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					Many are becoming more and more discouraged about the prospects of retirement.
The stock market and the housing market are both precarious at best. 401K's have
become a blessed resource for emergency loans, or withdrawals. Fewer employers
offer any sort of pension plan, and the average American worker is left to toil away
well passed the anticipated retirement age of 65.

It seems so frustrating to work hard your whole life, diligently contributing to
retirement accounts, only to see the value drop, sometimes drastically. Your house has
commonly been referred to as your "greatest asset", but many Americans find their
houses are worth less than what they owe to the bank. That retirement beach house or
the long European vacation that you once dreamed about probably seem distant, if
attainable at all. Instead, you might feel relegated to stay at your job, or go work at
The Home Depot, just to make ends meet. Heaven forbid you should incur large
medical bills, or other large expenses. This could mean bankruptcy for many.

Take courage, however, there is hope for those who are willing to learn a few basics
about personal finance and apply them toward retirement. As the saying goes, "if don't
want what everyone else has, don't do what everyone else does." If you want to
survive our trying economic times, and, in fact, thrive in our trying economic times,
you need to be better educated about finances, and willing to take different steps than
everyone else. This is not rocket science, it is common sense. If you want to succeed
at anything in life, you must first equip yourself with the tools necessary to succeed.

Did you realize that wealthy people look at the world differently? Did you realize that
wealthy people don't have to work for money, because money works for them? If you
want to enjoy a nice retirement, you must learn to control your money, and have it
work for you, much like a wealthy person. In fact, why not become wealthy yourself?
You could truly enjoy the retirement you always dreamed about, and you might even
be able to retire early. You must figure out a way to accumulate money, and put it to
work for you. Doesn't your money owe it to you? After all, you spent your whole life
working for it... The message here is that YOU CAN BE WEALTHY IN
RETIREMENT! You can have money working for you, instead of you working for it.
You can retire early and enjoy the life you have always dreamed of. But, you must
learn and implement the simple and principals of wealth and financial freedom.
Retirement is possible.