical Technology                           4%

Quality Control                              3%

Others                                       3%


Production                                  28 %

Marketing                                   28 %

Research & Development                      18 %

Purchase                                    13 %

Executive board                              5%

Administration                               4%

Finance                                      2%

Others                                       2%

                                                                    electronica India 2010

electronica India is India’s and South-Asia’s leading fair for electronic components, assemblies and materials. As the
most important communication platform for the electronics industry, electronica India provides you with everything that
a special fair has to offer. And at the same time, the parallel event, productronica India, presents the corresponding
production technologies – a unique range!


                                     SPECTRUM OF PRODUCTS:                     electronica India is much more than just a trade
                                     • Semiconductors
                                     • Sensors                                 fair. It also provides a platform for the electronics
                                     • Relays, switches and
                                       interconnection technology              industry to exchange information. Conferences
                                     • Passive components
                                     • Motors/drives                           with leading representatives from major compa-
                                     • Cables
                                                                               nies give insight in the industry’s most important
                                     • Assemblies and subsystems
                                     • ED/EDA and test and
                                                                               topics. For this reason alone electronica India is a
                                       measurement technology
                                     • Displays
                                                                               must for those in the business.
                                     • Power supplies

                                                                               In 2010 a first-rate conference program with an

                                                                               agenda of high interest will be set again to reflect

                                                                               major trends in the industry.

                                     Symposium:    Trends and Future Requirements in Automotive Electronics

                                     Organizer:    MMI India Pvt. Ltd.

                                     Co-Organizer: ZVEI – German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers‘ Association, Germany

                                     93 %          of the attendees assessed the symposium as good to excellent.

                                                                  productronica India 2010

     1 1 T H I N T E R N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N                             productronica India is the innovative

     AND CONFERENCE FOR ELECTRONIC                                                    platform for production technologies
                                                                                      which are experiencing strongly in-
                                                                                      creasing demand due to the fact
                                                                                      that India has emerged as an im-
                                                                                      portant destination for electronics
                                                                                      manufacturing. The product spectrum
                                                                                      is optimally geared to the market re-
                                                                                      quirements. Together with electronica
                                                                                      India, the entire value-added chain of
                                                                                      the electronics industry is presented.

     SPECTRUM OF PRODUCTS:                                           India has already emerged as a hotspot for Contract
     • Packaging
     • Materials processing                                          Manufacturing (Electronics Manufacturing Services –
     • Component manufacturing
     • Manufacturing equipment and logistics                         EMS and Original Developer Manufacturing – ODM).
       for PCBs and other circuit carriers
     • Technologies in cable processing
                                                                     The growing Indian economy is fuelling a massive
     • Soldering technology
                                                                     consumer boom. Demand for electronic gadgets,
     • Manufacturing equipment and logistics
       for assemblies, modules and hybrids
                                                                     appliances and equipment is growing briskly and
     • General operation aids and
       production subsystems
                                                                     companies are increasingly turning to EMS firms to
     • Production-related services
                                                                     fill the pipeline. productronica India reflects this hot

                                                                     topic in India with its top-class conference:

                                                           International Conference on Contract Manufacturing: The Indian Perspective

                                                           Organizer: MMI India Pvt. Ltd.

                                                           95 %       of the attendees assessed the conference as good to excellent.

NEW: PV + Solartech
For the first time, MMI will cover the Photovoltaics + Solartech topic besides electronica India and productronica
India. This means an even further distinguished trade fair platform with added value for exhibitors and visitors alike.

     Mr. Hiroshi Sudo, President, Sony Manufacturing Systems
     Corporation: „India is a huge market for us and we have
     exhibited our machines here for the first time. We believe that
     our machines will offer the solutions that our Indian customers
     are looking for.“

     Mr. Yeo LC, Chief Representative, Murata Electronics
     Singapore (Pte) Ltd.: “With adequate publicity for the show,
     we reach out to the right people. The response to the show
     has been better than we expected and we are glad to have

     Mr. Amit Madan, Country Manager, TransTechnology India
     Pvt. Ltd.: “electronica India and productronica India 2009 is
     the only platform that our industry has for showcasing its might.
     It is an enabling platform for both suppliers and customers.”

     Mr. KM Swaminathan, Sr, Business Manager, NMTronics India
     Pvt. Ltd.: “Because of the recession and other factors, we
     were apprehensive about being able to justify our investment
     in the show. However, the response for electronica India and
     productronica India 2009 has led us to believe that our invest-
     ment is safe and we have had several enquiries.”

     Mr. MS Manjunath, SM Electronics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.:
     “electronica India and productronica India 2009 has given us a
     good platform and opportunity to showcase our products.”

          THE LOCATION:
                                            THE PLACE TO MEET FOR BUSINESS


                                                             • India's third largest city, metropolitan population                                           6.5 million

                                                             • Net district income                                                                           $100 billion

                                                             • Fastest growing metropolis in India

                                                             • Share of India’s IT exports                                                                   33 %

                                                             • Share of Headquarters of Global SEI-CCM Level-5 Companies                                     > 38 %

                                                             • R&D Institutions                                                                              > 100

                                                             • Highest number of engineering colleges in the world

                                                             • “Fourth best global hub of technological innovation” (United Nations)
                                                             * most recent data, different sources

                                                             electronica India and productronica India take place in the
• 40,000 sqm of covered space in 3 halls
• Hall 1 and 2 have 10,000 sqm each, hall 3 has              Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC).
  20,000 sqm with 5,000 sqm at a second level
• Water-based adiabatic air cooling
• Under-floor power ducts (with infrastructure for            This complex which has only been built in 2007, has everything a trade fair needs to fulfil, even
  a 10 MW power supply), water, compressed air,              the most demanding logistical requirements: large, extensively supplied exhibition spaces,
  telecom facilities
                                                             conference rooms permitting the widest array of uses, comfortable furnishings wherever you
• Management offices at both ends incl. VIP rooms,
  control rooms and business centers                         look and service facilities that leave no desires open. Both in detail and in sum: facilities with

                                                             international standards impressively underscore the trade fairs’ special benefits.

• 5,600 sqm of built-up space with four
  conference halls
• Seating capacity of 1,500, 750, 200, 120                                                                    NH4
• Air-conditioned
• Facilities for green room, VIP room, faculty room                                                           Road
With facility for mass consumption
TRAINING CENTER                                                                                                    Outer
With 50 workstations and modern training halls                                                                 Peripheral

                                                                                                                           SH86          Road                       NH7

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Air Force Station

                                                                                                                      BIEC        Jindal
                                                                                                                                                                                            Outer Ring Road
                                                                                                                                                             To Hessarghatta

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Jalahalli West

                                                                                                                      To Nice
                                 Hall 2
                                                                                                          Á Tumkur                         NH4               Á From Vashwanthpura

                                                                                                                 Jindal Institute                                                                             Cross
                                                                                                                 of Naturopathy              Parli Karle
                                                                                                                 and Yogic Sciences

                                     Food        Hall 1
                                     Court   productronica
                  Center                                                                                 Free transportation service!
                                                                                                         In cooperation with selected hotels, we pro-
                                                                                                         vide registered fair visitors with a free shuttle
                                                                                                         service to the fairgrounds. More information
                                                                                                         will be available in time for the trade fair at

We want to make your trade fair participation as easy as possible –
while offering the individual options you need. This is not “conventional”
service, but an invitation to cooperate with us as a partner.


                                                      OUR SERVICES:
                     CUSTOMISED TO MEET YOUR NEEDS


We can make concrete suggestions for designing your stand. These stand packages have

proven themselves time and again and enjoy great acceptance with exhibitors.

Trend                                      Success                                     Communication                             Prestige

WE PROVIDE MORE THAN JUST SPACE – OUR                                                       MARKETING SERVICES:
                                                                                            Maximizing your participation at electronica India and productronica India
• Advertisements in the show directory
                                                                                            means using a whole new range of marketing tools before, during and
• Logo on main backdrop
• Company name and logo on visitor badges                                                   after the event. Whether you have a new product to launch, a brand to
• Logo on carry bags                                                                        unveil, marketing service will enable you to stand out in a crowd and drive
• Company logo and name on visitor invitation cards
                                                                                            more visitors to your booth or simply increase your visibility in the industry.
• Company name and logo on direction boards
• Logo and advertisement in show daily
• Logo in newspaper advertisements
• Conference sponsorship

                                                                                                        YO U R T R A D E - FA I R S U C C E S S C A N B E P L A N N E D !

                                                                                                        Our marketing services brochure gives you an overview of all

                                                                                                        the services we offer.

                                                                                                        Further information on marketing your trade-fair presence is

                                                                                                        available under www.electronica-india.com and

                                                                                                        www.productronica-india.com. We would be happy to advise

                                                                                                        you! Just contact our team to discuss your individual needs.

                          GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP:

The organizational proficiency of Messe München International (MMI) is unlikely
to be surpassed. This is due in part to the broad spectrum of exhibitions managed,
ranging from consumer and technological goods to capital goods and particularly
to high-tech industrial products.

But it is also MMI’s international experience that plays a major role   M M I : W O R L D - W I D E AT H O M E

                                                                        • Presenter of over 40 trade fairs throughout the world
in this proficiency: experience that has become broader and more
                                                                        • In Munich alone: over 30,000 exhibitors/year from over 100 countries,
in-depth through the company’s many years of active trade fair
                                                                           with over 2 million visitors from over 200 countries
management. This is especially true for the electronics industry.       • Active in 89 countries with 6 subsidiaries and 66 representatives
MMI is represented with its own highly successful trade fairs in

nearly all significant markets of this key industry.

                                                                        M M I : PA R T N E R O F T H E E L E C T R O N I C S I N D U S T RY
It is just this aspect that makes trade fairs put on by MMI so          • Presenter of the electronica and productronica in Munich,
attractive for many exhibitors: the know-how that MMI offers               the world’s leading electronics industry trade fairs
                                                                        • Network for the electronics industry with fairs in Asia, the Middle East
them – up to and including local expertise – is just as global as
                                                                           and South America
their businesses are.                                                   • Over 6,700 exhibitors
                                                                        • Over 244,000 visitors
                                                                        • Over 3,000 media representatives
This unique experience is also available to you, together with the
                                                                        • Strong local partners
many contacts and information that MMI continually provides.
                                                                        • Partnership with all important industry associations
Profit from it – you’ll see that it’s worth it!

                                                                                                      electronica India

The below list includes direct exhibitors, their principals,
agents, partners, sponsors and collaborators of electronica
India and productronica India 2009.

3S Swiss Solar Systems AG, Switzerland           Cencorp Corporation, Finland                     ERNI Asia Holdings Pte. Ltd., Singapore            Inchange Semiconductors
A                                                Ceramic Pieza Elements, Taiwan                   ERSA - Germany                                     Inde Enterprises, India
A & Weuga Precision Enterprise Co., Ltd.,        Chang Sung Corporation, Korea                    ESD Products                                       indiaMART.com, India
   Taiwan                                        Chang Yu Technology                              ESD Work, Korea                                    Indian Printed Circuit Association (IPCA), India
Aarjay, India                                    Chang Zhou Dazheng, China                        Essemtec AG, Switzerland                           Indo -German Chambers of Commerce (IGCC),
ABC Taiwan Electronics Corp., Taiwan             Chang Zhou Lida, China                           ETC                                                   India
Acculogic LLC, USA                               Chang Zhou Zhoushi, China                        ETM                                                Indo Italian Supplies
Acemi Optronics Technology, Hong Kong            Charlston Technologies Pte. Ltd., Singapore      Ets- Lindgren, USA                                 Industrial Electronic Engineers Inc., USA
ACL Inc., U.S.A                                  Checksum, USA                                    Eun Seong F. A. Co., Ltd., Korea                   iNeTest Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., India
ACT Scientific Co., Ltd., Taiwan                  Chemcut, USA                                     Europlacer U.K., U.K.                              Infantron (S) Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Adaptronic GmbH, Germany                         Chemi-Con                                        Everlight                                          Infantron Wire and Cable, Singapore
Advance Acoustic Technology Corpn.               Chetan Cabletronics Pvt. Ltd., India             EVEST Corporation                                  Ingun Prüfmetallbau, Germany
Advance Tech Services Pvt. Ltd., India           Ching Yi Technology                              Evolute Solution, India                            Integrated Silicon Solutions Inc.
Advanced Semiconductor Business Inc., Korea      Chroma APE, Inc,                                 Exar                                               Intematix
Advanced Techniques US Inc., (ATCO), USA         ChuangLian Electronic Components Co. Ltd.,       Excellence Wire Ind., Co., Ltd., Taiwan            Intercode Technology, India
AEG MIS, Germany                                   China                                          Exim & MFR Enterprises, Singapore                  Interflux Singapore Pte Ltd., Singapore/Belgium
AEI (DEMPA), Hong Kong                           Cinetech Industrial Co., Ltd., Taiwan            Extech Instruments, USA                            Intergraphic Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd., India
AEP Energy GmbH, Germany                         Circuit Automation, USA                          F                                                  International Marketing Corporation (IMC),
Affiliated Manufacturers Inc., USA                Circuit Board, Hong Kong                         F&K Delvotec, Germany                                 India
Agate & Agate Marketing Resources (I) Pvt.       Circuit Systems (India) Limited (CSIL), India    Fagor                                              Intra-Tech Machatronics Ltd., Hong Kong
   Ltd., India                                   Circuit Master Designs Limited. UK.              Fametech                                           Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG,
Agilent Technologies- USA/Singapore              Cirkit Electro-Components Pvt. Ltd., India       Ferrotec Corporation Singapore Pte. Ltd.,             Germany/India
Akasaka Electronics Ltd., India                  Cir-Q-Tech Tako Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India       Singapore                                       Ishii Hyoki corp
Akshar Metals Pvt. Ltd., India                   Cirris Solutions, Germany                        Fibre Abrasive Machineries Pvt. Ltd., India        ISSI
AlexanderElectric S.R.O, Czech Rep               Cirris Systems Corp., USA                        Filtronic Ab, Sweden                               IST AG, Switzerland
alibaba.com, India                               CM Envirosystems Pvt. Ltd., India                Finnsonic                                          ITC Intercircuit, Germany
Allied Devices (S) Pte. Ltd., Singapore          Cobar                                            First EIE                                          Ito Precision Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India
Amar Radio Corporation, India                    Coilmaster Electronics Co. Ltd.                  Fishman Inc., USA.                                 Itochu Systech, Singapore
Amara Raja Electronics, India                    Complus Systems Pvt. Ltd., India                 FONTON Industrial Co., Ltd., Taiwan                ITW Chemtronics (Circuit Works®) USA,
Ambitec Corporation                              Componix India, India                            Four-c-Tron, Bangalore, India                      ITW Simco, Japan / USA
Andhra Electronics Ltd., India                   Comweb                                           Frontline Electronics Ltd., India                  ITW Texwipe, Singapore
Anhui Youyi Electronics Co. Ltd., China          Connfly Electronic Co. Ltd., China                Fuhrmann Consulting Network, Germany               IWATTS
Ankit Impex, India                               Conquer, Taiwan                                  FUJI Machine Mfg. (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.,           J
Antrix associates, India                         Consortium of Electronic Industries in              Singapore                                       Jagruti Electronic technologies, India
Aplus Inc                                          Karnataka (CLIK), India                        Fujikon Industrial, Hong Kong                      Jai Agencies, India
Apollo Microwaves Ltd.                           Consumer Electronics and Manufacturers           Fujipoly Singapore, Singapore                      Janome, Japan
APS Printers, Taiwan                               Association (CEAMA), India                     Fujitsu                                            Japan Radio Co., Ltd. - Japan.
Aqtronics Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India          Continental Device India Limited (CDIL), India   Furnaces Inc, USA                                  Jave Yuan Electric Wire Co., Ltd., Taiwan
AR microwave Instrumentation, USA                Control Singals, India                           Futaba Corporation Japan                           JBC Industries SA - Spain
Argus ET                                         Cooltron                                                                                            Jesagi
Aristos EMS Pvt. Ltd., India                     Cooper Tools, GmbH                               G                                                  JET Technologies co. Ltd, Taiwan
                                                 Corfin Inc., Canada                               G&N Genauigkeitsmachinenbau Nürnberg
Artemis Opto Electronic Technology Pvt. Ltd.,                                                     GmbH, Germany                                      Jilin Sino- Microelectronics Co. Ltd., China
   India                                         Credo-tech, Germany                                                                                 Jing Mu International Exhibiion Co. Ltd., China
                                                 Cyber India Online Ltd., India                   Gaertner Scientific Corporation, USA
ARTOS Engineering Company, USA                                                                    Geissel, Germany                                   Joint Tech Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd., Taiwan
ASA Enterprises Corporation — Taiwan             D                                                General Circuit International, Hong Kong           Jovil Manufacturing Co., USA
Asahi Chemical Researche Lab (M) Sdn Bhd,        Daesung Micron Co. Ltd., Korea                   Genus Electrotech Ltd., India                      JT Universal Pte. Ltd., Singapore
   Malaysia                                      Dage Limited, UK                                 Gen-World Quartz Crystal Company Ltd.,             Juki Machinery India Pvt. Ltd., India
ASC International, USA                           Dailywell Electronics Co., Ltd., Taiwan            Hong Kong                                        Justice International Ltd., Hong Kong
Ascent Circuits, India                           DataPaq Ltd, UK                                  Giantlok India Pvt. Ltd., India                    K
Ascomp Inc, India                                DC (Dc Component C Ltd.), Taiwan                 GKG Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore                      K.S. Terminals
Ashby Cross Company                              DC Automation                                    Global SMT, India                                  Karl Ressler, Germany
Asia Kinetron Pte. Ltd., Singapore               Degson Electronics Co. Ltd., China               GLW GmbH, Germany                                  Kaynes Technology, India
Asic Advantage Inc.                              DEK, Singapore                                   GMS                                                KBR India, India
Asix                                             Denon, Japan                                     Goepel Electronics                                 KEMET
Assembléon Hong Kong Ltd., Hong Kong             Deprag Schulz GmbH, Germany                      Golden Jade Electronics, Hong Kong                 Kerry Ultrasonics Ltd., United Kingdom
ASSET Intertech Inc, USA                         Despatch Industries, USA                         Good Will Instrument Co. Ltd., Taiwan              Kester Components Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Associated Research Inc., USA                    Development Co. Ltd., China                      GOULD Electronics GmbH, Germany                    Keystone
Association Of Electronic Industries in          Digi International Inc.                          GPD Global                                         Kilews Industrial Co. Ltd.
   Singapore, Singapore                          Digital Circuits Pvt. Ltd., India                Grace Laminates                                    Kingboard Laminates, China
Asymtek, USA                                     Diode Inc., Taiwan                               Green Book, Singapore                              Kingbright Electronic Co., Ltd., Taiwan
Asys EKRA                                        Diotec AG Semiconductor, Germany                 GS Technology Pte. Ltd., Singapore                 Kinsun Industrial Inc., Taiwan
ATF GmbH, Germany                                Diptronics, Taiwan                               GT elektronik GmbH & Co. KG., Germany              KK India
ATG - Luthre & Maelzer                           Displaytech Ltd., HK                             GT Solar Technologies, USA                         KMIC Technology Inc.
Atma International                               Dixon Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., India        GTL Knodel GmbH                                    Kodenshi Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Atmel                                            DRPP, Hong Kong                                                                                     Kodera Electronics Company Ltd., Japan
Attend Technology Inc., Taiwan                   Dune Network                                     H                                                  Koki Co. Ltd., Tokyo
AUK Semiconductor (S) Pte Ltd., Singapore                                                         H. Fillunger & Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Aurotek Corporation-Taiwan
                                                 E                                                Hakko Corporation, Japan                           Koki Tec Corpn., Japan
                                                 East India Technologies, India                   Hakuto Co.                                         Kolb Cleaning – Germany
austriamicrosystems, Austria                     East Space Light, Shenzhen                                                                          Komax AG, Switzerland
Auto Insertion Machines, UIC, USA                                                                 Hangzhou Jingce Electronic Co. Ltd., China
                                                 EBSO Gmbh, Germany                               Hangzhou Leson Insulation Co. Ltd., China          Komax Automation India Pvt. Ltd., India
Auto Monitor, India                              Eclipse Microwave                                                                                   Koshin International Ltd., Hong Kong
Automa- Tech, France                                                                              Hangzhou Lin‘an JinJian Lighting Electricity Co.
                                                 ECN Asia                                           Ltd., China                                      Kristeel- Shinwa Industries Ltd., India
Autosplice Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore             Ecoprogetti, Italy                                                                                  KuSaBa Engineers Pvt. Ltd., India
Autotronik –SMT, Germany.                                                                         HARTING India Pvt. Ltd., India
                                                 Edison                                           Haryana State Ind. And Infr. Dvplt Corp. Ltd.,     Kuttler Automation
Avdel India Pvt. Ltd., India                     EDN Asia                                                                                            Kyoritsu Automation India Pvt. Ltd., India
Aven Tools Inc., USA                                                                                India
                                                 EEMB Battery, China                              Hcom Soanar India Pvt. Ltd., India                 Kyoritsu Test Systems, Japan
Avon Data Cables Pvt. Ltd., India                EEMB, HK                                                                                            Kyouiko Gear Mfg Co. Ltd.
AVX                                                                                               Helio Opto, taiwan
                                                 Eka Engineering Technics, India                  Heller Industries Inc., USA                        L
Axiom Energy Conversion Pvt. Ltd., India         Eko Instrument, Japan                            Hellermann Tyton, Singapore                        LAKES Precision Ltd., USA
B                                                EKRA                                             Hengli Electek, China                              Lamineries Matthey SA, Switzerland
Balver Zinn                                      Elcon Industrial, HK                             Hesse & Knipps, Germany                            LASERVORM GmbH, Germany
Beam Works Inc, USA                              Elec & Eltek Multilayer PCB Ltd., Hong Kong      HG Power, China                                    Lauffer, Germany
Bergen Associates, India                         Electrical & Electronics, India                  Hical technologies Pvt. Ltd., India                Leaptech Corporation, India
Bergen Electronics Ltd., India                   Electrolube, UK                                  Hitech Products, India                             Lechamp (S.E.A.) Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Bergen Systems Pvt. Ltd., India                  Electromaterials Agency, India                   HK Resistors, Hong Kong                            Leclanche Capacitors
Bernstein, Germany                               Electronic Industries Association of Andhra      HK Special Material Company, S. Korea              LED House
Beyond Technology, Israel                           Pradesh (ELIAP), India                        Hong Kong Trade Development Council,               Leo Circuite Boards Pvt. Ltd., India
Bluenext                                         Electronic Industries Association of India         Hong Kong                                        Lewis & Clarke , USA
Bolymin, Inc., Taiwan                               (ELCINA), India                               Hooray Electronics, USA                            Liket Corporation, Taiwan
Bowin Electronics Co. ltd, Hong Kong             Electronic Technology, India                     Hover Davis Inc., USA                              Lineage Power, India
Boyu - China                                     Electronic Tooling Solutions, India              Hubert Stüken, Germany                             Lippert Unipol, GmbH, Germany
BPM Microsystems- USA                            Electronics Bazaar, India                        Huntron                                            Lixi Inc., USA
Brady Company India Pvt. Ltd., India             Electronics For You, India                       Husan Mao Technology, Taiwan                       Locosys
Branson Ultrasonic (Asia Pacific) Co Ltd.,        Electronics Maker, India                         Huzhou Keda Magnetoelectricity Co. Ltd.,           Lords Systems & Services, India
  Hong Kong.                                     Electrosolve, India                                China                                            Lotus Systems GmbH
Brightking (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., China            Elektrobit Group. - Finland.                     Hybrid Metals Pvt. Ltd., India                     LPKF D.o.o. - Slovenia
Bruderer Pressess India Pvt. Ltd., India         Elite, Taiwan                                    Hynetic Electronics Pvt. Ltd., India               LPKF, Germany
C                                                ELM International, Japan                                                                            Luke Electronic Devices, India
CAB Produkttechnik GmbH, Germany                 ELMIKA                                           I                                                  Luma Metall AB, Sweden
                                                 EM Asia                                          I & J Fisnar, USA
CAMTEK Ltd., Israel                                                                               i.Pulse Co., Ltd., Japan (Previously Tenryu        Luxon data
Captain Inc., Taiwan                             EMST Marketing Pvt. Ltd., India
Carpenter Mfg. Co. Inc., USA                     Emtest, Switzerland                                 Technics)                                       M
                                                 Endeas Oy, Finland                               IA Community Media Pvt. Ltd., India                M.POS Terminals Ltd., Hong Kong
CCPIT Electronics and information industry sub                                                    IBM                                                Machvision
  - Council, China                               Engineer Inc, Japan
                                                 Epitome Components Ltd., India                   ICOS Vision Systems, Belgium                       Malcom, Japan
Ceder, Japan                                                                                      Ideal Industries Inc., USA                         MAM Inc., USA
China Electronics International Exhibition and   Epotek Electronics Co., Ltd., Taiwan
                                                 EPS Worldwide, India                             IMAG Internationaler Messe- und                    MANN Electronics, India
  Advertising Company Ltd., China                                                                    Ausstellungsdienst GmbH, Germany
                                                 Equipment AG, Germany
The below list includes direct exhibitors, their principals,
agents, partners, sponsors and collaborators of electronica
India and productronica India 2009.

Manufacturers Association of Information         PIC, Germany                                     SIAT s. p. a., Italy                               Toshiba Semiconductors
  Technology (MAIT), India                       Piergiacomi Sud. S. R. L.— Italy                 Siemens Electronics Assembly Pte Ltd.,             Totech, Japan
Martin GmbH, Germany                             Pikor                                               Singapore                                       Toyo Communication Equipment Co. Ltd.,
MAT, Israel                                      PM Engineering- USA                              Sierratherm Production                                Japan
Maxecho Technology Corporation                   Pousto - China                                   Sigma                                              Toyo Living Co. Ltd. Japan
Maxim SMT Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India          Power Integration., USA                          SigmaPrint Technologies Ltd. - UK                  Toyota Tsusho (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., India
Maxstream                                        Power Integrators                                Silicon Storage Technologies                       trade 4 india.com, India
MCM Cosmic, Japan                                Power Mater Technology Co. Ltd, Taiwan           Silicon Tech One, India                            tradeindia.com, India
MEC, Belgium                                     Princeton technology Corporation                 Siricom Technology, India                          TransTechnology Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Mecal s.r.l., Italy.                             Prismatic Engineering Pvt. Ltd., India           Slaughter Company Inc., USA                        Transwitch
MEDA China                                       Pro Innovative Technologies Ltd., India          SLE electronic GmbH, Germany                       Trek INC, USA
Meder, Germany                                   PROSEM Technology India Pvt. Ltd., India         SLN Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India                  Treston Oy, Finland
Meds Technologies Pte Ltd., Singapore            Prosurge Electronics Co. Ltd., China             SM Electronic Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India        Triphase Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India
MegaPhase LLC, USA                               Protectron Electromech (P) Ltd., India           SM Semiconductors, India                           Truly Semiconductors Ltd., Hong Kong
Meier Group, Germany                             Pruftechnik – Germany                            Smart Techie, India                                TT Electronics, USA
MEL Systems and Services Ltd., India             Psion, Korea                                     SMD Electro Components, India                      TWS Automation, Italy
Memmert GmbH, Germany                            Pulse Singapore Pte. Ltd, Singapore              SMH Technologies S.r.l, Italy                      Tyco M/A-Com, USA
Memphis, Germany                                 Punith Electronics, India                        SMT India, India                                   TY-OHM Electronics Work
Micrel Inc. USA                                  PVA, USA                                         SMT Maschinen and Vertriebs GmbH & Co.             U
Micrometals Inc, USA                             Q                                                   KG, Germany.                                    U Blox
Microcraft, India                                Qmax Test Equipments Pvt. Ltd., India            SOLBOT National Electronics, Taiwan                UEI (Uppermost Electronic Ind. Co. Ltd.),
Micropack Limited, India                         Quest Microwave Inc                              SOMONT, Germany                                    Taiwan
Microsemi, USA                                                                                    Sony, Japan                                        U-Gear Automatic Machinery Co. Ltd., Taiwan
Microtech Ltd, UK                                R                                                Source Technologi, India                           UL Management Systems Solutions India Pvt.
MIE, Germany                                     Rabbit                                           South west Energy, USA
                                                 Rabyte Electronics Pvt. Ltd, India                                                                    Ltd., India
Miles Platts, UK                                                                                  SPEA s.r.l., Italy.                                ULMER GmbH, Germany
Millenium Semiconductors, India                  Rajamane Telectric (P) Ltd., India               Spectra Innovation, India
                                                 Ramakrishna Electro Components Pvt. Ltd.,                                                           Ultrasonic Systems Inc., USA
Minmax Energy Technology Co. Ltd., China                                                          Spectrum Technologies PLC, UK                      Unified Electronics (India) Ltd., India
Miracle Electronic Devices Pvt. Ltd., India         India                                         Speedline Speciality Coating Systems, USA
                                                 Rami Technology ( Asia) Ltd.                                                                        Unified Electro-Tech Ltd., India
Mirae Corporation, Korea.                                                                         SPEEDLINE Technologies Inc. - Singapore.           Union Tools
Mitsubishi Electric                              Rangsons Electronics Pvt. Ltd., India            Speedline Technologies Inc. - Accel, USA
                                                 RARA Electronics Corpn. Korea                                                                       Uniplus Electronics Co. Ltd, Taiwan
Modco, Inc                                                                                        Speedline Technologies Inc. - Camalot, USA         Unisert Machines (I) Pvt. Ltd., India
Monolithic Power Systems                         RBI Asia, Singapore                              Speedline Technologies Inc. - Electrovert, USA
                                                 RBP Technology (I) Pvt. Ltd., India                                                                 United Technologies Inc., India
Mornsun GuangZhou Science & Tech Co. Ltd.,                                                        Speedline Technologies Inc. - MPM, USA             Universal Instruments Corporation, USA
  China                                          RCD Components, USA                              Speedprint Technology Ltd., UK
                                                 RCL displays Ltd, Hong Kong                                                                         UPEC Electronics, Taiwan
Motorola M2M modules                                                                              Sprague Goodman                                    UPEK
Mouser                                           RD Electronics, India                            Sri City (P) Ltd., India
                                                 Recom Asia Pte. Ltd. - Singapore.                                                                   USC Mosis
MRK Engineers Pvt. Ltd., India                                                                    SRV Technologies, India                            UTC (Unisonic Tech Co Ltd), Taiwan
MSC Polymer AG, Germany                          RENA GmbH, Germany                               STADO GmbH, Germany
                                                 Renesas ( Hitachi)                                                                                  UTC Semiconductors
Mühlbauer, Germany                                                                                Stangl Semiconductor                               Uvemura International, Singapore
Muraki                                           Renesas Technology, Japan                        Statclean Technology India Pvt. Ltd., India
                                                 Reo Inductive Components, Germany                                                                   Uyemura International (S) Pte Ltd. Singapore
Murata Electronics Singapore P Ltd., Singapore                                                    Static Systems Pvt. Ltd., India
Musashi Engineering Inc., Japan                  RiT Display, Taiwan                              Steca GmbH, Germany                                V
                                                 Rittal India Pvt. Ltd., India                    Stocretec, Germany                                 Valgro Engineers Pvt. Ltd., India
N                                                Rofin Lasers                                      Storm Products Company                             Valor Computerized Systems, Ltd., Israel
Nagshetia Technologies,India                     Rogers corporation                                                                                  Varitronix Ltd., Hong Kong
Nantong Xingchen Electron Co. Ltd., China                                                         Strategic Research and Marketing, India
                                                 Roth & Rau Oberflachentechnik AG, Germany         Strong Shine Ltd., Hong Kong                       VCC
Narda Batteries                                  ROYALOHM, Thailand                                                                                  VDE Testing and Certification Institute,
Narda , Germany                                                                                   Sumitron Exports Pvt. Ltd., India
                                                 Rugao Dachang Electronics Co. Ltd., China        Summitek Technologies                                Germany
Narda, Italy                                     Ruhlamat, Germany                                                                                   VDMA India, India
National Products, India                                                                          Sunhold (Sunhold Electric Inc), Taipei
                                                 S                                                Sunlight Industries Ltd, India                     VDMA Productronic
National Solbot Electronics, Taiwan                                                                                                                  Vector Informatik GmbH, Germany
NAV8 Pte. Ltd., Singapore.                       S J Inno Tech, Korea                             Sunny Boom, Taiwan
                                                 Saki Corporation, Japan                          Sunon Wealth Electric Machine Industry Co.         Velankani Technology Parks Pvt. Ltd., India
Navion Electronics Pvt. Ltd., India                                                                                                                  Venable instruments
NCN Technologies, India                          Samsung Electro Mechanics                           Ltd.
                                                 Samsung SDI                                      Suntech Print Circuit Board (HK) Co. Ltd.,         Vergason Technology Inc., USA
Neural Systems Pvt. Ltd., India                                                                                                                      Victory Electronics Inc, taiwan
New Electronics, Hong Kong                       Samwha Capacitor                                    Hong Kong
                                                 Sanwei, China                                    Super Mount Pack Pvt. Ltd., India                  Viking Tech Corporation, Taiwan
Nexray Pte Ltd., Singapore                                                                                                                           Vinyas Innovative Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India
NIC Components Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore         Sanyo Energy Corp., Japan                        Super World Electronics (S) Pte. Ltd., Singapore
                                                 Sanyou Electrical Appliances Co. Ltd.            Surface Mount Technology - Indian Chapter          Viscom Machine Vision Pte Ltd., Singapore
NICA Technologie (India) Pvt. Ltd., India                                                                                                            Vishay
Nikkei Electronics Asia, Hong Kong               Sarantel                                            (SMTA - IC), India
                                                 Sayaka Company Ltd., Japan                       Suzuki Co. Ltd, Japan                              Vision Technology, Inc., USA
Ningbo Forward Relay Corp. Ltd., China                                                                                                               Vital Electrocomp
Ningbo Jintian Copper (Group) Co. Ltd., China    Scancad International, USA                       Swiss Polymeric Corporation Ltd., Hong Kong
                                                 ScanDisk                                         Syratron Marketing Pvt. Ltd., India                Vital Electronics & Manufacturing, India
Ningbo Xinya United Tech. Co. Ltd., China                                                                                                            Vi-Technology
Ningbo Yinzhou Helishun Electron Co. Ltd.,       SCB Interconnection Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India   Syrma Technology Pvt. Ltd., India
                                                 Schafer Werkzeung-und Sondermaschinenbau         Systems and Components, India                      Vitronics Soltec Pte Ltd, Singapore
  China                                                                                                                                              VJ Electronix, USA
NMTronics India Pvt. Ltd., India                    GmbH, Germany                                 T
Noiseken, Japan                                  Schlenk Metallfolien GmbH & Co. KG,              Tag International, USA                             W
NSK ( Jenjaan Quartek Corporation), Taiwan          Germany                                       Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturer‘s    Wafe Hardware Electronics Co. Ltd., China
Nuline Technologies, India                       Schleuniger AG, Switzerland                         Association (TEEMA), Taiwan                     Walsin Corporation
Nutek Pte Ltd., Singapore                        Schroff GmbH, Germany                            Taiwan Semiconductor Co. - Taiwan                  Walter Lemmen, Germany
NXP Semiconductors India Pvt. Ltd., India        Schunk Ultraschalltechnik GmbH, Germany          Taiyo Electric Ind. Co. Ltd., Japan (Brand GOOT)   Water Jet Germany Pvt. Ltd.
                                                 Scientific Microwave Corporation                  Takaya Group                                       Water Jet, Sweden
O                                                Search, India                                    Tako Astatic Technologies, Malaysia                Watts
O Ring                                           SECO                                                                                                WeP Periphals Ltd., India
ODU Steckverbindungs Systems, GmbH &                                                              Takoma, Japan
                                                 Seho Systems GmbH, Germany.                      Tangteck Equipment Inc., Taiwan                    Wey Hwang Co., Ltd., Taiwan
  Co. K.G                                        Seica SpA, Italy.                                                                                   WINB
OK International Ltd, UK                                                                          Taoglass Ltd, Ireland
                                                 Seiko Maxstream                                  Taying Enterprises, Taiwan                         Winchester Electronics, USA
Okano (S) Pte. Ltd., Singapore                   Selen, China                                                                                        Winson Semiconductors, Taiwan
Okano Electric Company Limited, Japan                                                             TBM Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd., India
                                                 Semileds Opto Electronics Co Ltd, Taiwan         TDT                                                Winstar Display Co. Ltd., Taiwan
OKI Semiconductor, Singapore                     Sensiron                                                                                            Wipro Technologies, India
Olamef S.R.L., Italia                                                                             Tech spray/Plato Products. — USA
                                                 Seoul Chemical Research, Korea                   Techni Tool, USA                                   Wise Srl, Italy
OLEC, USA                                        Seoul Semiconductor                                                                                 WMEC Electronics
Omega Products Pvt. Ltd., India                                                                   TECH-SONIC Inc., USA
                                                 Sequans Communications                           Techwell                                           Wolfgang Warmbier, Germany
Omniscient Electronics Pvt. Ltd., India          Serfillo International, UK                                                                           World Mastery Technology, Hong Kong
Ondal Industrietechnik GmbH, Germany.                                                             Techwise Circuits, HK
                                                 Shanghai Changyuan Wayon Circuit Protection,     Tecnicon Precision Ltd., UK                        Wuerth Electronik India Pvt. Ltd., India
Orbis (India) Pvt. Ltd., India                      China                                                                                            Wuhan Sunic Science & Technology
Ortel Laser, USA                                                                                  Tectus
                                                 Shanghai Yongming Electronic Co. Ltd., China     Teeming Machinery (India) Pvt. Ltd., India          Development Co. Ltd., China
Osborn International GmbH, Germany               Sharp Cables & Connectors, India                                                                    Würth Elecktronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG,
Osborn Lippert India Pvt. Ltd., India                                                             Teer Coatings Ltd., UK
                                                 Sharp, Singapore                                 Teklynx, Singapore                                  Germany
OSDC, Japan                                      Shenmao Technology Inc.
Osram Opto Semiconductor                         Shenzen Sveck Technologies Co. Ltd., China
                                                                                                  Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association
                                                                                                     (TEMA), India
Outback Power, USA                                                                                                                                   Xeltek Inc, USA
                                                 Shenzhen Ampron Sensitive Comp. Ltd., China      Teledyne Technologies                              XYZTEC BV, The Netherlands
P                                                Shenzhen B& K tech. Co. Ltd., China              TEMG TAI, Taiwan
Pacific Trinetics Corp., USA                      Shenzhen Better Power Battery Co. Ltd., China    Teamwell                                           Y
Paladin Tools — USA                              Shenzhen CSD Electronics Co. Ltd., China         Tennrich International Corp., Taiwan               Yageo/Phycomp Taiwan.
Panacol –Elosol GmbH, Germany                    Shenzhen Daya Electronics Co. Ltd., China        Terchy Envrionmental Technology Ltd- Taiwan        Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., Japan
PARMI, Korea                                     Shenzhen GHD Electronics Co. Ltd., China         Test and Research, India                           Yan Cheun Co. ltd, Hong Kong
Pavan Industries, India                          Shenzhen Jinke Special Materials Co. Ltd.,       Testel Solutions Pte Ltd., Singapore               Yestech, USA
PCB Power (India) Ltd., India                       China                                         The Eraser Company Inc., USA                       Yika Creative Ltd., Hong Kong
PCT Industries, Hong Kong                        Shenzhen Si Semiconductors Co. (SISEMI)          The German Electrical and Electronics              Young Jin, Korea
Peach Computers, India                           Shenzhen Sunyes Electronic Manf. Co. Ltd.,          Manufacturers Association (ZVEI), Germany       Young Yak Enterprises Co. Ltd, Taiwan
Pearson Electronics                                 China                                         The German Electrical Machinery and Plant          Yuntong Power Co. Ltd., China
Pemco Euroinks
Pentagal Chemie
                                                 Shijiazuang The 4th Radio factory, China
                                                 Shishido Electostatic Ltd., Japan (Brand SSD)
                                                                                                     Manufacturers Assn (VDMA), Germany              Z
                                                                                                  Titan Time Products Limited (TTPL), India          ZEVAC AG - Switzerland.
Pentair Water India Pvt. Ltd., India             Shoda                                            Tomita Electric Co., Japan                         Zheijiang Taida Miniature Elec. Machinery Co.
Pericom Semiconductor Corporation                SHT, Seong Han Tech, Korea                       Topline USA                                          Ltd., China
Persang Alloy Industries, India                  Shuttle Star, China                              Topway                                             Zoller + Frohlich GmbH, Germany
Phoenix X-Ray Systems – Germany                  Si Time                                          Torex Semiconductors Japan
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        SPONSORS/CO-SPONSORS                                                                                                                                       ORGANIZER

                                                                                                                                                                   • MESSE MÜNCHEN INTERNATIONAL
        • AEIS – Association of Electronics Industries in Singapore

        • CCPIT – China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

        • CEIEC – China National Electronics Import and Export Corporation
                                                                                                                                                                   C O N TA C T
        • CLIK – Consortium of Electronic Industries in Karnataka

        • ELCINA – Electronic Industries Association of India                                                                                                      Messe München GmbH
        • ELIAP – Electronic Industries Association of Andhra Pradesh                                                                                              Messegelände
                                                                                                                                                                   81823 München
        • IET – The Institution of Engineering and Technology, India
        • IGCC – Indo-German Chamber of Commerce                                                                                                                   Tel. (+49 89) 9 49 – 2 03 25
        • IPCA – Indian Printed Circuit Association                                                                                                                Fax (+49 89) 9 49 – 9 72 03 25
                                                                                                                                                                   E-Mail: info@productronica-india.com
        • SMTA-IC – Surface Mount Technology Association – India Chapter
        • TEEMA – Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association

        • VDMA – The German Machinery and Plant Manufacturers’ Association
                                                                                                                                                                   Messe München International India Pvt. Ltd.
        • ZVEI – The German Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association
                                                                                                                                                                   Lalani Aura, 5th Floor, 34th Road, Khar (West)
                                                                                                                                                                   Mumbai - 400 052, India
                                                                                                                                                                   Tel. (+91 22) 26 45 21 01 02 03
                                                                                                                                                                   Fax (+91 22) 26 51 63 72
                                                                                                                                                                   E-mail: info@mmi-india.in

        • Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications

             and Information Technology, Government of India

        • BMWi – The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

        • UKTI – UK Trade and Investment

        • HKTDC – Hong Kong Trade and Development Council

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