2006 - ENTRE 103 - Philippine Business Environment

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					                                            COLEGIO DE SAN JUAN DE LETRAN
                                                   Intramuros, Manila

                                   College of Business Administration and Accountancy
                                              ENTREPRENEURSHIP AREA
                                                  School Year 2006-2007

I.     Course Number        :   ENTRE 103

II.    Course Title         :   Philippine Business Environment

III.   Pre-requisite        :   Entre 101

IV.    Credit               :   3 units

V.     Course Description   :   This course is designed to study political, social, cultural and other environments on how they affect and influence
                                the establishment of business enterprises in the Philippines.

VI.    Course Rationale     :   There are different considerations in organizing a business in every country. In the Philippines, entrepreneurs need
                                to be familiar and well equipped with the requirements of establishing a business enterprise. This course will
                                enable the students to learn insights on how business is conducted in the country and develop an understanding of
                                the different environments affecting business.
VII.   Course Objectives               :

                           A.          General Objective:

                                              At the end of the course, the students must have greater understanding of the various environments of the business
                                               enterprise in the Philippines.

                           B.          Specific Objectives:

                                i.     Cognitive:

                                               Explain and identify the different factors to be considered in establishing a business in the country.

                                ii.    Affective:

                                               Appreciate the different business opportunity and develop entrepreneurial qualities.

                                iii.   Psychomotor:

                                               Conduct research on contemporary issues affecting Philippines business and visit various business enterprises.
VIII.   Course Outline                           :
                                                                     Values          Strategies/Teaching        Instructional                   Time
 Specific Objectives               Subject Matter                                                                                Evaluation                Expected Output
                                                                   Integrated           Methodology               Materials                    Frame
                         1. Business in General
                            a. Concept of Business and
                                 Development of Business
                            b. Relationship Between
                                 Business and the Economy
                            c. Elements of a Business
                                 System and the Profit
                                                                                                                                                          Understood the core
Understand the core              Motive                                                                                         Recitation/   st     nd
                                                                                                              Reference/                      1 -2        concepts in
concepts in organizing      d. Responsibility of a               Awareness         Lecture/Discussion                           Seatwork/
                                                                                                              Periodicals                     Week        organizing a
a business                       Business Enterprise                                                                            Assignment
                            e. Why People Engage in
                            f. Kinds of Business and
                                 Economic Systems
                            g. Phases of Economic
                                 Development and Legal
                                 Forms of Business
                         2. Setting Up a Business
                            a. The Project Feasibility
                                 Study and How to Register
                                 Your Business
                            b. The Entrepreneur and the
                                 Manager along with the
Identify the different           Positive Values of a Filipino                                                                  Recitation/   rd     th   Identified the
                                                                                   Lecture/Discussion/Group   Periodicals/                    3 –4
steps in setting up a            Entrepreneur                    Inquisitiveness                                                Seatwork/                 different steps in
                                                                                   Simulation                 Company                         Week
business                    c. Small Business                                                                                   Quiz                      setting up a business
                                 Associations in the
                                 Philippines and
                                 International Business
                            d. Exporting and Importing
                            e. Multinational Corporations
                            3. The Business and Its
                               a. Aspects of the Business
COMMUNITY                      b. Immediate and Remote
SERVICE                             Environments
                                                                                                                                                   Developed an
INTEGRATION:                   c. The Industry Environment                                                           Recitation/   th    th
                                                                                                      Reference/                   5 –6            attitude of responsive
develop an attitude of         d. The Country Environment      Adaptableness   Lecture/Discussion                    Seatwork/
                                                                                                      Periodicals                  Week            change to the needs
responsive change to           e. The Global Environment                                                             Assignment
                                                                                                                                                   of our countrymen
the needs of our               f. The Impact of Business on
countrymen                          its Environment
                               g. Emerging Trends in the
                                    Asia Pacific Region
                               h. The Philippine Economy in
                                    the Medium Term
                            4. Competitive Advantage of the
                               a. Human Resources of the
                                    Philippines                                                       Reference/
Recognize the edge                                                                                                   Recitation/   th    th        Recognized the edge
                               b. A Strong Civil Society                       Lecture/ Discussion/   Periodicals/                 7 –8
and progress of the                                            Nationalism                                           Seatwork/                     and progress of the
                               c. Filipino Women in Nation                     Group Simulation       Research                     Week
Philippine economy                                                                                                   Quiz                          Philippine economy
                                    Building                                                          Materials
                               d. A Large Domestic Market
                               e. Industrial Development
                               f. Rural Development
                                 MIDTERM EXAMINATION                                                                               9 Week
                            5. The Philippine Business
                                                                                                      Reference/     Recitation/                   Distinguished the
Distinguish the different      Environment by Regions                                                                               th        th
                                                                               Lecture/ Discussion/   Periodicals/   Seatwork/     10 – 12         different business
business opportunities         a. Luzon                        Teamwork
                                                                               Group Simulation       Company        Group         Week            opportunities in the
in the country                 b. Visayas
                                                                                                      Exposure       Reporting                     country
                               c. Mindanao
                            6. Leading Sectors of the
                               Philippine Economy
SERVICE                                                                                                                                            Acquired the sense
                               a. Electronic Industry                                                 Reference/
INTEGRATION:                                                                                                         Recitation/    th        th   of pride in realizing
                               b. Information and              Self-                                  Periodicals/                 13 – 15
acquire the sense of                                                           Lecture/ Discussion                   Seatwork/                     the capabilities of
                                    Communication Technology   righteousness                          Research                     Week
pride in realizing the                                                                                               Quiz                          Filipino enabled
                               c. World Fashion                                                       Materials
capabilities of Filipino                                                                                                                           resources
                               d. High-Value Furniture
enabled resources
                               e. Tourism Industry
                             f. Overseas Filipino Workers
                             g. Logistics Sector
                             h. Service Sector
                             i. Philippine Agriculture
                             j. Outsourcing Revolution
                             k. Medical Industry
                             l. Handicrafts
                             m. Textile and Garment
                          7. Trends in Philippine Business
                               a. Business Club as Model
                               b. Sustainable Development
                               c. Aging Gracefully in the
                               d. Pro-family Policies                                            Reference/                              Discovered current
Discover current issues                                                                                         Recitation/    th   th
                               e. Dialogue Among Cultures                 Lecture/ Discussion/   Periodicals/                 16 – 17    issues affecting
affecting Philippine                                          Curiosity                                         Seatwork/
                               f. New Humanism                            Group Simulation       Research                     Week       Philippine business
business environment                                                                                            Quiz
                               g. Consumerism                                                    Materials                               environment
                               h. Texture of Competition
                               i. Challenges in Banking and
                                   Corporate Rehabilitation
                               j. WTO Negotiations
                               k. Globalization
                                 FINAL EXAMINATION                                                                            18 Week
IX.   Grading System                 :

                       Midterm Grade:                                                Pre-final Grade:

                              Class Standing               30%                              Class Standing              30%
                              Quizzes                      30%                              Quizzes                     30%
                              Midterm Exam                 40%                              Final exam                  40%

                                                         100%                                                          100%

                       Final Grade = (Midterm Grade + Pre-final Grade) / 2

X.    References                     :

                       Canlas, Dante B. and Shigeaki Fujisaki. The Philippine Economy: Alternatives for the 21st Century. Quezon City: University of the
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