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Frankford Estates Homeowners Association


									                    Frankford Estates Homeowners Association
                          Clubhouse Rental Agreement

                                               Clubhouse Rental Guidelines

The Following Rules Apply to All Clubhouse Rentals:

   The Clubhouse facility located at 4511 Moravia Run Way may be rented by homeowners of Frankford Estates for private parties.
    The sponsoring homeowner must be present for the duration of the rental period and events must be by invitation only and not
    open to the general public.

   Homeowners officially renting the Clubhouse their agents and guest agree to abide by all the terms of this rental agreement.

   Posted capacity signs adhere to local fire and safety ordnances for full attendance which cannot exceed 100 persons in total.
    Additionally, for every 10 guests under the age of 21 years an adult over the age of 25 years must be present.

   KLR Property Management will officially reserve the facility, subject to availability, upon receipt of deposit, rental fees and
    signed rental agreement.

   Homeowners must be current in all Association dues and Assessments to rent the Clubhouse.

   Clubhouse rental is available in four hour minimal increments between the hours of 8:00am to 10:00pm Sunday through Thursday
    and 8:00am through 11:00pm Friday through Saturday. You will receive an hour for setup and half hour for cleanup before and
    after your scheduled rental time.

   The Clubhouse is a non-smoking facility therefore smoking is prohibited.

   If alcoholic beverages are to be served at the event, proof of homeowners insurance must be provided. All homeowner’s policies
    provide host liquor liability as part of their standard coverage. Proof of such insurance must be delivered to the management
    company at least one week prior to the Clubhouse rental or the rental agreement will be automatically terminated by the
    Association. If you have questions regarding your specific coverage, please consult your insurance agent.

   Under no circumstances shall any alcoholic beverage be sold at any event.

   Under no circumstances may balloons be used during any event or rental period inside the Clubhouse nor may anything be
    attached to walls, doors or ceilings of the Clubhouse.

   Events may not create an unreasonable annoyance, inconvenience, or nuisance to the residents, or unreasonably interfere with the
    quiet enjoyment of their lots. Music, bands, etc. are limited to inside the clubhouse and all city health and safety codes must be

   Parking for events is restricted to street parking only and never on private lots.

   The Association reserves the right to change the rental and deposit fees with appropriate notice.

   The homeowners officially renting the Clubhouse are responsible for the cleaning and ensuring the Clubhouse is left in proper
    order after the rental period per the attached checklist. Inspection of the Clubhouse will be completed the next business day after
    each rental. If the Clubhouse is in proper order and all keys are returned (if applicable) the homeowners deposit will be released.
    If the Clubhouse is not left in proper order after the rental period and the homeowners are unable or unwilling to correct the
    disorder the deposit will not be released.

   If a situation arises that relates to safety, security, police related responses or violations of the HOA Covenants, Conditions and
    Restrictions during the rental period that prohibit a renter from fully utilizing the Clubhouse for the entire rental period the renter
    will not be entitled to a refund for any unused rental period.

                                                 Page 1 of 2       Renters Initial ______, HOA & Pool Committee Initial _______.
                                                            Clubhouse Rental Agreement

The current rental fee is a minimum of $150.00 nonrefundable for up to four hours. We also require a deposit of $150.00 refundable
contingent on the acceptable condition of the facility after the event. Please submit two separate checks—one for the rental fee and
one for the deposit. Make checks payable to Frankford Estates Homeowners Association. Mail the completed rental agreement
and accompanying deposits to: Frankford Estates HOA, c/o KLR Property Management, Inc., 19 Walker Ave, Suite 300,
Baltimore, Maryland 21208.

Name of Homeowner(s): ______________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________
Telephone numbers:             Home _________________,                    Work _________________,                     Cell _________________.
Date Requested: ____________________________
Time of Party (From - To): ____________________________
Number of People Attending: Adults __________, Children ___________

Please initial where applicable to the nature of your function:

No liquor will be served at the subject event (Initials) _________.

Liquor is to be served and I/We am attaching the necessary (Initials) _________ insurance documentation.

I/We, the homeowner(s), have read and are familiar with the provisions of the above Agreement and the Rules of the facilities and
agree to comply with the same. I/We, agree to clean the Clubhouse after the event as per the attached checklist. (Initials) ________.

I/We, confirm that all Association dues and Assessments are paid in full as of the date below. Homeowners must be current in all
Association dues and assessments to rent the facility. (Initials) ___________.

I/We, will not use the pool facility as part of my event and hereby release the Association from any and all liability surrounding use of
the pool during this event. I/We also understand that no part of my event may take place in the pool or pool deck area. (Initials)
________ .

Events at the Clubhouse that extend any increment past the paid rental hour will be charged a $150.00
per hour fee and possibly lead to suspension of future rental privileges.
      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

Clubhouse Rental Fee: $________                                                                                 For Association use only
                                                                                                    Non refundable Club house rental fee received ________
Deposit: $________                                                                                         Refundable club house deposit received ________

                                                                                                       Non refundable pool area rental fee received ________
                                                                                                            Refundable pool area deposit received ________
(Homeowner Signature)                                          (Date)                                                     Insurance proof received ________

                                                        Page 2 of 2          Renters Initial ______, HOA & Pool Committee Initial _______.

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