Second Wedding Ideas And Etiquette- Announcing The Engagement

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					If you are planning to get married for the second time, all the details will not be
something new to you but there will still be subtle differences in the etiquette and
ideas for second weddings. We will assume that you have now already announced to
the children and parents on both sides as well as the ex-partners that you are to be
married again. These are the people closest to you and who will be directly affected
by your decision therefore this is your first priority.

The next step will then be to make it known to all your friends and other family about
your important decision. Some ways to make this announcement will be via
newspaper, email, by phone or by having an engagement party. Any method is
acceptable and it depends on which one will be most convenient for you to use.

Although this is generally the rule with a first marriage, the parents will most likely
not be hosting the second engagement party but you may have some friends and
family who would like to do it. Maybe they introduced the bride and groom-to-be and
want to celebrate your happiness with you. Chances are they will let you know
upfront if they are willing to host the party.

It is not etiquette for the couple to be hosting an engagement party but you can have a
party and then announce that you are engaged. There is a difference and this will not
be a gift-giving event though since we do not host gift-giving events for ourselves. As
you can see there are some differences in second wedding ideas and etiquette.

Since either or both of you have been married before, you will already have most
items necessary for running a household and besides you may feel uncertain about
registering for gifts. It is perfectly acceptable to register for a second or encore
marriage. Even though you may not need a lot for your household, many people will
feel like celebrating with you by giving you something and they would appreciate the
guidance as to your taste and what you may need or would just like to have.

The fact that you have already either lost or divorced your first partner should not put
a damper on the joy of this celebration. Your family and true friends will be happy for
you and will certainly be delighted to help you discover new ideas and the correct
etiquette for your second wedding.