You Do Not Have To Suffer With Acne by dannywebo1


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									You Do Not Have To Suffer With Acne
Acne can be disfiguring. However you do not have to put up with it. Specialized
products are available both over the counter and on prescription for the
treatment of Acne.

There are general acne skin care products that are used as an acne-prevention
measure. These include skin cleaning products, make-up removers & similar
products that help prevent acne. In a real sense, these acne skin care products
are precisely those that should anyway be part of your daily routine. Some of
these can be effective in the prevention of acne. These acne skin care products
tackle the causes of acne e.g. limiting the production of sebum oil & preventing
clogging of skin pores. Using the right skin care products will help cleanse the
skin of excessive oil and thus keep the pores clear where otherwise infection
could set in leading to acne. Proper oily skin care is essential. The general acne
skin care products include exfoliation products like skin peels. Keeping pores
clean and unclogged is the primary objective and thus preventing bacteria
forming in clogged pores leading to acne.

Next are the skin care products available without prescription over the counter
but which target acne. These include Clinique Acne Solutions Clear Skin System
and products like vanishing creams which extract the excess oil from your skin.
These products contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid which act against
bacteria and keep the skin clean. You should start with a product that has a low
concentration of benzoyl peroxide (eg 5%) and see how your skin responds to it.
Moisturisers containing Alpha-hydroxy-acid are also widely used in the fight
against acne. Thalgo Skin Care products contain only natural ingredients and may
be suitable for people with sensitive skin. You might have to try a couple before
you the acne skin care product that's effective for you. If nothing seems to work,
you should consult a dermatologist.

A dermatologist will be able to prescribe products only available on prescription
because they will be stronger and therefore their effects will need monitoring. It
may be that a course of antibiotics will be prescribed to clear up severe infection
or local antibiotic cream or other prescription medication. A Dermatologist could
also suggest a minor surgical procedure to remove the contents of pustules.
Despite the temptation these should never be squeezed or pinched as this could
eventually result in permanent scarring. On investigation the source of the
problem may be isolated as hormonal and a suitable hormonal treatment can
then be prescribed. Once a course of treatment is prescribed you will be well on
the way to recovery. As usual the best advice is always to take action as soon as
possible and with the right skin care product your symptoms will soon be gone.

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