Scrapbook Frames - Fun Ways to Use Scrapbook Frames

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					If you have fun creating scrapbook pages, then you'll love displaying your favorite
scrapbook pages in scrapbook frames. Scrapbook frames allow you to put your
creative and artistic nature to work and showcase your scrapbook talents on the walls
of your home or office. Scrapbook frames are great for all kinds of things so here are
just a few ways to have fun with them.

1) Rotating Fun: By using scrapbook picture frames, you can rotate different
scrapbook pages regularly on your wall to go with the seasons, holidays or special
occasions. It can help decorate your house for different holidays or can be used as a
way to formally recognize your kid's accomplishments on the wall.

2) Theme it Up: Create a scrapbook page and hang it your scrapbook frame displaying
a specific theme. Any theme will work like your honeymoon, favorite sports teams,
your pets, special vacations and lots more. You can use just about anything to decorate
your page so the only limitation you have is your own imagination.

3) Personalized Gift: Scrapbooking frames make a wonderful gift for friends and
family at the holidays or for special occasions, such as a birthday or anniversary. By
creating a scrapbook page to fit the person's interests and personality you'll be giving
a truly unique and one-of-a-kind gift. You can use pictures, write messages and use
keepsakes to create a personalized gift they will be sure to treasure for years to come.

4) Family Tradition: Your kids will grow up so fast, so why not savor the memories
by creating a monthly scrapbook page of your kids lives? Making monthly scrapbook
pages for each of your kids will be a family tradition that you'll love doing together.
Not only will you teach them the importance of art and family, but you'll have a
special keepsake that you'll always treasure. Every month when you create a new
page, you can proudly display it in your scrapbook frame for each of your kids. This
way it recognizes your children's accomplishments and helps you enjoy the memories.

5) Favorite Grandparents Gift: Do you have children and your parents or in-laws live
a long ways away? You can create a scrapbook page representing important
milestones in your kids lives and give it to them in a scrapbook frame. By giving them
a scrapbook frame they can rotate new scrapbook pages so they always feel a part of
their grandchildren's lives even though they may not get to see them regularly.

With so many fun ideas to display, you can find scrapbook frames in a wide variety of
colors, shapes, and sizes, so you're sure to be able to find exactly what you want. Now
when you create the perfect scrapbook page, all you need to do is find a scrapbook
frame that will fit it perfectly.

If you enjoy scrapbooking, then you already know the many benefits and enjoyment
of creating a book of memories. With scrapbook picture frames, they allow you to
take that scrapbooking love to another level by proudly displaying it on the wall of
your home. Scrapbook frames are simply a fantastic way to unleash your love of and
passion for creating beautiful memory keepsakes and sharing it with your friends and