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					      a new focus for the future

Strategic Directions 2009-2014
Message from the Chief Executive
This plan contains an ambitious vision and a clear, succinct role statement for DTED.
How we work as an organisation to achieve this vision and enact our role will be
fundamental to our success.

We recognise that industry must take the lead in driving economic growth and
that other government agencies have the lead for some of the strategic priorities
highlighted in this plan. Nevertheless, we have a critical leadership role – to articulate
and advocate business issues and priorities, coordinate and integrate the efforts of
many stakeholders and provide urgent and strategic responses to meet the needs
of business.

We are a small agency with a significant task. To achieve our objectives, we must
focus sharply on key priorities that have a long-term sustainable impact, develop
strategic partnerships across governments and lead the policy debates necessary to
achieve accelerated, sustainable economic growth.

To this end we will be working in partnership with many stakeholders. We will:

•   work with all levels of government to provide compelling economic and regional
    development advice and help develop a vibrant business environment;
•   partner with businesses, industry and peak industry bodies to develop and
    implement policies and strategies that enable growth opportunities tailored
    to South Australia's context and niche products and services – overcoming
    barriers to growth and capitalising on new opportunities;
•   work across industries to deliver targeted programs that address key issues and
    build capability and capacity;
•   where appropriate, provide services directly to businesses to facilitate
    projects of economic significance and other strategic investments and contribute
    to the growth of key industries; and
•   work with regions to yield sustainable economic and community benefits.

Our task is to stimulate and maintain economic growth across all businesses and
communities. Our preferred approach is for systemic, enabling actions that stimulate
market solutions, rather than direct intervention or service provision. However, we
can also have significant impact by working at the individual business level, where we
can provide specific assistance to pilot and demonstrate clear and practical benefits.
We will also implement mechanisms that will communicate and roll-out these
benefits and learnings across industries. We do this to ensure the maximum public
benefit is realised from our work.

Brian Cunningham
Chief Executive
Our vision
A vibrant, sustainable economy that benefits all South Australians, an economy
that is globally connected, knowledge-based and resilient, offering a location of
choice to live, work and do business.

Our role
The Department of Trade and Economic Development (DTED) leads the
South Australian Government’s efforts to drive productivity and foster
sustainable economic development for the benefit of all South Australians.

Our guiding principles
DTED has an organisational culture that encourages teamwork and high
achievement. In our interactions with businesses, industry, government at all
levels and citizens we strive for the highest levels of customer service by:

•   being proactive, seeking and applying new
    ideas and ways of achieving results

•   being accountable for our actions

•   being committed to excellence and teamwork

•   acting with integrity, trust and respect

•   developing the best in our people

•   ensuring a safe and healthy work place.
1 Internationally Competitive                      2 Globally integrated economy                    3 Benefits to South Australia
  businesses and a diverse                                                                            from projects of economic
  “high-value” industry base                                                                          significance
Outcomes:                                          Outcomes:                                        Outcomes:

• Innovative and entrepreneurial businesses        • Businesses that are integrated into national   • Structural and transformational economic
  that can compete internationally and are           and international economies, attracting          changes resulting from significant projects.
  export focussed.                                   investment and successfully targeting
                                                                                                    • Ongoing and sustainable investment in
                                                     opportunities in global developments.
• A diverse, highly productive economy                                                                South Australia.
  consisting of mature, growth and emerging        • Business leaders with international
                                                                                                    • Economic and social dividends from
  industries driven by knowledge, innovation,        linkages and a sophisticated understanding
                                                                                                      significant projects.
  creativity, high-end skills and capital.           of international thinking and practices.

                                                                                                    Measures of success:
Measures of success:                               Measures of success:
                                                                                                    • Higher proportion of significant project
• Improved productivity at individual business,    • Increased – businesses exporting, skilled
                                                                                                      costs spent locally.
  industry and economy levels.                       migrants coming to South Australia,
                                                     overseas businesses operating in the State     • High levels of customer satisfaction with
• A more diverse industry base with a greater
                                                     and international connections.                   State Government support for significant
  proportion of “high-value” industries.
                                                   • Increased export income, especially in the
• Increased international competitiveness of
                                                     traded services sector.                        • Increased business investment and
  South Australian businesses.
                                                                                                      jobs in South Australia, especially at
                                                   • Increased business investment in
• Reduced carbon, water and resource                                                                  community level and for disadvantaged
                                                     South Australia.
  intensity of industry.                                                                              regions and groups.

Strategies                                                                                          Strategies
                                                   1   Develop international connections and
1   Champion structural change to create a                                                          1    Support cross-government coordination
                                                       alliances so South Australian businesses
    sustainable “high-value” economy through                                                             of significant projects through the case
                                                       can identify and pursue trade, investment,
    the evolution of industries from low to                                                              management framework and manage
                                                       migration and knowledge-sharing
    “high-value” activities.                                                                             specific projects for which DTED has
2   Support the development of businesses
                                                   2   Capitalise on international opportunities
    with high-growth potential, especially those                                                    2    Maximise local industry participation in
                                                       for South Australian products and
    in the advanced manufacturing, cleantech,                                                            significant projects.
                                                       services, particularly in the advanced
    resources and traded services sectors.
                                                       manufacturing, cleantech, resources and      3    Improve policies to support the attraction
3   Assist industry transition to a                    traded services sectors.                          and delivery of significant projects and to
    resource-constrained economy.                                                                        increase local participation in them.
                                                   3   Identify and leverage targeted investment
4   Work with industry to help them respond            opportunities including new technologies
    to major economic shocks.                          and innovations.

                                                   4   Increase small to medium-sized
                                                       enterprises’ understanding of the
                                                       benefits of participating in interstate
                                                       and overseas markets.
                                                                                                What this plan means for
                                                                                                South Australia’s regions

                                                                                                DTED is very mindful that regional communities
                                                                                                currently face many economic issues – including
4 Competitive economic                           5 High-performance
                                                                                                skills shortages, downturns in the agriculture
  environment                                      department                                   and horticulture sectors, housing availability and
                                                                                                population and employment variations.
                                                                                                Regional and community development, growth
Outcomes:                                        Outcomes:                                      and sustainability are outcomes addressed
                                                                                                throughout this plan.
• An attractive business environment that        • A department that performs at optimum
  supports the State’s economic objectives.        levels, with best-practice corporate         Our work with projects of economic significance
                                                   processes and the capacity and flexibility   aims to strengthen their connections with
• Population, workforce and skills that
                                                   to respond to changing economic issues.      local communities and businesses, ensuring
  support economic growth.
                                                                                                local ownership and knowledge transfer.
                                                 Measures of success:                           Our migration strategies will promote targeted
Measures of success:
                                                                                                employer-sponsored schemes to help develop
                                                 • Responsiveness to emerging economic
• Continued and sustainable population                                                          local workforces and their capabilities.
                                                   issues with appropriate research, advice,
  growth and profile.                                                                           We will help build resilience by supporting the
                                                   policies and support.
                                                                                                growth and diversification of industries in
• Reduced barriers to productivity growth.
                                                 • Improved staff attraction and retention.     regional communities, and by promoting their
• Continued high rankings in KPMG’s “cost                                                       competitive advantages. Regional infrastructure
                                                 • Best-practice corporate
  of doing business” studies.                                                                   needs will be supported through targeted
                                                                                                funding and advocacy. We will work with other
• Businesses successfully recruiting and
                                                 • Consistent positive staff satisfaction       State Government agencies and the Australian
  retaining a workforce with the right skills.
                                                   survey results.                              and local governments to deliver integrated
                                                                                                business development services and economic
                                                 Strategies                                     advice across the State.
1    Support and maintain a sustainable
                                                 1    Deploy best-practice governance,
     population with the skills for South                                                       What this plan means for small businesses
                                                      structures and processes.
     Australia’s workforce.
                                                                                                The objectives in this plan aim to contribute to
                                                 2    Enhance policy skills and strengthen
2    Build and maintain a competitive                                                           the development of South Australia’s small
                                                      collaborative processes.
     economic environment for South                                                             businesses, particularly those with high-growth
     Australian businesses and provide           3    Maximise and further develop the          potential. We recognise the issues facing
     advice on infrastructure priorities.             effectiveness of our talent base.         small businesses – including red tape, access
                                                                                                to workforce with appropriate skills, succession
3    Promote South Australia’s competitive
                                                                                                planning and business continuity – and will
     business advantages.
                                                                                                support them through the activities flowing
                                                                                                from this plan.

                                                                                                DTED will make sure small businesses are
                                                                                                aware of opportunities for participation in
                                                                                                significant projects and that their capabilities
                                                                                                are enhanced and promoted to maximise their
                                                                                                opportunities for involvement. We will help
                                                                                                small businesses understand the need to be
                                                                                                globally competitive and provide assistance to
                                                                                                help them achieve this. Innovation, creativity
                                                                                                and entrepreneurship will be encouraged
                                                                                                and supported so small businesses grow and
                                                                                                develop unique products and services.
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