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					WordPress MU (Multi User)
WordPress MU (Multi User), whether it's WordPress MU? maybe some of you there who already
know him. But I'm sure many do not know what it is WordPress MU, now let us both learn about the
WordPress MU.

WordPress MU is a blog engine that is used to manage a number of blogs that we have into a single
domain and hosting. If we used to use blog hosting service kind,,
Joomla or local hosting blogs like and Well know what software they
use to manage all their blog? Well yes, they are using WordPress MU.

WordPress MU ability not only used by the managers of the blog hosting is also used by most of the
community website like and, news sites like / blog, and
even social sites such as ejaring and GigaOM Pro. So depending on you want to take
advantage of WordPress MU for what. But clearly by WordPress MU than we can manage our blogs
with the practical in one domain also we can learn to start an Internet business that can certainly
provide additional pernghasilan for us.

Maybe for a while it just a simple explanation of WordPress MU, to how to further explanation and
how to use it will be explained in my next post.

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