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					The greatest thing about the holidays is PRESENTS (just kidding, it is the fact that
people are really nice to one another), especially when one of your co-workers gets a
really cool one to show off. The Amazon Kindle is one of the more unique and truly
eco-friendly products on the market today. Amazon Kindle

The reasons for all the hoopla about the device are varied. The first is conservation. It
used to be that the best sources of teaching kids about this great activity were library
books. They serve as tools to help kids learn how to read as well as learning about
recycling. Conserving and sharing books is vital to paring down on the cutting down
of trees.

Second is the technological advancement of how things are read on the Kindle. After
staring at my computer screen too long, my eyes tend to freak out. Most of the time
when reading an e-book or long paper it becomes necessary to print it out on paper.
Amazon Kindle Tell us about your Kindle

Along comes the Amazon Kindle. At first look you think, oh, another gadget. But this
one is truly unique. It reads like a book. It has a white background and black lettering
with NO GLARE. If you are an older adult, you may not need to put on those reading
glasses. The print can be made larger. The Kindle can read some computer documents
as well, reducing the eye strain of a monitor.

The Amazon Kindle is most known for its book selection. New books can be
purchased at usually more than 50% off the retail price. You don't have to go onto the
computer to download the books either, as it is always connected via Amazon's
Whispernet to Amazon's bookstore.

When on vacation people lug around 2 or 3 books to read. Instead of doing this, why
not take the 10.3 ounce device instead. Even better, download the books you want, it
can hold up to 200. You will not have to worry about running out of room. Another
great feature is the ability to stay up on all the latest newspapers. Get the NY Times
every morning sent right to your hands. Read it over breakfast (without the messy ink
of a newspaper).

We really like the Kindles for many reasons. Yes it is a fun and new device with some
great features. The best part is the reduction of tree consumption. The overall energy
used downloading a book versus driving to the store or library is significantly less.
The Kindle saves energy.

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