Remodeling Ideas for Bathroom Vanities (DOC) by aihaozhe2


									Remodeling your bathroom can be a really fun and exciting DIY project. It's a great
place to display your personal style as the selection of vanities, discount mirrors, and
light fixtures have grown significantly in the past few years, particularly the online
shopping selection. You can explore color, textures, and patterns. Bathroom style
ranges from traditional themes of rest and relaxation all the way to sleek
contemporary expressions with a contemporary bathroom vanity. There are so many
different ways to express your style through your bathroom decor.

Go beyond the walls and the choice of pattern on the floor tiles and explore the
multitude of bathroom vanities, consider a walk-in shower with a built in steam
function inside. If you can envision it, you can find designers and contractors who can
make it happen. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Bathroom vanities have become canvases for decorating. Generally, a bathroom
vanity consists of a cabinet or chest of drawers with a countertop and sink, faucet, and
mirror. Shop for vanities by style to ensure that you narrow your search results to the
look that you are trying to establish in your room.

When creating a new fresh style for your bathroom, start with the vanity and work out
from there. The vanity is the focal point for the style, once you have one picked out
then choose a mirror that coordinates well, but does not overpower. Same idea with
the light fixtures. Consider sconce lighting on each side of the mirror. From there
choose small accents that coordinate nicely with all of the larger pieces in the room.
You want all of your pieces to play off of each other, not necessarily to match exactly.

Whether you're going for a minimalist feel, an earthy look or a bright affair in a
combination of colors, you are sure to find decorative elements and accents that fit
your theme. Vessel sinks are available in glass, granite, marble, ceramic, and even
wood. A small vessel sink vanity can be a great way to bring an up-to-date look to
your room in one simple step. Combined the sink with a vanity surface of the same
material, the visual effect is fantastic and relatively inexpensive.

If you are really looking to simplify, you can shop for bathroom vanity sets. Solo sets
are comprised of the sink, countertop, and a cabinet for storage. These are perfect for
mixing and matching with existing bathroom pieces or new hardware. Vanity sets
consist of the vanity, the faucet and hardware, and the mirror. This gives you a
near-complete look right off the bat. Some vanities come specially made for a specific
kind of sink, like those made for vessel sinks and those that accommodate the
traditional sink shapes. So read all of the details to make sure you get exactly what
you want.

If the bathroom in your home doesn't reflect the personality of the family or if it's just
looking drab and outdated, there's no reason it can't be remodeled. Once you've
decided on colors and a theme, selecting the new bathroom vanity (or buffing up the
old one) should be easy.

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