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Second Wedding Etiquette And Ideas- Invitations by aihaozhe2


									It is important for the couple getting married to set a budget and discuss all the details
of the wedding. Share all your expectations and dreams with each other. You are
getting a second chance to plan a wedding that suits your relationship, personalities
and style. Make sure you gather information about the etiquette and ideas for second
weddings. This article will cover the details of the invitations.

Firstly you have to decide who will be invited to the wedding. This is where you will
have to draw the line between going big and bold or having a small, intimate
gathering. Of course you can invite anybody you want but the deciding factor will
probably be your budget.

I would advise against inviting ex-spouses or former out-laws (just kidding!) even if
you are on good terms. Because of your previous ties they may get melancholy and
make other guests uncomfortable which may spoil your special day. You should use
your discretion though.

Etiquette for announcing a second wedding is pretty much the same as for the first. It
is commonly done by the couple nowadays but the parents can make the
announcement if they wish. People who were not invited to the wedding should only
receive an announcement after the ceremony.

The norm is to use heavy card stock for formal weddings, verbal invitations for
informal events and any of an enormous array of invitations for semi-formal
occasions. The same etiquette applies to second weddings. I would not recommend
emailing invitations if you want a small, informal wedding though. Regular mail or
even a phone call is much more personal and it is a special occasion after all.

You can find samples of wording for second wedding invitations hosted by the couple

or if it is hosted by the parents at

and      if    it    is    hosted      by          the      couple's      children      at

You can use it as is or tweak it to suit your taste. Any of these samples are acceptable.

Even if you do not want gifts please do not say that on the invitation. This implies that
you were expecting gifts. This is not considered correct etiquette but you can convey
the message by word of mouth or by mentioning it on your wedding website if you
have one. These can be created easily and is a great way to share your whole happy
story with others.

As you can see there definitely are differences between the first and second wedding
etiquette and ideas. But thanks to the Internet you do not have to spend hours anymore
trying to find out what the correct procedure is.

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