Real Estate Investors- Attracting Private Lenders by Talking to Everyone

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					We all know that word-of-mouth can be a powerful form of advertising and the best
way to do this when seeking private lenders is to talk to everyone and spread the word
about what you do and what services you provide.

How Do I Find People to Talk To?

There are many different strategies and resources you can use to find people to talk to
about real estate investment and private lending. Here are a few things you can do to
find people that will be interested in investing in your real estate deal.

Prepare an Elevator Speech: Prepare a simple 60-second elevator speech that you can
use when you encounter people in the supermarket line, bank line, the post office, the
coffee shop, the elevator, of course, and any other location that provides you with an
opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone.

Your elevator speech should be a 60-second overview of what you do and how it will
benefit others. Remember that I said "overview" and not "overkill." Your elevator
speech should be concise, to the point, and worded in a way that will prompt the
listener to ask further questions.

You can close the conversation by saying something like, "If you know of any private
lenders I would appreciate your referral," then provide the listener with your business
card. On occasion you will find that the person you are talking to will express interest
in investing in your real estate deal.

Real Estate Investment Clubs: You can join your local REI and find plenty of people
to talk to that have the same interests in real estate as you do. This is a very easy way
to meet people, network your services, and get involved with future real estate

Networking Groups: You can join your state chapter of the BNI (Business Networking
International) to network with other real estate investors as well as find additional
business opportunities that otherwise may not have been made available to you.

Social Media: You can create an account on social media networking sites such as
Facebook and talk to people on the site. Remember to talk to people in the form of
offering free advice instead of selling your services. These sites do not take kindly to
outright advertising.

You will also find that although the Internet is a massive medium, word-of-mouth
advertising is still king, and others will give you referrals if you know what you are
talking about when you offer advice.

Real Estate Forums: Log onto Google Groups and find a forum that relates to real
estate investment. Offer free advice to other forum members but remember not to
blatantly advertise your services because this is considered a "no-no" with online
discussion groups.

Answer the Question: If you are a full-time real estate investor, people sometimes
notice that you do not seem to be holding down a regular job and they ask you what
exactly it is that you do. This is a perfect opportunity to answer their question with
your elevator speech and a great way to expand your word-of-mouth advertising.
Additionally, the word will be delivered by someone who is already acquainted with