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									James P. French
2239 NW 41st Place
Gainesville, Florida 32605
(352) 264-9984
email: jfsurfer@bellsouth.net

January 25, 2011

I have several years of experience in the engineering, designing, and manufacturing of various electrical
and optical/mechanical products and equipment, starting from initial concepts through all manufacturing
and production stages. I have the ability to utilize the latest in mechanical technology, and provide quality
designs that are easy to maintain and meet all specified requirements.

The following includes some of my most technical skills:

   Trained and proficient in the use of Solidworks, AutoCAD 2000 and Mechanical Desktop 6 software.

   Automated equipment design and fabrication, including mechanical interface with PLC and automation
    control electronics and software. In-Line conveyor system design and fabrication using various
    standard pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, lifters, and manipulation components.

   Extensive knowledge base of mechanisms and assemblies used for positioning and actuation of
    optical and mechanical components. Many of which need to be precise to .0001” or better either at
    room or cryogenic temperatures.

   Knowledge of Dimensioning Standards, including Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing; ANSI
    Standard Practices, as well as Governmental & Military Standards. Also, extensive work with ISO
    drafting standards used in on projects in Spain, Japan, and many other countries.

   Creation of Bills-Of-Materials and procurement from various vendors and suppliers.

   Supervision of Document Control, updating and revision of all drawings to reflect design changes &
    improvements during all phases of manufacturing and production.

   Ability to operate and train others in the use of complex computer software applications. Applications
    include Solidworks, Pro-Engineer, AutoCAD & Mechanical Desktop, third party engineering tools,
    database software, word processors, spreadsheets, and e-mail systems.

   Ability to analyze and interpret professional journals, technical procedures, or regulations; write
    reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals; effectively present information and
    respond to questions from groups of managers, engineers, and customers.

   Please feel free to visit my website www.astro.ufl.edu/~french to see a portfolio of some of my most
    recent accomplishments. The “GTC” page is quite extensive and I have recently added images there.

Thank you for your consideration.


James P. French
James P. French
(352) 264-9984
email: jfsurfer@bellsouth.net


Mechanical Designer/Engineer with 13 years of dynamic manufacturing experience in the areas of
documentation, production, assembly, and customer support.

Extensive work experience and skills include:
       • Production line automated equipment design and fabrication
       • SolidWorks, Pro-Engineer, & AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop
       • Design of intricate mechanical assemblies for accurate positioning and actuation
       • Project Supervision
       • Document Management
       • Machine Shop Processes
       • Computer Platforms and Software
       • Tool Design
       • Vendor Contacts

Career Experience

Sept, 1999 – Present                                                  University of Florida, Staff
Mechanical Engineer                                                   Gainesville, Florida

Accepted position within the Astronomy Department based on extensive work experience with optical and
infrared imaging devices (see experience at Infrared Labs 1987-1996). Position involves every aspect of
engineering from initial concepts, thru purchasing and procurement, and finally into fabrication and testing
of various high technology instruments used in infrared imaging on large telescopes. Interface with
customers and remote facilities, which included retrofit and upgrade for instrument installation. Provide
presentations of designs and convey strategic mechanical engineering issues, which provide confidence
with instrument performance and characteristics. Extensive use of Solidworks and AutoCAD in
documenting each component and assembly, as well as generating complete operating and maintenance
manuals for the end user. Designed systems include advanced integration of electronic and mechanical
solutions for remote operation either on location or from alternate site located across the United States.
Many assemblies consist of mechanical slides, gears, and standard actuation components that are
integrated into an instrument that can be remotely driven. The assemblies are then controlled via stepper
motors, indexers and various other electro-mechanical devices to aid in the automation and function of the
instrument. The core of each system is based on an infrared array of which an optical beam needs to be
precisely guided onto the substrate through various optical filters and components. Visit my webpage at
www.astro.ufl.edu/~french to see a few examples of one of my more challenging projects “GTC”.


      Developed and maintained a system for organizing design libraries compatible with the
       organization’s information system goals.
      Began work on completing a Master’s degree in Mechanical engineering, to help increase my skills
       and provide better analysis of critical design concepts.
      Increased personal knowledge of remote driven optical, mechanical and electronic devices for
       integration into project requirements.
Jan. 1998 – Sept. 1999                                                Vapor Technologies, Inc.
Mechanical Engineer                                                   Longmont, CO

Mechanical Engineering & Design Support for Low Temperature Arc Vapor Deposition equipment. Duties
include reviewing and revising current mechanical design packages to meet specific customer installation
and performance requirements. Use of Solidworks, AutoCAD and AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop to
design automated mechanical delivery systems suitable for a vacuum chamber environment. Basic
systems involved mechanical delivery and actuation of components, which are fed into a chamber for
plating. Designed several conveyor systems to transport vehicles in and out of extremely large vacuum
chambers using a variety of PLC, pneumatic, and hydraulic components.                 Please refer to
www.vaportech.com to find more information on the types of systems I helped to design and maintain at
Vapor Technologies.


      Completed additional Solidworks software training and assisted in the training of other employees.
      Reviewed, organized & generated extensive drawing/BOM packages for several different types of
       automated deposition and coating machines.
      Generated designs in cooperation with other senior engineers and research scientists, and
       provided interface with various outside vendors as well as materials procurement.
      Increased experience with mechanical integration of automated equipment and delivery systems.

April 1996 – Jan 1998                                                 Moltech, Corporation
Mechanical Engineer I                                                 Tucson, Arizona

Engineering and design of automated assembly and fabrication equipment along with fixtures and jigs to
increase fabrication output and quality. Management of all projects ranging from initial concepts, detailing
drawings, and finally onto material procurement and assembly for all components. Extensive use of
communication skills in used in contracting vendors for manufacturing of all projects. Duties included
mechanical engineering, designing, drawing, component and material selection, procurement, and overall
final assembly. All projects were used for support in research and development of manufacturing AA
batteries on a production line. Many Designs and specifications were for several different pieces of capital
equipment used in the manufacturing of Lithium polymer based “AA” size batteries. Manufacturing lines
were producing 4-20 parts per minute. Please visit www.moltechpower.com to find more information on
the types of systems I helped to design and maintain at Vapor Technologies. Also see below for more
recent work done in this area at PTE in Gainesville, FL.


      Reviewed assembly line requirements, and implemented the appropriate tooling to increase
       production efficiency and reliability.
      Provided support to research scientists and technicians, increasing product development, by using
       the best of my mechanical engineering background.
      Successfully completed several training programs for using Pro-Engineer software modules.

October, 1987 - April, 1996                                           Infrared Laboratories, Inc.
Mechanical Design Supervisor                                          Tucson, Arizona

Provided mechanical design and engineering support, including supervision of projects starting from initial
concepts through production and assembly. Implemented document control procedures and maintained
specifications for manufacture. Responsible for selecting equipment and tools required to complete
projects, and to supervise their implementation. Management duties included interviewing, training
employees; planning, assigning, and directing work schedules. Manage procurement and subcontracting
of various vendors for processes completed outside of the company. Extensive use of AutoCAD,
spreadsheets, and word-processing programs to document all projects. Company’s main product was
high technology infrared imagining equipment. Extensive work with cryogenics, optics, mechanical
actuation mechanisms and high vacuum technology were just a few of the areas I was directly responsible
for. Please visit www.irlabs.com for a few samples of the types of projects of which I was directly
responsible for designing and building.

    Developed and maintained system for organizing design libraries compatible with the
      organization’s information system goals.
    Assisted in developing customized computer workstations to increase productivity and efficiency
      within the company.
    Redesigned product components and introduced standard component integration, resulting in
      lower manufacturing costs and increased product quality.
    Solved practical engineering problems that dealt with a wide variety of concrete variables in
      situations where only limited standardization existed.

Consulting Experience & Short Term Contract Experience

Jan, 1998 - March, 1999                                                Nano Materials Research Corp
Mechanical Design Supervisor                                           Longmont, CO

Design and fabrication of various type of equipment used for the production of “nano” sized materials such
as Silicon Carbide for use in various products such as micro-electronics and ceramics. The material
fabrication chamber basically was a DC plasma torch mounted about a nozzle in which the base elements
were added and combusted. The products (or nano powders) were gathered in a vacuum type chamber
via a Gore-tex bag and then either shipped to customers or put to use in various research projects. One
such project involved the use of the nano-powder to increase properties of ceramic materials for a NASA
project. I had to design several types of ceramic processing equipment as well as retrofit a few existing
ones purchased from a supplier. For more information about some of the devices and types of work I did
here please visit www.nrcorp.com

April, 1999 - Sept, 1999                                               High Precision Devices
Mechanical Design Supervisor                                           Boulder, CO

Work very similar to that done both at University of Florida and Infrared labs. Designed an infrared
cryostat to hold several types of optical components and an infrared detector, instrument eventually was
delivered to Battelle Labs in Washington State. Worked on several projects to refurbish some equipment
for NCAR in Boulder. Also integrated an infrared laser into a pistol for a company that supplied them to
the military for “laser tag” training. Also refer to www.hpd-online.com for a few samples of the type of work
I was responsible for there.

March, 2001 - Present                                                  PTE
Mechanical Designer                                                    Gainesville, Florida

Continuation of work similar to Moltech, see above. Former supervisor from Moltech presently owns a
business here in Gainesville where I have done some work for him designing automated machines
(stations) used in an assembly line for production of batteries. Use of mechanical indexers, electrical
motors, and PLC components as well as pneumatic and hydraulic actuation devices were used. To see a
small sample of station I designed please visit my website www.astro.ufl.edu/~french and click on the PTE
link. I have presented a good example of machined that was designed to form a groove on the side of the
battery “Can” where a lid could then be placed and crimp sealed at the next station in the assembly line.


Pima Community College, Mechanical Drafting
University of Arizona, Aerospace Engineering
University of Florida, Mechanical Engineering

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