Savoy Hotel- Review of the Savoy Hotel in Rome

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					When in Rome do as any upstanding roman would; stay at the Savoy Hotel Rome.
After a completely relaxing three day stay at the luxurious Savoy Hotel you will have
nothing but positive things to say. The location is perfect and the amenities are top
notch. But wait...there's more.

The Hotel Savoy in Rome is Centrally Located To Enjoy the City.

The Hotel Savoy is in the center of Rome just off via Veneto and a heartbeat away
from the Villa Borghese gardens, Museum Borghese, Piazza di Spagna, and the
amazing Trevi Fountains. All major cultural features and attractions as well as the
tourist "sites to see" are nearby. It is also within a stones throw of the famous Italian
shopping district, the Spanish Steps .

Whether you're looking for a hotel close to historic Rome or the new, trendy sights,
the Savoy Hotel in Rome is more than adequate.

What the Hotel Savoy Has to Offer.

The Hotel itself is magnifico; it is a traditional and recently renovated historic hotel.
The elegant décor does nothing but compliment its modern amenities and
facilities. Each of the 135 rooms have been classically styled, and are extremely
comfortable- equipped with satellite television, mini bar, as well as air conditioning.

Dine in style high atop the city of Rome at the rooftop gardens and restaurant of the
Savoy Hotel, which offers a panoramic view of the entire city. Spend an evening
among the stars and you will have no desire to set foot outside the hotel. However, if
you decide to step out and enjoy the night life of Rome, the Hotel Savoy is located
within walking distance of many popular night clubs and after-hours destinations.

Is the Hotel Savoy In Rome Out Of My Price Range?

As far as affordability, the Hotel Savoy is not the cheapest hotel in Rome, but it is also
not the most expensive. You get exactly what you pay for when staying at the Savoy.

Expect to spend about 350 Euros (493 U.S. dollars) for a single room, one night stay.
Extravagant...maybe, but trust me when I say it is worth every penny.

From time to time the Hotel Savoy will offer great promotions to entice any travelers
who still have money to spend. One promotion that is offered is for a minimum two
-nights stay; for a rate of 160 Euros (226 U.S. dollars) per night. If you're lucky
enough to come across this promotion, take it, as it will not last long.

Upon arrival expect to receive a welcome drink, fast check-in, buffet breakfast, room
upgrades (when available), and of course VIP treatment. The price does vary per room,
whether you require a single, double, or triple room but still maintains an affordable

For a central location, beautiful surroundings, excellent culture, and for some, a very
affordable price, you can't go wrong with the Savoy Hotel in Rome.

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